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How to pack for a trip to Europe

Returning to England on a fairly regular basis is something I love to do. It’s where I was born and my roots lie deep and strong in the old country’s green and pleasant land – despite my new love for Australia, particularly Western Australia which I now call home. But it doesn’t matter how many

How to take a capsule wardrobe from casual to evening

Editor’s note: A big, big reward about writing and publishing this blog is that I get to follow readers’ style journeys. Jo has blogged here before about not being invisible after turning 50. She’s back with us today proving once again that style does not come with a use-by-date. It’s a personal thing. It’s about

Guest post: How NOT to be invisible after 50

“I just feel invisible!” a 50-plus friend said to me the other day. That really got me thinking about what it means to get older. We reach our 50s and something changes. It’s all very well to try and keep fit, stay trim and keep on working, but the reality is that all these things

Guest post: 10 things I’d wish I’d known about blogging when I started

Have you thought about starting your blog? So many people start blogs thinking that blogging represents a quick dash from rags to riches. Hands up – do you? Squirm. I did. The truth is though that successful blogs are those that are worked at constantly and consistently, often over years. They stand the course of

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