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The Model and Me: Embody Denim

FEATURED Model and Me Embody Denim

I know that many are scared of wearing white. I was reminded of that with my post last week about finding the perfect white tee. Well, brace yourself Stylers because I’ve gone one step further and pulled on not just a white tee … but white PANTS. The Napisan has been stocked up on and I’m

It’s a wrap

Barack Obama helicopter

I’m just going to pull out my small soapbox to end off the week and quickly add my two cents’ worth to a couple of things that have emerged via two Australian media personalities. Let’s call those personalities Tracey and Karl … because those are their real names. Karl (Stefanovic) made the revelation that he’d

How to find your perfect white t-shirt

FEATURED 9 perfect white tees

I have a wardrobe confession to make. My name is Nikki and I have a “thing” for white tees and tops. And by thing, I mean obsession. I just did a little audit for you as part of this confession and I counted no less than 16 white tops. About 10 of these are all

17 tips for Christmas shopping

FEATURED Christmas shopping

I’ll be upfront with you: I LOVE buying gifts for other people. I love the thought process leading up to the purchase, I love the execution of the thought process and I love the GIVING of said gift. When it comes to the big kahuna occasion of gift buying – Christmas – I’d like to

How to treat very dry skin

FEATURED Nivea Repair & Care

Sponsored by NIVEA Australia I’m getting better at this whole body moisturising thing. It’s only taken me half a lifetime, a little bit of ageing, drying skin and a big change of attitude but I’m getting there. A big part of making moisturising part of my day has been thanks to NIVEA In-Shower Body In

The Model and Me: Bilgola

FEATURED Bilgola clothing

Can we pause for a moment to think about the heat that most of us have experienced over the past few days somewhere across this wide land. Melbourne and Adelaide, you copped it first, then Sydney and for my fellow south-east Queenslanders, we didn’t need a gathering of world leaders to produce hot air. No,

It’s a wrap

FEATURED Brown Trading Co pineapples table cloth lime green

It’s a wrap! All the Mr Bigs of the world (and their thousands of minders and media followers) are in BrisVegas this long weekend for the G20 Leaders’ Summit. Most of BrisVegas is heading to the beach. I’d be heading there too if I’d decided more than two weeks ago that getting out of town

DIY rice paper rolls

FEATURED rice paper rolls

Sponsored by Westfield Garden City I’m one of those people who find cooking relaxing. It’s my time out. My hobby, if you like. I’m also lucky that Mr SY likes to hang out in the kitchen. During the week it’s all about getting something nutritious on the table with the minimum amount of fuss as

What to wear to a summer party

FEATURED What to wear summer party cocktail

WOWSERS. Can we please implement a slo-mo function on the rest of the year. It’s all just a little too speedy for my liking. And it seems November is the new December when it comes to parties and gatherings. If you want to catch up with me in December, I’m good to go. November? I

How to use illuminators

FEATURED How to use illuminators on your face

A bit like I like to add a little shimmer and shine to my wardrobe, you’ll also find my makeup kit stocked with all manner of products designed to help me get my glow on. I refuse to subscribe to the theory that as we age we should dim down anything that shimmers. Poo poo

The Movie Star and Me: Blue Illusion

FEATURED The Movie Star and Me Blue Illusion white pant suit

Sponsored by Blue Illusion I’m so excited to bring you a new Movie Star and Me post with Blue Illusion. I’ve got a bit more accustomed to seeing the face of Blue Illusion – French actor Juliette Binoche – in the same clothes of me (you can catch up here) but I still wondered if I could

It’s a wrap

FEATURED Photo 5-11-2014 4 14 23 pm

It’s a wrap! Hello Friday. I see you and you’re looking mighty fine. This week has been a mixed up bag of fun and work thrown in for good measure. Queensland doesn’t even have a public holiday for Melbourne Cup but it felt like I did. There’s something about tanning and frocking up mid-week and

10 tips for surviving the party season

FEATURED How to survive the party season Female for Life

Sponsored by Female for Life There is a pile of washing folded on my bed. Most of it is active wear. When I travel, my suitcase always contains a set of said activewear and my sneakers. I don’t even know who I am any more. But I do like this person I’ve become. I don’t

Christmas giveaway: Win 1 of 18 prizes worth $4717

Christmas giveaway feature

Can you believe that it’s the silly season already Stylers?  As scary as that may be, the good news is that it’s time for the Styling You Christmas giveaway! We have 18 prizes valued at a whopping $4717 for you to fill your own stockings. How does that sound? Depending what is on your wish

8 makeup artist tips to try at home

FEATURED 8 makeup tips

Since launching my book (insert shameless plug #432 here) I’ve been on the receiving end of some very glamorous makeovers. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the work that makeup artists do. They can take a dull, tired and lifeless face and turn it into a fresh and defined TV or event-ready face. In

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