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How to wear metallics

FEATURED How to wear metallics

Earlier this month I highlighted this season’s main fashion trends – as worn on the real women of #everydaystyle. There was one trend that I really wanted to see more people wearing. Possibly for selfish reasons. Oh, who am I kidding. DEFINITELY for selfish reasons. I love anything that sparkles, shimmers and shines so of course

13 wardrobe editing tips

FEATURED 13 Wardrobe Editing tips 4

Do you know how good it feels to walk into my wardrobe right now? Very damn good. The day I’d earmarked in my currently busy schedule to do my bi-annual wardrobe edit, I found myself in bed in shock after the glass shower door shattered on me. It took another three weeks for me to carve

Beauty favourites October 2014

FEATURED beauty favourites October 2014

I’ve got an exciting mixed beauty bag for you this month Stylers. Well, exciting for me (and maybe for you). These are all products that have been helping me through a very busy work/life period. For those who are new to Styling You, each month I narrow down the dozens of products I’m sent for

The Model and Me: Boom Shankar

FEATURED Boom Shankar

If you’re a regular around these parts you would have seen me wearing a Boom Shankar piece or three. This is a Sunshine Coast-based label that I’ve known and loved from before blogging days. It’s stocked throughout Australia and online at its own site and Birdsnest but many people first discovered the label via its

It’s a wrap

FEATURED Rachel Zoe for Business Chicks in Australia

I’m going a bit “bananas” this morning because today I’m off to hear and see uber-stylist and personality Rachel Zoe speak at a Brisbane Business Chicks event. This is Rachel’s last stop on her Australian tour with Business Chicks so I’m hoping that Brisbane turns it on. I’ll be adding to the room of colour,

Always wear a sunscreen

FEATURED sunscreen

When I was a kid growing up in the ’70s, sunscreen was something that was marketed more as something that could help you get a tan while at the beach. If you’re of my vintage and ever holidayed on the Gold Coast during that era you would remember the billboard that showed a dog on

How to dress for Melbourne Cup Day

FEATURED Melbourne Cup Day luncheon

In two weeks’ time you’ll either be waking up fresh as the day or wondering why your fascinator is still attached to your head. Yes Stylers, the race that stops a nation is off and runnning in under two weeks. Are you planning to be at trackside at Flemington in Melbourne, at a fancy lunch or

This is what smoking does to your skin

FEATURED Nikki Parkinson Styling You Make Under If you smoke your futures not pretty 1

Sponsored by Queensland Health I do not know how I did NOT become a smoker. At one point in my young life, my boyfriend, both parents and two brothers all smoked. Inside the house. When I started work as a journo, many of my colleagues smoked. At their desks. It’s quite incredulous today to believe

The Model and Me: Binny


I have a lot to thank Offspring and Nina Proudman for. For starters many of you first found this blog while searching for something Nina Proudman-style related. For seconders, the show’s costume designers introduced me to a number of Australian labels I’d previously not known. Binny is one of those labels. Binny is a Victorian-based

It’s a wrap

Featured Chanel

Oh hello Friday. I see you. I embrace you. My weekend is a little crazy and involves a little work and a little play but I thought I might end the week and look towards the weekend with a new idea for an end-of-week post. This isn’t something that I’ll necessarily publish every week but

Save your soles with FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes


Sponsored by FRANKiE4 Footwear This year my lifestyle has changed hugely since swapping the beach for inner-city living. There is less reliance on our car – we’ve actually gone from owning two cars to one – and more emphasis on walking. I like this for a lot of reasons. I like it for the incidental health

8 spring 2014 fashion trends – on everyday women

FEATURED fashion trends spring

This is the post where I apologise profusely. Since Unlock Your Style launched at the end of July, I’ve still be adding my daily contribution to #everydaystyle on Instagram and Facebook but I’ve not had the chance to share with you some of the amazing outfits that the real women of #everydaystyle have been sharing.

15 fake tan tips

FEATURED fake tan

As you know, I’m vain. This very fact ensures that I put a fake tan on my list of beauty things to do throughout spring and summer. I understand this is not for everyone. And that’s ok. I have many a pale-skinned friend who is very happy in their porcelain perfect skin – I wish

The Model and Me: Adrift


I don’t know about where you live but here in Queensland, the summer switch as well and truly been flicked on. Even in Sydney on the weekend there was no hint of cooler days and nights. Everyone was out enjoying the sun – at the beach, along Oxford Street at Paddington and at the races by

Indulge with new NIVEA in-shower body lotion

FEATURED NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion - Cocoa Indulging and Honey Indulging 1

Sponsored by NIVEA Australia Oh HAI! So you’re new around these parts? Welcome. Depending on just how new you are, you may or may not be aware of my lazy-girl beauty tendencies. I’m not so lazy-girl that I don’t do anything in the beauty department. No, I’m too vain for that. My lazy-girl tendencies are

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