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ManLand: The Father’s Day 2013 wishlist + WIN Uberkate

Editor’s note: Mr SY has done his sneaky best to present me with a Father’s Day wishlist here. Little does he know I may or may not have already been shopping! Read on too for details on how you could win a set of Uberkate Living Keyring and Living cufflinks for the dad in your life.

ManLand: 10 essential smart casual wardrobe items for men over 30

Editor’s note: Mr SY goes back to work today after a few days off. He’s been very handy to have around. Have acquainted him with the school run. It even managed to rain so he felt the full effect of my daily routine. He also realised he hadn’t given his ManLand space much love here

Manland: The Lady Room edition

There is a war going on at the Styling You beach shack. A war over something quite precious in our fun little abode … space. We don’t have much of it to spare at our place, so if someone or something takes up too much of it, it sure gets noticed. Team SY underwent a

Manland: The romance edition

Editor’s note: Mr SY popped the question 10 years ago tonight, in his undies, down on one knee at the side of the bed. Too much information? Well, don’t read on because he reveals some of his other “endearing” traits. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  With it being International Love Day today, I thought it appropriate

Manland: EA Games iPad app sale means game on this Christmas

Sponsored by EA Mobile One of my favourite things about being a dad is being able to re-live my youth all over again by doing fun things with the kids. Surfing at the beach, cricket and footy in the backyard, Lego, chess and playing computer games are all on the menu as our youngest gets

Manland: The Movember edition

I suck at growing a mo. I’m very fair haired and even the hair I do have is not that thick. But this month we celebrate a decade of the Movember fundraising movement that has helped to bring attention to men’s health issues, and so I will again be attempting to craft an upper-lip statement

ManLand: what I’ve learned as the husband of a blogger

You learn quickly as the husband of a blogger never to touch a meal or take a sip from a new drink until it has been photographed, Instagramed, uploaded to Dropbox and shared on the Styling You Facebook page. You learn quickly that to buck this system never works, because the whole process will have

Manland: act your age, not your shoe size

Editor’s note: Manland is a semi-regular post written by Mr Styling You. By day he is a communications advisor; by night and weekend a sports-loving dad and would-be chef. Oh and he loves to shop … and iron. Yep, a keeper 😉 I was walking through the city on my way home after work the

ManLand: Wardrobe Space Wars

The topic of this post has been brewing for a while. No it’s not about science fiction or military history; but it is about another topic close to me…whether I like it or not! This post is a discussion piece about the long-running battle between men and women for space in the wardrobe to store

ManLand: the one about Aussie men’s fashion crimes

I am, you are, we are … Australiannnnn! With January 26 on my mind I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and create a hit list of crimes in Australian men’s fashion. You may not agree, and that’s fine but I’d love to know what you think. The flanno A nice chequered shirt should

What your man really wants for Christmas

As a child my favourite thing about Christmas was the stocking. To me, nothing summed up the mystery and spirit of Christmas more than hanging half of a pair of mum’s stockings in front of the fire place, empty and limp, on Christmas Eve and then creeping down the stairs in the half light of

ManLand: getting up close and personal in the bathroom

To shave wet or dry? It’s a personal decision near and dear to every man. Does he take the time and lather up for a traditional wet shave with a razor blade? Or does he go with the faster and more convenient dry shave using an electric razor? Traditionally I have stuck with the extra

ManLand: The Father’s Day 2011 edition

Editor’s note:  ManLand is a semi-regular post written by Mr Styling You.  He’s been a bit slack of late, (apparently) busy in his real-world job.  Not surprisingly he’s picked up his game in the lead up to Father’s Day. And, having been handed his wishlist for next Sunday, he’d better be on time for next

ManLand: the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power report

Editor’s note:  Mr Styling You is known to walk in the door at night time, not inquiring as to how my day was, instead asking whether any “product” had arrived for him.  Most days, I say, “no dear, I’m the blogger, remember”.  But on the day that this pack arrived, it was a different story. 

Manland: Why men love women in tights

Ladies, listen up. Men love it when you wear stockings. With the onset of the winter, stockings are being pulled out of women’s undies draws all over the country and I have to admit.  I like them.  I just haven’t pinpointed why. I mean, what is it about a thin layer of nylon, or silk,

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