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How to wear knee high boots

featured knee high boots

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning my love of the ankle boot any time soon (if you’d like tips on how to wear those, check out this post from last year) but I’ll always have a soft spot for a knee high boot. I blame it on those white knee highs that Sally Boyden

Things I’m loving

FEATURED Things I'm Loving April 2014-0013.jpg

I do not get fluey sick very often. Yes, I may have my share of ongoing health issues but when it comes to fending off any lurgy going round I’m pretty good at doing so – thanks in part to my army of preventative cold and flu busters. But I let my guard down, didn’t I?

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake


All is right in my TV world. Game of Thrones is back. And so is Mad Men. I’m not planning to play Game of Thrones dress-ups any time soon but Mad Men? That’s another fashion story. The Madison Avenue, New York styles of the 1960s have endured, re-surfacing almost each season in some shape or

Happy Easter | Salted caramel and chocolate bark


Hello. By the time you read this we’ll either be on our way to the airport or making our way to our Easter holiday destination. My mate Mrs Woog kindly invited us back to spend another Easter embracing soft pants and sauv blanc on New South Wales’ Central Coast. She didn’t have to ask twice.

Your style questions answered

FEATURED style questions answered.jpg

This is the second post in a series I’ve started on the blog that helps get your style questions answered (you can read the first here). My aim is to answer a few of the style questions that land in my inbox. I’m thinking that if one person has asked the question, there’s a fair chance

Beauty favourites April 2014

FEATURED Beauty faves April 2014.jpg

It takes a few things for a beauty product to catch my attention and take up valuable bathroom real estate. 1. The product needs to be easy to use. 2. It needs to have a point of difference. 3. It needs to make me feel good when wearing it or after using it. Simple really.

The Model and Me: Binny

FEATURED The Model and Me Binny.jpg

I’m getting very excited about the imminent return of Offspring to our TV screens. And yes, you can rely on me to again bring you a weekly Nina Proudman fashion update with a debrief of the Proudman family happenings on the side. I’ve loved lots of things about putting together the Nina Proudman updates here

Everyday style outfits of the week

Everyday style outfits of the week - frocks

The crux of the post I wrote yesterday about the underweight models debate was some pretty strong beliefs that I hold. Beliefs that I hope you *feel* here when visiting and reading. 1. I believe every woman is real. This notion that real women are a certain size does not honour all women. And honour all

I’m weighing in on the underweight models debate

FEATURED Model underweight debate.jpg

You know that feeling when things are bubbling away in your head and you realise that, like that fresh bottle of SodaStream tonic water you made yesterday afternoon, there is only room for so many bubbles in a bottle? Yes, that feeling. That’s what’s been happening in my head over the past few days. For

Mother’s Day giveaway – win 1 of 24 prizes valued at $3720


This Mother’s Day giveaway is all about spoiling you, or a mum you love; that may be a friend, relative or your own mum. With prizes designed to bring a sparkle to any woman’s eye this Mother’s Day, there is something for everyone in this giveaway. If it’s something to brighten up your home that

My top 5 lipstick colours

My top 5 lipstick colours

There’s a reason that if you look in any of my handbags, makeup kits or on my desk you’ll always find more than one lipstick floating around. You’ll also find lip balms and glosses. My lips feel bare without something on them. I’ve even been known to turn around should I find I’ve left home

The Model and Me: Leona Edmiston

FEATURED The Model and Me Leona Edmiston Musette Dress AW14.jpg.jpg

I have a thing for shift dresses. But if you are a regular here you’ll already know that. I love their body skimming capabilities, bringing comfort, class and style to one frock. When Leona Edmiston cuts a shift dress, I sit up and take notice. Mostly because every Leona shift I’ve bought to date has

Everyday style outfits of the week

Everyday Style outfits of the week - demin

It’s Denim Week on  Styling You’s everyday style round-up. It may not be anywhere near winter weather but a slight drop in temperatures around the country has seen more and more legs encased in denim. Albeit, many of said encased denim legs comes with their own ventilation holes. Yes, my friends, distressed denim is here

9 Easter tips to embrace these holidays

9 Easter tips

Hello Easter holidays. I see you. Almost. If you have kids then your week has probably been as bonkers as mine has been. The homework may have eased off but the end-of-term craziness will have not. A big tick for us is that the youngest member of the SY clan has settled in really well to

How to wear a leather jacket

FEATURED how to wear a leather jacket casual.jpg.jpg

Have you noticed that black leather jackets are every where this autumn-winter? It’s the one clothing piece I’m mentally obsessing over and scheming ways in which I can add this investment piece to my wardrobe. And I know I should be actually buying one now because when the time comes that it’s cool enough for

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