Offspring Season 7 Episode 4

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (season 7; episode 4)

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We talk a lot here about the differences between Nina and Billie Proudman’s style.

Nina is the romantic boho; Billie the corporate rock chick with the two distinct styles rarely meeting.

But meet they did in this week’s episode (Season 7; episode 4) … IN NINA’S WARDROBE.

Spoiler alert: read on about why Billie is in Nina’s wardrobe and wearing Nina’s clothes. Get excited to see a few of the favourites from previous collections hanging there for us all to reminisce over. Hands up if you can see any that you own?

How to recreate the Nina Proudman lookHow to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 | Outfit 4

This episode did give us a Nina Proudman wardrobe feast: four outfits. Well, five if you count her opening “cardiovascular exercise” outfit.

There were glimpses of both the old and new Nina styles. No scarves but a fabulous fine jewellery display that had me going down the rabbit hole, searching for matches.

Read on for some of those matches and also details of the fabulous boho maxi dress you’ve all been wanting details of.

Outfit #1

This outfit was classic Nina – flowing layers, jeans and boots. The top looks a lot like a Tigerlily top but I can’t find a current match for it.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 | Outfit 1
Fairley necklace (short) | Love Hate necklace (long) | Fairley earrings | Primness trench 

Outfit #2

This outfit is a similar combination to the first. Nina’s skill at layering camis underneath sheer tops should never be underestimated.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman lookHow to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 | Outfit 2

Love Hate earrings | Primness trench | Fairley ring

Outfit #3

From the moment the preview for this week’s episode screened, you went mad for this dress by Melbourne label and store, Albert and Victoria. It’s available by order only as the shop stock has sold out already. The price is $320 with sizing small/medium or medium/large. Fabrics are rayon, cotton and silk. If you’d like to order the dress, phone 0429355112.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman lookHow to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 | Outfit 3

Albert and Victoria dress | Fairley necklace (short and long) | Rock Finders Keepers bangles | Fairley ring  | Royal Hamam earrings

Outfit #4

Neens is loving a printed pant this season and these were offset by a stunning knit with pom-pom-like detailing.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman lookHow to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 | Outfit 4

Fairley earrings | Aje knit (here in black)

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Exes returning to stir the plot, Osher Guinsburg making a TV cross-over, Bacherlor-Offspring cameo appearance, Billie laying a brick on her sex wall, Jimmy and Kerry taking the concept of shadowing a little too far, Zara going back on the ward and Geraldine going in search of Darcy’s bench … this was an episode with it all.

Neens, what were you thinking? Inviting Harry’s ex into your home, to your courtyard, cooking that little witch dinner? Snaps to you for keeping your cool while she did not. I think Harry is a good egg. I think he is. He is YOUR blonde warrior. Forget that upstart who looks to have dipped into your wardrobe, albeit with sandals. I’ve never seen you wear sandals but if you did, I guess they’d look like that. Anyway, Georgie be gone. You’re not welcome here.

Speaking of wardrobes, as someone who likes to “shop” her own wardrobe, it was just the best seeing the inside of your wardrobe and seeing some of the last seven year’s favourites just hanging there. Billie dressing in Nina style. I think it could catch on, yes? It may have looked like Opposite Day on Offspring but it was a good ploy by Billie as part of the required armoury when building her sex wall.

We can be whoever we want tonight … so why not dress up and have fun with it? – Billie to Nina

Jimmy and Kerry, alcohol and broken hearts do not mix, do they. Add in a dark nightclub and boundaries will be crossed. OF COURSE, Jimmy will spill to his sisters but I just wish he wouldn’t. 


How to recreate the Nina Proudman lookHow to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 | Episode 4 |
So tell me, what was your highlight from last night’s episode? Favourite outfit?

Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten.

  • Charlotte Kate

    Does anyone know where Kerry’s silver earrings are from?

  • Sheree Templar

    Do you know where the top from outfit #2 is from?

    • Kristin Seitz

      That’s the Catherine Murphy Liberty blouse in navy : )

  • Monique W

    I love the dress Billie wore on her date. Do you know where it’s from?

  • Louise Dodman

    Do you know where the necklace from outfit #2 is from?

  • deanna

    do you know where the printed pants are from in outfit number 4 ?

    • Carly

      I’d love to know too, they are gorgeous!

      • deanna

        i know i’m loving the printed pants look!

  • Tara

    Does anyone know where Zara’s white jacket came from?

  • Laura Colley

    Can anyone tell me where the pom pom knit from outfit #4 is from. I love it! X

  • It wouldn’t be a good script without some heartbreak, yes? I’ve got fingers and toes crossed though x

  • I’m obsessed too Danis so will keep on searching!

    • Amelia Seaford

      Ohhh me too! I’ve searched everywhere!!!

  • Grania Boyle

    I also find myself watching what Kerry wears every week, I like her simple and elegant style, very much in contrast to Nina.

  • Donna Brooker

    I absolutely loved outfit 3 and especially those earrings, The link you have provided for the earrings goes to the Fairley ring. I have checked out their website but can’t seem to find them. I desperately want to buy a pair! Can you please help me Nikki?

    • Joanne Weir

      Hi Donna, the earrings that you love are Royal Hamam Mystic Openings gold earrings. Hope you manage to buy yourself a pair.

      • Thanks Joanne … have updated this post!

        • Joanne Weir

          Glad l could help. x

      • Donna Brooker

        Thanks Joanne!

    • Have fixed with correct link to earrings Donna x

      • Donna Brooker

        Thank you very much Nikki! x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    My favourite outfit had to be the maxi Nikki!
    Highlight had to be Harry going to get Billies phone,I do hope he is a good one too Xx