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Why I want to experience 12 new things in the next 12 months

Last week I attended a Thrive workshop. The workshop formula is the brainchild of author Arianna Huffington (co-founder of Huffington Post) and based on her best-selling book of the same name. It was delivered to us by Arianna’s Thrive buddy and sister, Agapi Stassinopoulos, at a Business Chicks event. The key messages were not new to

The Model and Me: White Label Noba

Many things get me excited about what I do here at Styling You. Connecting with you, my gorgeous readers, that’s a big one. Another big one is meeting and getting to know a bunch of fabulously talented independent designers creating and working in the Australian fashion industry. I first met White Label Noba’s Tracey Watkins

19 ways to wear a scarf

I have a situation behind the door to my office/lady room. Said situation involves a colony of scarves. I do not use the word colony lightly as they do indeed seem to be breeding. Tell me the following scenario happens to you? I can be in any store and I’ll find myself magnetically drawn to any

15-piece Nina Proudman capsule wardrobe

There I was last week, salivating over dishes being plated up on Masterchef when this happened: Five seasons of riding the emotional rollercoaster that is life with Nina Proudman rolled into one showreel that nearly broke the interwebs (you can play catch up on the Offspring on Ten Facebook page). Oh NEENS. We’re so ready

May 2016 beauty favourites

Oh MY, aren’t you looking utterly gorgeous today. Hope you’re feeling that way too. It’s time again to delve into my bathroom cabinet and see what I’ve been trialling on my skin, hair and face. Each month, dozens of new beauty products land on my desk (and I frequent all manner of beauty counters and

The Model and Me: Adrift

The past few weeks when I’m planning out my outfits (and yes, I do this every Sunday – the plan is subject to change but it gives me a solid starting point), I look at the weather app in anticipation that autumn will finally be on my door step. I don’t think we’re in for an

21 beauty hacks, tips and short cuts to make your life easier

I’m a low-high maintenance girl when it comes to my beauty needs. My vanity rules and fuels my need to polish my look with all manner of salon and home beauty essentials. Everyone’s vanity meter is different. You might be horrified to know that I’m writing this without a scrap of makeup on my face.

The 7 most comfortable jeans that fit like a boss

Not so long back – about 11 years in fact – I struggled to find a pair of jeans that worked for my shape. Like. REALLY struggled. For most of my adult life. I’m a size 16 around the hips. My bottom is wide and flat and extremely pancake-like. I have a front bottom. My legs

10 things to do in Bondi

The partner of a friend of mine texted said friend while were were sitting above Bondi’s iconic outdoor pool to report that he’d just seen the Bondi Vet eat some lunch. In Bondi. The Bondi Vet is, of course, Dr Chris Brown, and this snippet of information did indeed please me so. Not because I

The Model and Me: Firefly

I’m no stranger to the tunic and leggings look as a jeans/knit alternative for autumn-winter. I recently featured a kimono-style tunic from Rasaleela, and today I’m featuring a shirt-style from Firefly. I personally love both shapes – variety being the spice of life and all. Firefly is an Australian label which is ethically produced by

What to wear to a winter wedding

The winter wedding season is almost upon us. While spring is traditionally the season of the bride, winter offers up a completely different experience. And if the location is chosen well, it can enhance the whole experience. I’m thinking a big positives are that there is a lot less sweat involved and a that there

15-piece autumn-winter basics capsule wardrobe

There are two key factors involved in a wardrobe that always delivers you something to wear. Both are pretty obvious but both are things we are all prone to not concentrating on. I know this because my failing at these two factors was very much the reason why, for such a long time, I felt like I

Want to rediscover your mojo?

Sponsored by Metamucil My name is Nikki and I’m a chronic multi-tasker. There is a big reason why my word for the year is FOCUS. I’m using that word as a means of helping to snap my multi-tasking brain back to the task at hand. I know this will make me more productive but I

The Model and Me: eb&ive

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE wearing black. It’s my go-to colour no matter what the time of year. Come winter, I favour it even more. I poo-poo those who say you can’t wear black because it makes you look older. Because, no it doesn’t. It may not be YOUR colour but please don’t put an

How to create a lipstick wardrobe?

If there is one thing I can’t leave the house without, it’s lippy. Oh, ok, you got me … my preference is also that I’m fully clothed and not in danger of embarrassing my son on the school run. But apart from clothes, there has to be something on my lips. I seriously do not

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