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The Body Shop is falling for you

FEATURED The Body Shop

Sponsored by The Body Shop The year was 1986. I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old uni student travelling in the UK. My obsession with fashion and beauty shopping had well and truly kicked in, fuelled in this moment by the fact that I had access to shops and brands I’d only ever read about. The Body

When was the last time you had a bra fitting?

FEATURED bra-robe

Do you think that our hang-ups with getting a bra fitted can be traced back to the first time? I know mine probably can be. I didn’t even want to acknowledge that I had boobs, let alone have my mother see them and declare that those tiny puppies needed to make a trip to Myer

3 Unlock Your Style events, 3 days, 1 car

FEATURED 3 events 3 days 1 car Ford Kuga Titanium

Sponsored by Ford Australia for Kidspot Voices 2014 Hello. My name is Nikki. I write a blog. I wrote a book. Call me old fashioned, it’s lovely connecting with everyone in the online world and I’ve built a business on doing just that but nothing beats meeting the people from behind the screen. Which is

The Model and Me: wYse lifestyle

FEATURED model and me wyse

Did you get caught in the rain event at the weekend? Aside from the fact that I find it fascinating that we are now calling a day of precipitation an EVENT, I did make the most of the last blast of winter and pulled on the boots, faux fur collar and coat for a farewell party.

Tell me about yourself


The Styling You community is a growing one. I’m so grateful to all the beautiful women who come and visit my blog every day. Thank-you. I think I have a handle on who you are and what makes you tick but I’m a curious person and would love you to tell me about yourself. I haven’t

Help! My skin looks stressed

FEATURED Dermalogica Ultracalm

It’s been a full-on couple of months. Nothing traumatic, just intensely busy. Whenever I find myself in these kind of intensely busy times, guess where it shows up physically? Yep, my skin. The psoriasis on my scalp has flared up like it’s been fed a super growth fertiliser, which I guess it has … in the

Whose TV style do you like?


It’s less than a week since Nina Proudman left our screens – leaving our wardrobes floating in limbo land, unsure we’ll ever get a new Nina-inspired fashion moment again. Apart from working your way back through four years of Nina posts here, what’s a girl to do? Look elsewhere for a little on-screen inspiration? Are

Unlock Your Style update


I’m off to Melbourne today so just popping in to give you a quick update on where it’s all at with Unlock Your Style. The Melbourne event at Dymocks CBD store tomorrow night is all booked out. I’m so sorry if you didn’t get in. I’ll try to get back to Melbourne before Christmas for

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake

FEATURED Model and Me Sacha Drake

I wore a jumpsuit. Something I never thought I would ever write here. Something I thought I’d never wear. Proves that you should never say never, I say. Sometimes it’s not the fashion trend you should be afraid of but more who’s designing that trend. Let me paint the picture. In the week before my

How to dress like Nina Proudman

The Proudman Family photo Season 5 Ep 13

I was asked this week which were my favourite outfits on Season 5 of Offspring – for Billie and Nina Proudman. It wasn’t that tough to answer (you can see my answers here). Until I watched last night’s finale. Last night Nina served us up three outfits as a parting gift to us all. And

How to get the Nina Proudman new-mum hairstyle

FEATUREDHow to get Nina Proudman's hair style.jpg.jpg

Sponsored by ghd Australia Tonight is the night that we potentially say goodbye to Nina Proudman and Offspring for good. I’m not sure I’m ready. I really do hope they sign on for another season. You? This season has all been about Nina’s grief after losing Patrick and joy at giving birth to baby Zoe.

The Model and Me: Phyllis and Mimosa

Phyllis and Mimosa Zoe Top and Frankie pant

One of the most common style questions that lands in my inbox is: “what should I wear to my/my girlfriend’s/my sister’s milestone birthday?”. Obviously it depends on the venue, time of day and whether any dress code is expected but, for my money, options generally come down to a frock or a pants and top scenario.

Unlock Your Style update

Unlock Your Style on Mornings on 9 with Sonia and David

Usually on a Friday you’d find a some style tips and some real-life style inspiration from the real women of #everydaystyle. But this week has not been a usual one. It’s not every week that a girl launches her first book, signs about 400 of them (Booktopia sold out of signed copies so I signed

How to dress like Nina Proudman

offspring 5

One of the many things that the costume designers on Offspring get very right is the fact that a normal woman would re-wear a large proportion of their wardrobe. I love that we see Nina and Billie wearing designs that they’ve worn over the past few seasons. It gives us permission to the same. It also

#iDiscovered Dr. LeWinn’s

FEATURED Dr-LeWinns-Line-Smoothing-Complex-S8-Hydrating-Day-Cream.jpg.jpg

Sponsored by Dr. LeWinn’s When I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I didn’t realise how good it would feel to write down those words. Just stopping, pausing and reflecting is not something I’m in the regular habit of doing but it’s something I realise I should do. As busy women we are quick

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