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Beauty favourites September 2014

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Technically it’s October but stick with me … I’m playing catch-up here. September just disappeared and I hadn’t had a chance to share with you my beauty favourites for September 2014. And they call me a beauty write. SHEESH. Pick up your game, Parko. I’ve got a mixed bunch for your this month, so let’s

I’m an ambassador for Female for Life activewear

FEATURED Female for Life top and jacket

Sponsored by Female for Life If someone had told me a year ago that my first blog ambassadorship would be an activewear brand, I think I would have fallen over on the spot. I’m not a fitness blogger or a nutritional guru. I’m just a 40-something chick who 12 months ago decided to take charge

Taking stock


Fabulous blogger and author and crafter and all-round good person Pip Lincolne started this idea of “taking stock” way back at the start of the year. She’s even including the below list in her upcoming book. I joined in then and really did mean to do this once a quarter but, you know … life

The Model and Me: Camilla kaftans

featured The Model and Me Camilla spring-summer 2014

It’s no secret around these parts that I love a kaftan. This wasn’t always the case but the silk kaftan has become my go-to summer dress-up option. There are a few reasons for this: 1. It gets mighty hot wear I live so having fancy clothes that are fitted and stick to your body is

My travel beauty essentials

FEATURED Travel Beauty Essentials The Body Shop

Sponsored by The Body Shop I’m a notorious over-packer … but you already knew that didn’t you? I’m not just talking about things in the clothes department either. No, my girlfriends joke that they don’t bother packing any beauty products when they go away with me as I have my needs – and theirs –

Cover up your swimsuit with sun-safe clothing

FEATURED sun-safe clothing - cool cover-ups

The beach lifestyle is very much a part of the Australian culture – unfortunately with that love of the water and the outdoors comes with it some shocking statistics when it comes to skin cancer. According to Cancer Council Australia, two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70.

How to choose flattering swimwear

FEATURED swimsuits

Let’s be upfront here. Most of us are not genetically blessed with model-like body proportions. We are short, we are tall, we have big boobs, we have small boobs, we have bits that wobble, we have bits that are toned. What we all have in common is the sum of all the bits. Our bodies.

Make health your priority for lasting change

Fernwood 28 Day Breakthru Online Program - there is no day like today to start

Sponsored by Fernwood Fitness I’m not a health professional and I’m not a fitness guru. I’m just a woman who has always had to work hard at losing or even maintaining my weight. An underlying health issue – Hashimoto’s – does not help my efforts (you can catch up with my back story on that

The Model and Me: Heartfelt Designs

FEATURED The Model and Me Heartfelt Designs

Our trip to the Whitsundays gave me an early taste of the long summer ahead. The weather was still mild but the days were balmy and warm. We’ve already had some 29 degree days in Brisbane too so I know that the consistently warm weather is just around the corner. Many people have also been

Before and after: NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream


Sponsored by NIVEA Australia You know when you try and use a skincare product, you like it but for some reason move on to something else, forgetting just how good that skincare product was for your skin? That’s what has happened to me over the past few weeks. I first trialled and used NIVEA Q10 Plus

Share your favourite wedding day moments

FEATURED Styling You wedding cake Cakes by Julie Whitehead

We’ve been celebrating for a week now but today is the actual day of our 10th wedding anniversary. Mr SY and I were married on a balmy and breezy afternoon at Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. We chose a long lunch over a long evening event, wrongly guestimating that this would reduce the champagne and

7 more reasons to love The Whitsundays

Whitsundays- Whitehaven Beach

We’ll be back. I uttered these three simple words in enthusiastic passing to the general manager of Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island as we stepped into the silver mini van which whisked us to the airport for our homeward flight. And just a few hours later we WERE back. Those seemingly benign words turning unbelievably and wonderfully

The Movie Star and Me: Blue Illusion Juliette Binoche

FEATURED The Movie Star and Me

Sponsored by Blue Illusion  I’ve got used to this Model and Me business on a Monday but when Blue Illusion asked me to consider showcasing one of the frocks its ambassador and actress Juliette Binoche is wearing in its new-season catalogue, I was a little hesitant. I mean. JULIETTE BINOCHE. She’s beautiful, elegant and the

What to pack for a weekend away in the Whitsundays

FEATURED What to pack for a weekend away on an island

I took this photo of iconic Whitehaven Beach about 18 months ago. I was on a blogger trip and it was my first time in Queensland’s Whitsundays. Not only could I not believe it was my first time visiting this part of my home state but I knew then and there that I would be

Where to eat and drink in Brisbane: Fortitude Valley


I’m changing things up here on the blog today. If you’re new around these parts, when I’m not talking fashion or beauty, I indulge my passion for food, drinks and travel. And often the best of those three things is found on your doorstep. It’s eight months since we made the move from the Sunshine Coast to the

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