The Model and Me: Boom Shankar

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There are not many labels that manage to morph vintage, gypsy, boho, quirky and east-meets-west into one collection. Season and season. And have it work.

But Sunshine Coast-based (Queensland) label Boom Shankar has done that for years – 17 in fact. Long before any of the above were a fashion “thing”.

Many first discovered Sally “Dui” Cameron’s label when visiting the iconic Eumundi markets and have since gone on to become loyal fans.

Since those early market days, the Boom Shankar label has well and truly gone national, stocked in about 200 boutiques around Australia. I even spied it on a little shopping sojourn last weekend in a boutique on NSW’s Central Coast.

It’s also sold online through the Boom Shankar site and Birdsnest, making it accessible to all.

What I love about this label is that the prices are accessible and the styles offer something that little bit different. Boom Shankar also supports local and international charity projects.

The AW14 collection brings with it a winter filled with colour and I’ve chosen to feature a maxi skirt as I love how they are a great alternative to pants when the temperature dips a little.

The model

Boom Shankar blue triangle maxi skirt and

Boom Shankar blue triangle maxi skirt $79

and me

Boom Shankar maxi skirt | Boom Shankar top | Seed scarf | Samantha Wills ring | Noosa Amsterdam cuff | Zoe Kratzmann wedges

Boom Shankar maxi skirt* $79  (I’m wearing a size 16) | Boom Shankar top* $49 (I’m wearing a size 16) | Seed scarf (from a couple of years ago) | Samantha Wills ring | Noosa Amsterdam cuff | Uberkate necklace | Zoe Kratzmann wedges (from two years ago)

My love affair with, back story about and tips on how to wear a maxi skirt can be found here.

In a nutshell, I love that you can be dressed casually – and comfortably – but still feel a little dressed up in a maxi skirt or dress. Like the Verily one I featured here, the key to making the design work for you is all in its streamlining ability.

To that end, I opted for the size 16 in this design. The 14 did fit but didn’t skim as easily over my hips and tummy. I wear clothes on fit not on number so opted for fewer lumps and bumps around the waist/hip area.

This was also essential given I was wearing the skirt back with a fitted top. Not so essential if you were teaming it with a shirt.

I’ve been asked about proportions when it comes to styling a maxi skirt and top and I’ll give you a couple of hot tips.

#1 it really does help to balance out the overall look if you can see your feet and ankles. Otherwise the fabric can consume you if you get my drift?

#2 the top shouldn’t be too long. You want to work on a happy medium that skims the bits you want skimmed but doesn’t come down so far that it looks like you’re wearing a dress over a skirt. Stand in front of a mirror and play with top lengths. Try at waist height and then down to top of your thighs. Where’s YOUR best fit? For me, it’s generally just below the hips.

Boom Shankar is all about colour and fabulous prints. I’ve let the skirt do the talking in this outfit and haven’t tried to compete too much with it. This could be a good starting point with you if you’re not sure about wearing vibrant colours and prints.

The Model and Me Boom Shanka

So tell me, are you all for a colourful winter? A Boom Shankar fan from back in the day?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

  • Oh, I adore this maxi skirt look on you! The pattern on that skirt is just fabulous!

    Thank you for joining Wardrobe Wednesday xx

  • Bel

    Looking great again, Nikki!

  • Lisa

    I love it that you always look better than the model, with your own styling twists..I always think we should rename the numbers (instead of small, medium, large etc be Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing…but don’t think it will catch on)

    • Love your suggestion! I know a couple of labels that do this already. Would so get away from the number.

  • I totally love this brand and have two of their skirts! A fabulous little boutique called Pash in Port Fairy stock Boom Shankar. It’s my favourite mix of boho cool. And it looks amazing on you too Nikki 😉 x

  • Love a bit of Boom Shankar. You are looking hot in this ensemble Nikki. I am not a huge maxi fan but I am loving this look and would even go as far to say that I would give it a go!

  • Love the skirt. Just gorgeous.

  • Nic

    I adore this look Nikki, on both you and the model. I’ve just bought the skirt! What a respite from such a grey/black palette this winter! Thanks x

  • The Plumbette

    I agree with the numbers when it comes to size. So many women get hung up on them and then show their pot belly when the next size would have been so much better. Love the skirt and you make it look fab. As always. 🙂

    • It’s a mindset thing but once you get over it shopping is so much less stressful!

  • Kelly

    I am noticing a trend in my wardrobe – black, black, grey and black. Not sure how that happened. I need a few colourful pieces … to go with some of that black! That is a lovely skirt and Boom Shankar have some very cool things!

