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You may or may not know the story of how I came to be sharing my style tips each day here with you. Eight years ago I left the (relative) security of being a journo – a magazine editor at my local paper – to start a personal styling business. I’d been the newspaper’s and magazine’s

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

Ahh … thank goodness the TV planets have re-aligned and Wednesday nights have resumed their normal programming. Offspring, I would happily have watched you instead of that other thing starting with O but I forgive you for leaving me for three weeks … now that you’re back. Call me sentimental but I do love it

Revisiting yoga and Pilates (#12before50)

I’m on a quest to try 12 new things before I turn the big 5-0 in June next year. So far, I’ve embraced meditation and paddle boarding. This month, I’ve bent the rules a little (because I can) and, instead of something completely new, I opted to refresh and revamp my exercise routine. If you caught

The Model and Me: Adrift

There is something about embroidery on a garment that gets me excited. My inner-boho heart starts to beat a little faster. I imagine that any minute I’m about to be whisked away somewhere exotic and that someone will thrust a cocktail in my general direction. {Yes, I can get very carried away with my dreaming.} This is my

How to create the perfect antipasto platter

I have a confession to make. I would happily dine out on an antipasto platter for dinner every night. The perfect antipasto platter is like a mini buffet of awesomeness that works SO WELL with a glass of Champagne, Prosecco or your choice of wine. And it being Friday and all, I thought I’d share

What to wear for casual Friday at the office

It’s many years since I worked in an office. Even then, the concept of casual Friday was not one that was embraced. Real casual was reserved to those of us working the night or weekend shifts. I think it also wasn’t so much of a thing in a newsroom because, most days, most people opted for

My health story – an update

Editor’s note: This post is not meant as medical advice – please see your health care professional/s and work together on a plan that works for you. Forgive me dear readers, it’s been way too many months between updates on my health. My blog tells me it was December last year. Eek. Where has the

The Model and Me: Maiocchi

I frocked up last Tuesday night to celebrate the new collection from one of my favourite designers, Deanne Mayocchi, the talented woman behind the Australian-made label, Maiocchi. The in-store event featured some of the fabulous women who blog and share their outfits on #everydaystyle, showing how they will wear their favourite pieces from the new “Head

Boost confidence with Philips Zoom teeth whitening

Sponsored by Philips Zoom There are many parts of my body that I have a love-hate relationship with. Don’t get me wrong, the whole love-love idea is a life-long work in progress but some days, you know, the negative Nancy talk wins out. There is one part of my body, however, that Nancy never mentions

The 10 hottest spring summer 2016 fashion trends

It was a public holiday here in Brisbane yesterday and we took advantage of the non-winter temperatures and headed to the beach for the day. Yes, the nights may still be on the chilly side but spring is very much on its way. In fashion terms, I’m already gearing up for the season ahead with shoots for new-season pieces

The Model and Me: Belle Bird

Talk about plus-size labels inevitably leads to talk about what actually constitutes plus-size. In fashion industry terms, plus size can refer to any size above a size 12. It’s indicative of the ludicrous idea that fashion is only about size 4, 6, 8 and 10. In my opinion, it’s the label “plus size” that gets

Join us at the next Style + Champagne event

This is my favourite photo from the inaugural Style + Champagne event – held in April this year. Why? Because the lovely Louise, pictured, epitomised what we saw when we looked around the room that afternoon. Carolyn, Gillian and I were blown away but the positive, fun vibe and that vibe came down to the

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

I’m struggling with Nina Proudman’s new found fashion love of the culotte. There. I’ve said it out loud. Or written it out loud. Whatever the loud, it’s out there. Granted, Nina could pop on the proverbial hessian sack and still look fabulous, but for us mere mortals, the effect of trying to recreate Nina’s new

Why you should totally change your hair style

About six weeks ago I messaged my hairdresser with this photo. I gave her the heads up that I was ready for a change of ‘do and this was it. When she didn’t send back a barrage of  “tears streaming down face” emojis, I took this as a sign that I was onto a good

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake

I’ve been talking up Sacha Drake designs since before this blog was even thought of. Sacha understands how a garment drapes on a woman. She just gets it. Last summer in the Styling You Shop, I introduced you to one of her most genius styles to date, the Column Drape dress. I have the Column

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