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Before and after: NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream


Sponsored by NIVEA Australia You know when you try and use a skincare product, you like it but for some reason move on to something else, forgetting just how good that skincare product was for your skin? That’s what has happened to me over the past few weeks. I first trialled and used NIVEA Q10 Plus

Share your favourite wedding day moments

FEATURED Styling You wedding cake Cakes by Julie Whitehead

We’ve been celebrating for a week now but today is the actual day of our 10th wedding anniversary. Mr SY and I were married on a balmy and breezy afternoon at Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. We chose a long lunch over a long evening event, wrongly guestimating that this would reduce the champagne and

7 more reasons to love The Whitsundays

Whitsundays- Whitehaven Beach

We’ll be back. I uttered these three simple words in enthusiastic passing to the general manager of Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island as we stepped into the silver mini van which whisked us to the airport for our homeward flight. And just a few hours later we WERE back. Those seemingly benign words turning unbelievably and wonderfully

The Movie Star and Me: Blue Illusion Juliette Binoche

FEATURED The Movie Star and Me

Sponsored by Blue Illusion  I’ve got used to this Model and Me business on a Monday but when Blue Illusion asked me to consider showcasing one of the frocks its ambassador and actress Juliette Binoche is wearing in its new-season catalogue, I was a little hesitant. I mean. JULIETTE BINOCHE. She’s beautiful, elegant and the

What to pack for a weekend away in the Whitsundays

FEATURED What to pack for a weekend away on an island

I took this photo of iconic Whitehaven Beach about 18 months ago. I was on a blogger trip and it was my first time in Queensland’s Whitsundays. Not only could I not believe it was my first time visiting this part of my home state but I knew then and there that I would be

Where to eat and drink in Brisbane: Fortitude Valley


I’m changing things up here on the blog today. If you’re new around these parts, when I’m not talking fashion or beauty, I indulge my passion for food, drinks and travel. And often the best of those three things is found on your doorstep. It’s eight months since we made the move from the Sunshine Coast to the

5 home hair care products to try now

FEATURED good hair days

Last week I ended up with some strange eye condition. I don’t know what it was or what caused it but the result was a very sore, very red and very puffy eye, out of which I could see very little. The receptionist at the doctor’s surgery paid me a compliment about my hair. Immediately

The Model and Me: Mossee

FEATURED Model and Me Mossee

I’ve had reason to pull together some quick evening outfits of late. I know: First World Problem. I love colour like the next person but when it comes to a no-fuss, no-fail, no-brainer evening outfit, I’ll reach for black on any occasion. I don’t find black boring it at all. I find it an instant solution

Which spring 2014 fashion trends are for you? Part 3

spring 2014 fashion trends - block heels

It’s Day 3 and the final in my spring 2014 fashion trends series. You can catch up with the previous parts here and here. I’ve left the more tricky bits until last for good reason. It’s actually very easy to look at trends in colours and patterns and find things that you immediately connect with.

Which spring 2014 fashion trends are for you Part 2

spring 2014 fashion trends - stripe

Are you playing along with my little spring 2014 fashion trends game? Yesterday in this post I talked about the work you need to do before you hit the shops for a wardrobe update. Plus, I included five of the spring colour trends that are in store now. Today we’re focussing on pattern. You’ll be pleased

Which spring 2014 fashion trends are for you? Part 1

Spring 2014 fashion trends metallics

Spring has sprung in my part of the world. It did take its time to reach the forecast 27 degrees yesterday and today is forecast at only 22 but there is a distinct seasonal change in the air. Whenever that happens, I get a sudden urge to re-organise and re-edit my wardrobe. I know this

How to create a simple red lip look

featured red lips

Do you use YouTube tutorials for makeup application tips? I do. Especially when the women delivering those tips into my computer or tablet screen are relatable to me and my lifestyle. As you know I’m all about the simple beauty routine. I’m not a young, single woman with time on her hands. I need quick

The Model and Me: Elm


Hello first day of spring. You make me so incredibly happy with your mild sunny days and cool, doona-worthy nights. You remind me that it’s time for a pedicure, that regular leg-scaping is now mandatory and that it’s time to re-organise the wardrobe and re-discover what I wore last time it was warm. It’s also

Build an online community that you love #pbevent

FEATURED Build an online community that you love

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know what blogging was. I was the accidental blogger. I had a website on a blogging platform and I added content but I wouldn’t have called myself a blogger. Mostly because I didn’t know what a blogger was. That all changed about 18 months on. The reason for

Join me for NIVEA Q10 money-back challenge


Sponsored by NIVEA Australia It’s a funny thing, the change in seasons. I don’t know about you, but for me it prompts me to make changes in my life. Not necessarily big stuff, just stuff that I like to change up a bit every so often. My wardrobe is an obvious one as the weather

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