How to recreate the Nina Proudman look Season 7 Episode 5

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (season 7; episode 5)

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I have to confess, when Offspring’s Nina Proudman trots on to our TV screens wearing an outfit that is the traditional Neens, I get more than a little excited.

I try to embrace the printed jogger pants and pattern-clashing tops or kimonos but it’s just not me. If I tried to attempt the below look it would look more crazy than quirky.

Nina? She can do it. She can do anything.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman Look - Season 7 Episode 5

 Necklace: Vintage kimono jacket | Isabel Marant pant |Stefan Brandt t-shirt | vintage Chanel necklace (possibly) | antique earrings |  Seed shoes

Give me Nina in a jeans and boho top and I’m all over it. Absolutely loved that she spent most of last night’s episode in this outfit.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look Season 7 Episode 5Primness trench  | Seed boots (not current)

I would happily wear this outfit every day during the winter months in Queensland. It has the beautiful contrast of structured (jeans and boots) with loose and flowing. It’s the kind of outfit that would take you anywhere at the weekend or be suitable for work in a smart casual environment. It’s Nina-style at its most relatable.

I’ve recreated the look below with pieces available now.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look Season 7 Episode 5

1. Tigerlily top | 2. Django & Juliette boots | 3. Mavi jeans | 4. Nicole Fendel earrings | 5. Jump trench | 6. Status Anxiety bag

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Nina and Harry’s relationship survives another episode, his unlikeable family (except Russ, he’s Team Nina) and his moving in with only a “suitcase and a Hong Kong shopper bag”. 

Snaps to Neens for keeping her cool over dinner when Harry’s family just wanted to talk about his ex and how wonderful she was. As for the phone-at-the-table incident, I would have growled right back at Harry’s father. What a bullying twat.

Offspring Season 7 Episode 5

About Harry blind-folding you with one of your antique scarves? You might just have to fill him in on how precious your wardrobe his. But the sentiment? Zoe falling asleep on Harry’s chair said it all.

Offspring Season 7 Episode 5

I may watch Offspring for the fabulous mix of characters and the fashion but I have to say, each week I get even more excited as to what gems Billie may deliver us.

Her tactics for ensuring her sex wall dates don’t call back (“I sex them and then pre-emptively pretend to be overly in love with them in a needy, bordering on obsessive way.”) had Zara mentally high-fiving Billie’s rat cunning ways.

Speaking of rats, Billie can sure smell one with very little clues. Kerry and Jimmy proved no match for her. Despite Jimmy declaring it was a “party pash” and Kerry saying it was just a “party poke”, Billie delivered a heart-breaking monologue in response to Kerry and Jimmy’s confession.

Meanwhile, Billie went on a, dare I say it, heart-mending new sex wall date. Talk about sparks fly. Jeremy Lindsay Taylor your character was way more smoking than that of the dad in Puberty Blues. Could you be the new Mick?

 Offspring Season 7 Episode 5

Will has enlisted Jimmy to be his guru in spontaneity. I guess dancing an Irish gig in the street (under text instruction from Jimmy to avoid Billie) tops the spontaneous list. Will just might act spontaneously without instruction when he learns just what Will and Kerry have been up to.

Then we have word that Martin Clegg is not returning, despite his and Cherie’s love letters to each other becoming very much on the steamy/saucy side.

Geraldine agrees to meet Darcy’s arch nemisis, Phil, for dinner. It’s a fine line between love and hate and I think Geraldine might be crossing it.

Lastly, poor Brodie. I’m so glad Nina made her tell Billie about Jason (the baby daddy). Who knows what will happen there but who on the show actually has a drama-free relationship.

So tell me, what was your highlight from last night’s episode? Favourite outfit?

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  • Poppy

    Primness is taking pre-orders for that trench!

  • Olivia

    Can you do a similar article on Billy’s style? I loved the coat that she wore on last week’s episode!

  • Greta

    Just caught up… that white with red trim boho top is GORGEOUS! Hope you manage to track it down! x

  • Loved this Ep and the last one. And of course spent Thursday in jeans, flowy top, trench and boots :).

  • Vanessa

    Hi Nikki, I love Nina’s look but do you know where I can also buy Kirsty’s top that she wore to dinner?

  • Victoria

    What brand is the white top with pleated detail on the lower front pls?

  • Favourite outfit was definitely Billie’s date outfit – that dress was gorgeous! The whole date with Dan was funny too. Jeremy is DEFINITELY better in this role than the one he played in Puberty Blues!

  • Favourite outfit was definitely Billie’s date outfit – that dress was gorgeous! The whole date with Dan was funny too. Jeremy is DEFINITELY better in this role than the one he played in Puberty Blues!

  • Jess

    Favourite outfit was Ninas boho top! Love it. It was a great episode but I think we are watching a different Nina!

    • Such a beautiful top. I’ll keep searching to find it! And yes, Nina is quite different. Either it’s the calm before the storm or a more mature Nina?

      • allycatterick

        It’s Isabel Marant’s Cerza top. Sorry not sure if this has already been mentioned but just in case … 🙂

  • Carla Moulds

    I love Billie but I am disappointed with the writers treatment of Geraldine , she is becoming too aggressive. Love your write ups Nikki.

    • I think she’s just struggling to find happiness at the moment … a bit lost. She’ll be back.

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    I love the pieces you’ve put together from last night – particularly the Tigerlily top ! I also loved Billie’s dress she wore to dinner Jeremy’s character … gorgeous.

  • Suzie

    Favourite outfit for me was Kerry ‘s white/grey coat! Just stunning. Great episode and I’m loving Billy more and more.

    • Kerry’s outfits are stunning! And Billie is blowing me away this season.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I have to agree about the pattern clashing jogger pants with a kimono Nikki,I cannot do pattern clashing on any shape or form if just isn’t me! I loved her pretty shirt and jeans,love these outfits on Nina.
    Favourite part had to be when Harry bought his chair over Xx