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How to define your eyes with makeup


Day to day, I don’t wear much eye makeup. A base eyeshadow and a little mascara maybe but generally that’s about it. What I’ve discovered over the years, though, is that this is far from enough eye makeup for me when it comes to photoshoots or events – particularly night time events where you might

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake


Sacha Drake has long been my go-to designer when it comes to special occasion wear. The Brisbane designer just knows how to create timeless garments for women to suit all different shapes. She consistently produces collections that have the ability to make you feel comfortable AND glamorous. This is not an easy feat but if you find

Styling You a Telstra Business Awards winner


Write a speech they said. Be prepared they said. I always do as I’m told. If you’re reading this then tonight my blog business – Styling You – has been judged the winner of the Queensland Telstra Business Awards (micro business category). Styling You is the first blogging business to have won a Telstra Business Award

July 2015 beauty favourites

FEATURED Photo 29-07-2015 10 21 09 am

Hello and welcome to the monthly beauty post where I feature five of my favourite beauty products I’ve been trialling for the past month. Not everything I feature will suit you but I’ll feature it here if it has suited me and has had some point of difference that I think you’d be interested in

How to wear a chambray shirt

FEATURED How to wear a chambray shirt

It’s been said that you shouldn’t adopt a fashion trend if you’re old enough to have worn it the first time it was a thing. I’ve long poo-pooed this outdated notion. And it’s a good job I have too. Why should all the sweet young things have all the fun? Fashion is fun and it

An afternoon in Paris with Carla Coulson

FEATURED Carla Coulson

Paris dreaming. Yes, it’s still happening here. Did those two days really happen? They did and I have some photos to prove it. Not just any old photos. NO. Carla Coulson photos to be exact. Carla is an incredibly talented Australian photographer married to an Italian and living in Paris. She’s photographed six books and

The Model and Me: Rasaleela

FEATURED Rasaleela

Oh HELLO Monday. I see you. I embrace you. And I bring you another instalment in the Model and Me series. Australia was dishing up some pretty diverse/crazy weather across the weekend. Around here we were teased with a hint of what’s to come in about five weeks … spring. Tops in the mid 20s.

Beauty travel essentials (plus essential extras)


I am a lover of beauty products. If you are a regular around here, you already know that, right? If you’ve landed on this page in the hope of finding the secret to packing light when it comes to beauty travel essentials, I have to warn you. This IS my version of packing light when it comes to

How to stay excited about your winter wardrobe

FEATURED Winter wardrobe boredom busters

I thought I was being super clever escaping the Australian winter for three weeks. In my head, I’d waltz on back from the south of Italy, all glowing and ready to embrace the new fashion season ahead. WRONG. No, as a major reality check, Queensland – and the entire Eastern seaboard of Australia – was

How to set fitness goals and keep them

FEATURED Create a fit-robe for all fitness activities  Female for Life  #loveyourbody180

Sponsored by Female for Life My name is Nikki and I’m missing my regular exercise routine. Yes, I don’t know who I am either. On my recent holidays I was definitely active. I managed a couple of quick yoga sessions using an app on my iPad and we did some serious walking most days (hello 7km

The Model and Me: Country Road Australia

The Model and Me featured

Oh hello there. I’m BACK. Thanks so very much to the gorgeous Rachel from Redcliffe Style for filling the Model and Me Monday slot here on Styling You while I was in Europe. I loved seeing her take on the designs featured – and I love seeing her #everydaystyle on Instagram each day (make sure you follow along

How to beat jet lag

FEATURED jet lag

Apart from waking up at 3am each day like I’m ready for an evening out sipping prosecco and downing a caprese salad, I really can’t tell if I’ve been jet-lagged since returning from Europe last Friday. Reason being: I’ve been battling a lovely lurgy picked up two weeks ago while in Italy. That’s energy zapping

What to do in Milan in a day

FEATURED Milan Italy-0011

Europe is dotted with some of the most incredible cathedrals in the world but there is so much about Milan’s Duomo which is captivating in its design. It makes it impossible not to gravitate towards it. My gravitation had nothing whatsoever to do with the shops and boutiques lining the streets immediately around the Duomo. Who

What to see and do in Puglia, Italy

FEATURED Otranto Puglia Italy

I’m sitting on a beach chair under an umbrella staring out at a sparkling sea of turquoise and sapphire hues. It’s near lunch time and the only thing beckoning is a Spritz* and anti pasti at a nearby trattoria. Life IS good. It’s something I’ve hashtagged a lot this past week. When my beautiful friend

What to do in Paris in summer


It was Easter 1980.  My grandparents, parents and brothers and I were on a European adventure. Two small cars loaded to the max and ferried across the English Channel on an evening where the seas were far from calm. It wasn’t long until the floors of the area in which we were seated were awash

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