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I’m getting very excited about the imminent return of Offspring to our TV screens. And yes, you can rely on me to again bring you a weekly Nina Proudman fashion update with a debrief of the Proudman family happenings on the side.

I’ve loved lots of things about putting together the Nina Proudman updates here on the blog but what I really love from a fashion sense is that Nina’s wardrobe has helped showcase a lot of the great work that Australian independent fashion labels are doing.

One of those labels is Binny. I’ve featured it here quite a bit. This dress from summer is still high on my #everydaystyle rotation. And after seeing a preview of the new Offspring season and talking to Binny, I can confirm that the maxi skirt in the final scene of the preview is Binny – made from the same fabric as my fave summer dress. Shop it here.

But this post is all about Binny’s autumn-winter 14 collection and a versatile dress up/dress-down silk tunic dress that I’ve fallen for. And word has it that Nina has it too but in a print design.

The model

Binny Beach Cottage dress AW14

Binny Beach Cottage (indigo) dress (sold out online but contact via the website for stockist near you or check out the other colour ways here and here

And me

Binny dress | Metalicus slip | wyse bodywear leggings | Dinosaur Designs necklace | Red Phoenix Emporium bracelet | Zoe Kratzmann boots

Binny dress* | Metalicus slip | wyse bodywear leggings | Dinosaur Designs necklace | Red Phoenix Emporium bracelet | Zoe Kratzmann Arrival boots*

Now, you’ll notice that this tunic dress is not as … loose … as it is on the model. Something for you to take into account if buying for yourself.

I’m a size 14-16. My hips are a definite 16 and this is a size 14 that I’m wearing. It shows.

It still fits but isn’t the same kind of draping and blousing effect as you see on the model. To be honest, I’d probably prefer the draping thing to happen but that’s just me – I love a loose garment. I know plenty of others who prefer to show their shape more though.

I love how this is a light fabric, making it a very good layering piece for a Queensland autumn-winter.

I’ve got leggings and a slip dress underneath but if it were cooler, I’d layer a long-sleeve Metalicus dress underneath and a long cardi or jacket on top. Add in a scarf and you’re good to go in cold weather.

The boots

Zoe Kratzmann Arrival boots with stretch panelling

Bring on boot weather, I say.

Ankle boots are still very much the boot du jour but I like to keep my boot options open, switching out an ankle boot with a knee-high at any opportunity.

The problem for me is always in finding a knee-high boot to fit over my calves. Specifically my left calf, which is wider than my right.

Zoe Kratzmann has listened to my plight (well not mine personally but the plight of all women with well endowed calves!) and released a stunning knee-high boot this season that includes a stretch panel. She’s called Arrival. And my calves have ARRIVED. I love that the boot is still streamlined but I can get the zip done up too.

Boots are definitely investment pieces for your winter wardrobe. When you buy in a classic shape and design such as this it will serve you well for many winters to come.

The Model and Me Binny AW14.jpg

Do you love an autumn-winter layering piece? Excited about Nina returning to our screens?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration.

PS. I was interviewed on 612 ABC Brisbane on Friday about winter fashion trends. You can listen in to the segment here.

  • GretaN

    I love how you’ve styled this – just awesome!!!

  • Kathryn

    I think you look amazing! Gorgeous dress – such a great look for winter. And those boots! Oh my, just fabulous.

  • I love how you’ve styled this dress – I would love to have the whole ensemble in my wardrobe too! 🙂

  • Petra

    I think you make this dress look more interesting Nikki – by adding the different layers to it, and especially the boots. The colour is gorgeous on you too! Yay for cooler weather!

    • yay for cooler weather – even today a pleasant 25 degrees when I was out and about!

  • HootinTootin

    Hi Nikki,
    It’s quite a clever dress as it looks good both drapey and fitted. I think a ‘fitted’ dress suits you 🙂

  • Yes and yes! I love to layer in the cooler weather. You can create really cool (pun intended) looks from mixing and matching your pieces together. And oh my tear ducts – this season of Offspring is going to be a corker, I can feel it in my waters!

    • PS: I get what you mean about the looseness of the dress, but I like it a bit more fitted on you, which would also work better on me. x

  • Yes and yes! I love to layer in the cooler weather. You can create really cool (pun intended) looks from mixing and matching your pieces together. And oh my tear ducts – this season of Offspring is going to be a corker, I can feel it in my waters!

  • Archie Lane

    THOSE boots! I have just emailed them to my sister who has calves of the well endowed variety, she is bound to grab them! Hoorahhh for Offspring to be coming back! I have seen the previews, tears welled and I quickly turned away. If there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as Nina Proudman lol. yes I am a total layering nutter, sometimes to extreme. This dress, shirt?? is great, awesome colour for winter. I am imagining a beanie, scarf and of course the boots.

    • Yes to layering! Got very excited today when it was cool enough here to do so!!

  • Rose

    I love the model an me posts, you do an awesome job promoting things I generally wouldn’t give a second glance (I’m very fussy!) My only suggestion would be to see more angles of you wearing outfits, it would give a more real life look and feel rather than a standard polished posed pic which doesn’t really give insight to item(s). Thanks!

    • Thanks for the suggestion – sorry it’s not real life enough for you. If I had a photographer to work with this might be a possibility. I don’t – it’s just me, a tripod and a remote to operate the camera (that’s why you can’t see my right hand – it’s holding the remote!) To make this set up easily work, I pretty much need to stand in one place.

