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How to keep a summer glow


The irony of this post is not lost on me. According to my trusty weather app, the mercury is set to hit 39 degrees in Brisbane today. HELLO. Isn’t it supposed to be autumn? I’ll be harnessing all my own tips for keeping makeup from sliding off my face as I head out to a

How to make a blow dry last

FEATURED blow dry

It’s no secret that I believe in the power of a good hair day. If I have only time for one grooming thing in the morning, hair will always win out. After all, I can add a pop of lipgloss on in the car and keep my sunnies on to fake the rest of it.

10 things I learned from Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown not only gives good makeup, she makes running a multi-million business look easy. I’m sure it’s anything but easy knowing the power of a good lippy must surely help. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Bobbi in Brisbane yesterday. Well, we were in the same room at lunch time. I’m not

February 2015 beauty favourites


This comment was left on my Top 20 beauty products for 2014 list last year and I’m sharing with you here to reinforce that I don’t recommend beauty products that I truly don’t think are worth you trying. I have tried several of the products that you have recommended over the last year or so

How to keep makeup from sliding off your face


This week we had a brief respite from the hot, sticky mess that is summer in Queensland. I even trotted out a pair of jeans for the day and skipped the primer in my morning get-out-the-door makeup routine. I KNOW. January. No PRIMER. Don’t worry, it was situation normal yesterday, with a high probability of

Make the most of summer holidays

summer holidays

When I was a kid the summer holidays used to stretch on forever. There was the pre-Christmas part and the post-Christmas part. Six weeks beautifully divided by a much-anticipated day in the middle. Most years we’d spend the first half at the Gold Coast; the second half at Hervey Bay. Our original Gold Coast holidays

Embrace the NIVEA Sun Safe Code this summer


Sponsored by NIVEA Australia Summer in Australia is all about the outdoors, the beach and the backyard pool. It’s part of our lifestyle. Hand in hand with that lifestyle is our need to enjoy our summers but but in a way that is safe for our skin. The topic of daily application of sunscreen is

Styling You’s top beauty products 2014

FEATURED Styling You top 20 beauty products 2014

Drum roll please … Today’s the day I share with you my pick of the beauty product crop for the year. The Styling You top beauty products 2014 is of course a subjective list. It features in the most products that were released on to the market in 2014 but there are some products in

How to buy beauty gifts

FEATUREDHow to buy beauty gifts

Buying beauty gifts is another one of my special skills – or super powers. I don’t have a lot of women to buy gifts for at Christmas time but throughout the year I do and I also like to include something a little luxe, pampering or pretty (or all of the above!). Not all women

Why a facial is good for you

FEATURED Rationale Clinic Brisbane UV imaging

In a somewhat self-indulgent experiment I started the year with the intention to have a facial every month. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. I have a strong degree of vanity. And thanks to touring my book, Unlock Your Style, I ended up having my photo taken A LOT. Granted, there’s a lot

Beauty favourites November 2014

FEATURED Beauty favourites November 2014

We’re getting to the pointy end of the year and this will be the last of the monthly beauty favourites posts for 2014. Next month I’ll bring you my favourites for the whole year. It’s been a tough First World job, but hey, my skin, nails and hair have been up for it. I hope

How to treat very dry skin

FEATURED Nivea Repair & Care

Sponsored by NIVEA Australia I’m getting better at this whole body moisturising thing. It’s only taken me half a lifetime, a little bit of ageing, drying skin and a big change of attitude but I’m getting there. A big part of making moisturising part of my day has been thanks to NIVEA In-Shower Body In

How to use illuminators

FEATURED How to use illuminators on your face

A bit like I like to add a little shimmer and shine to my wardrobe, you’ll also find my makeup kit stocked with all manner of products designed to help me get my glow on. I refuse to subscribe to the theory that as we age we should dim down anything that shimmers. Poo poo

8 makeup artist tips to try at home

FEATURED 8 makeup tips

Since launching my book (insert shameless plug #432 here) I’ve been on the receiving end of some very glamorous makeovers. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the work that makeup artists do. They can take a dull, tired and lifeless face and turn it into a fresh and defined TV or event-ready face. In

Beauty favourites October 2014

FEATURED beauty favourites October 2014

I’ve got an exciting mixed beauty bag for you this month Stylers. Well, exciting for me (and maybe for you). These are all products that have been helping me through a very busy work/life period. For those who are new to Styling You, each month I narrow down the dozens of products I’m sent for

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