  • Oh! I like that skirt! I love a maxi because I’m tall! Looking good girlfriend!

  • I LOVE that skirt on you Nikki, the print is gorgeous and the scarf really brings the whole outfit together. I need to start hunting down some colorful pieces for winter, half of my wardrobe is currently black which is kind of depressing.

    • Thanks Pearl – finding winter clothes with colour is a challenge but I think you’re up to it!!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I don’t worry about numbers either,I also love some colour in autumn and winter.I love this outfit on you it looks lovely the print is gorgeous Nikki !

    • I’m glad you don’t worry about the number Lisa … more important to find clothes that make you feel good!

  • “I wear clothes on fit not on number” – what brilliant advice, Nikki. This quote should be painted on the back of every single changeroom door in Australia. I’ve never been brave enough to venture into maxi skirt territory, but your tips have made it seem a lot less scary. PS: love the entire outfit on you – a beautiful Autumn ensemble.

    • Yes it should Sonia – particularly as sizing is so inconsistent. It can do a girls’ head in and takes away from what should be the aim – to find clothes that make you feel fabulous. That feeling shouldn’t come from a number – but what you see in the change room mirror.

  • chile_chicken

    That is so pretty! I still have my eye on the khaki version of one of their shirt dresses you featured a couple of weeks ago.

    • I think you’re thinking Binny? I have a denim shirt dress of Boom Shankar’s from a couple of winters ago but haven’t trotted it out as yet this season.

  • I’m challenging myself to add more colour to my monochrome wardrobe this winter. Old habits die hard though! xx

    • Nothing wrong with monochrome Bev – love it. And great for your work. Was in CR on Saturday helping Miss SY get her work wardrobe started – lots of monochrome to play with.

  • I am totally loving the print Nikki. You have styled the skirt perfectly, as always. V x

  • Lenore

    Love the skirt. Can you tell me who stocked it on the Central Coast?

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    Great skirt. We have a local shop that stocks Boom Shankar which is great – means I can try it on. I love my maxi skirts in winter – leggings and long boots underneath work a treat and a denim jacket over the top.

  • Angela

    Love this, especially the popping colour during Queensland’s cooler months. ( which seems to have started today!)

  • Kristie

    Thanks Nikki. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and had already abandoned my maxi in this cold weather as I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. An excellent non-jean option I’m now going to be bothered with

    • Do it Kristie – as your bump grows you could wear the skirt under and even belt under if you wanted to.

  • Cilla

    Nikki you have shrunk!!!
    Love this on you x

  • I love Boom Shankar and have this print in the wrap dress. It’s a great print and I love blue/orange combo for winter as its usually a combo I wear more in summer. The maxi skirt is lovely too and looks great on you!

    • Snapity Snap Vanessa – such a fun vibrant colour combination. It grabbed my attention out of the catalogue immediately.

  • merliyn

    morning nikki, hope you are feeling well again … you’re looking good in that outfit, especially the grey with coral/orange hues. I would love some of those soft guru pants that ali spoke about … love that quirky website of boom Shankar … gotta love the Eumundi markets, always go there when I’m in qld and bought many fab things there including yoga top and loose linen pants many years ago … I love qld!!!
    I am embracing chartreuse this year in my works, décor foofing and having just bought a puffy jacket excited about that! enjoy whatever ‘lights your candle!’ lol m:)X

    • This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago pre-flu Merilyn. I’m getting better each day but know that the big ones take some looking after to get through. Love chartreuse!!

  • Ali

    Living up this end of the Sunshine coast of course I have a few Boom Shankar dresses. The best thing I think, is that you can choose your fabric then they have three different (at least) cuts to choose from. So there is a fit for everyone..

    But by far the most worn things in my BS armoury are the Guru pants. Voted by me as the BEST SOFT PANTS ever! They make them in every colour, and even patterns (not for me, but some do love ’em). I haven’t seen them look bad on anyone. And oh, the comfort. Better than trackies. Viva la Guru pant.

    • Yes I do love that Ali – if you see the fabric you like then there is a cut for you. The Guru pants are legendary but unfortunately they don’t work for me – work for so many others though!

  • Kathryn

    I love Boom Shankar, have worn their clothes for years. They used to have a direct to public outlet at Noosa, not sure if it’s still there. You look great Nikki!

  • I love that skirt, Nikki! You look lovely. I hadn’t heard of Boom Shankar before you and Vanessa from S and S spoke of them, but I will definitely be having a look!