Hi, I’m Nikki Parkinson. I write this blog to help busy women like me get out the door each day looking and feeling the best they can. It’s not about embracing the latest fashion (although this can helps). It’s about really understanding what makes you tick, what drives your personality, and dressing accordingly so that others can see the real you. I’ll share a secret with you here … sometimes the real me isn’t so crash hot. On those days I choose to stay home and embrace my inner dag (You have my permission to do the same).

Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes www.smok.com.au

Why the blog?

Styling You was born in 2008 when I said goodbye to a 20-year journalism career. In my latter years as a journo I’d successfully managed to nudge the title “fashion and beauty editor” into my job description and I also edited the newspaper’s Saturday glossy magazine.

So, I thought, hey, why not style everyday women, not just models?

I kind of stumbled into this blogging game when I asked a web designer for a website I could update myself. He said I needed a blog. I said, sure, whatever you think, and went home and googled the word, blog!

This blog was initially a way for me to market my fledgling styling business. Now it has grown to attract more than 100,000 visitors every month (and more than 250,000 page views – readership stats are updated here every month) and is the focus of my business (you can catch up on my blog-to-business story here).

The premise of my blog is still the same: to write fun content that is useful and contains information that helps women feel good about themselves. Most of my readers are women who feel that their favourite magazines are no longer talking to them in a fashion language they understand. They want real-world advice and accessible fashion and beauty tips – with online links to buy products there and then! Click over here for a read about SY readers who have found their personal style through this blog.

If it’s new on the beauty counter and I think you should give it a go, I’ll trial it and let you know whether it’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on. And if it’s a new fashion trend landing in a chain store or boutique near you soon, I’ll let you know whether to steer very clear or embrace it immediately. I’ll also give you my two cents worth on how to style it up for certain events and occasions. I’ll give you an insight into how I incorporate new clothes with pieces from my existing wardrobe to create everyday outfits. And I’ll even try on a garment that’s been photographed on a model to let you know what it looks like on someone who’s not.

I now share what I’m wearing each day on Instagram and Facebook with the #everydaystyle hashtag … other fabulous women are also joining in and you can check out their style for inspiration as well.

We also have a thriving online community. Here’s how you can join the SY #everydaystyle closed Facebook group for style support in a judgement-free space.

My weekend and off-duty life has also crept on to the blog, with travel, food and other lifestyle topics now part of the content mix.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Offspring and Nina Proudman fashion, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. What started as a one-off post two years ago has become a weekly post throughout each Offspring series.

The book

I’m still pinching myself that I have had a book published. In 2014, Hachette Australia published Unlock Your Style, a book based on a series I started right here on this blog. You can buy it here. The iBook version was included in iBooks’ Best Books 2014 list.

Unlock Your Style to be published by Hachette Australia August 2014

Bragging alert

Last year blogging as a business came under the spotlight after Styling You won micro business of the year at the 2015 Queensland Telstra Business Awards.

I’ve also done a tonne of media interviews and I’m very grateful for each and every one. If you’d like to read some of them, head over to my media page.

Work with me

Perhaps you’re a business which would like to connect with Styling You’s readership? I’ve worked with many brands, including Katies, Olay, Maybelline NY, NIVEA, Blue Illusion, Olympus Australia, Female for Life, Frankie4 Footwear, The Body Shop, ghd, Vanish Napisan, Dettol, Schwarzkopf, Lastminute.com.au and HHilton Honors, The Athletes Foot, Price Attack, Blackberry and Woolworths, to help get their product message across to their targeted demographic. Click here to find out more.

And if you’re a business or organisation that is looking for someone to speak about styling, blogging, social media and how to work with digital media to grow your business, I’m your girl.

Styling You Shop

The Styling You shop offers a carefully chosen edit of seasonal clothing pieces to enable the busy woman to update her wardrobe quickly and without stress. It opens each twice a year for just one month.

Summer 2015 Styling You Shop | 21 pieces | 28 different party and holiday looks

Contact me

I live in inner Brisbane. For details on how to contact me, please click here.


I don’t know where to start with finding my personal style. Can you help? 

Most days on the blog I tackle a style or beauty topic, offering up advice on trends and new products I think you may be interested in. My book will help you too. You might want to join the SY #everydaystyle community for more support.

I’ve got a specific style question I’d like you to answer. Do you do personal answers?

I’d love to be able to help everyone individually but, unfortunately, my time doesn’t allow it. You might want to join the SY #everydaystyle community for more support.

How do I keep in touch with what’s on the blog?

I offer many ways to follow this blog.

1. Subscribe to my daily e-news and never miss a blog post.

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Who takes your photos?

I take my Model and Me photos using an Olympus PEN E-PL7, mounted on a tripod and using the O.I. Share app on my phone as remote. Master SY takes most of my #everydaystyle photos with the PEN E-PL7 and I import them into my phone using the same app. This post explains more.

How do I start a blog?

My first advice to you is to buy a copy of How to Start a Blog by Louisa Clare. This is a great resource for new and would-be bloggers. I’d then suggest buying two of Problogger’s e-books, Problogger’s Guide to Your First Week in Blogging and 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

I’ve also got an archive filled with blogging how-to advice that you might want to check out here. Want a summary of my blog posts about blogging? Jade Craven has compiled this post: 14 lessons you can learn from Nikki Parkinson.

A number of successful Australian bloggers are now offering online courses to help new and emerging bloggers build a better blow. Check out Chantelle Ellem’s Clever Cookie School of Blog; Pip Lincolne’s Blog with Pip e-course; Kate McKibbin’s Secret Bloggers’ Business bootcamp and Louisa Clare’s Be Brandlicious. All are fabulous. My advice would be to look at each of them and see which course more relates to your and your blog aims.

How do you make money from your blog?

There are many ways to use your blog as a platform from which to grow a business. Here are just 10 ways. This blog’s main income source is from sponsored work with brands (read my disclosure statement here), the Styling You Shop, paid speaking jobs, banner advertising and now book publishing. Here’s a post I wrote about the subject on Problogger.


The Styling You Manifesto. Click on the image below for free download details:


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