  • Nic

    This dress looks great on you Nikki – it might not be so draping – more skimming – which gives you some definition. I actually like it better on you than the model. Also love the way you’ve styled it for winter – it’s so good to get double duty for clothes! x

    • Thanks Nic … winter up here our pieces need to cross over seasons to make the most of them. This is ideal as I’d wear it without any layering with some sandals as well.

  • Janice

    Such a nice looking dress, and it looks great on you as is, but I too am one that likes my clothes quite loose and drapey, so I hear where you’re coming from on that! It does bug me when clothing manufacturers stop at a size 14, when that’s the “average” size. I’m usually a 14, sometimes a 16, very rarely a 12, so it really bugs me when I can’t go up a size in clothing that is sized a little small. Really looking forward to your Offspring updates and the new series!!

    • Hi Janice, I’ve had word from Binny that from next season she’s taking her range to a size 16 so that’s a very good thing!

  • Julie

    Love your winter layering tips Nikki and also your boots. It’s freezing here today – definitely long boots weather. I recently got some ‘Nina’ ones half price! I also have wide calf issues and have to hunt hard for boots. We’re about midway through your last season of Offspring – so far behind! – and the bombshell episode will screen here Easter Sunday (unfortunately I wasn’t careful enough with my internet reading and spoiled the surprise for myself! but it’s not spoiling my viewing enjoyment). Looking forward to reading your Nina style posts! xx

    • The viewing enjoyment is in immersing yourself in the characterisation. Good luck with getting through the episode!

  • Yvonne Duke

    Really like this on you especially with the boots !

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    Thanks for the boots heads up!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yes I love a dress you can layer for winter especially with boots and I can’t wait for Offspring to come back.I love this dress so much Nikki it is all kinds of awesome ,lovely fabric and such a beautiful colour even though it isn’t as loose on you as the model it looks lovely and those bouts are gorgeous.I do love a good boot I have a Black and Tan long pair both quite a few seasons old and they just keep on getting better each year as I think flat knee high boots are a classic wardrobe staple!
    I love this model and me post,thank you for sharing Nikki!

    • I agree that boots do get better with each season as the leather wears in.

  • Kelly

    That is a lovely dresses on you Nikki and I love the other print options too! I think it looks good either way – drapey or more streamlined. I love flat knee high boots and whilst ankle boots are all the rage, these just seem timeless.

    • They are more timeless Kelly – especially in a classic low heel. Something that rarely dates.

  • Kelly

    That is a lovely dresses on you Nikki and I love the other print options too! I think it looks good either way – drapey or more streamlined. I love flat knee high boots and whilst ankle boots are all the rage, these just seem timeless.

  • Emma

    Adore this dress. I think I would keep stroking myself if I owned it – it looks so silky! Binny makes beautiful clothes. Even though it’s not as drapy as you’d like it still looks gorgeous and the combination with black really brings out the colour. Perfect styling! My gripe with boots is that I have a bunion on one foot so need to make sure there is width across that part of my foot otherwise I start hobbling. This usually puts me in comfort shoe (boot!) territory as it seems so many shoe manufacturers use a narrower fit for boots than their shoes. Wider (and I’m not talking by much) seems to mean chunkier boot whereas streamlined is more my thing.

    • Oh I hear you. My feet are quite wide on account of growing up not wearing shoes. I have a high arch too which can get uncomfortable in enclosed shoes. Even sneakers I have to lace a certain way to make them wearable.

  • Fiona

    Love this dress, you make it look great. Gotta say though, your news about these boots has just made my (large calves) day !!!

    • It is exciting news – I’ve known for almost a year that these were in the pipeline so very excited to see they’re now available.

  • The whole outfit gets a big tick from me! I especially love the boots though. Finding boots for larger calves can be so hard and totally frustrating. I have a pair from CR (last season) that just fit and another pair from Duo which fit like a dream around my chunky calves!

    • So frustrating Bev … and for me it’s my left calf that causes many of the problems. I’ve got some tan CR boots from maybe four or five years ago and they fit but left is tight. Especially if I wear over leggings/skinny jeans.

  • Louise

    love the dress, it is definitely a style I would wear. Thanks to you I was able to ID that skirt as Binny when I watched the preview! Can’t wait to see the next series.

  • Kathryn

    The dress looks great on you Nikki. They should have you as the model instead as it looks way nicer on you, you bring it to life whereas I wouldn’t look twice at it on the model.

    • Thanks Kathryn – I would actually like more draping but how I’ve styled it is typical of what I’d wear in winter and layer up depending on the temperature on the day.

  • The Plumbette

    I love the style of this dress. Perfect for a breastfeeding mum. I love a bit of drape too. I’ve always been a knee high boot girl, but I finally decided to embrace the ankle boot. 🙂

    • Very good point re breastfeeding Bec – you could have one of those breastfeeding tanks underneath instead of the slip I have worn.

  • merilyn

    you look ab fab nikki, this is my everyday look! … dressed up down warm up with a gorgeous scarf … perfect!
    love the look with those gorgeous flat boots … squealing! OMG!
    btw love offspring too!
    enjoy your day! m:)X

    • A dress-up/dress-down situation is my ideal kind as I often need to switch from dressy to casual in one day!

  • Definitely excited for Offsprings returning to our screens. Love this dress on you Nikki. Looking fabulous here.