2014. So far.

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A couple of years ago I worked with the very talented, ace and rad (words I hadn’t used before that time) blogger, crafter and author Pip Lincolne.

I thought of her quite a bit over the weekend with the burning down of Stokehouse restaurant at St Kilda in Melbourne as that’s where we actually finally met in person (with another rad chick Bianca Wordley … read this) after a bazillion hours online.

It was a balmy autumn Melbourne evening and the sun shone as a somewhat surreal, sinking orb over Port Phillip Bay. Much wine was consumed. First world problems were mulled over and probably solved.

Seems a lifetime ago.

So when Pip posted her list of what 2014 looked like to her so far, I got to thinking that I’d like to complete that list too.

Because as I stare at the calendar I do not know how it is possibly January 21.

The last month has been a blur. Stuff has got done because it had to but this moving-house-and-city stuff has knocked this old girl around.

There has been an extreme shortage of time available to contemplating one’s navel. Not that I’m particularly fussed on my navel (very much an innie) but you get where I’m at, don’t you?

I thought pausing to complete this list might help me to stop and reflect that 2014 may seem as fuzzy so far as the feeling at the back of my eyes but I think she’s going to be all right.

In fact, I think 2014 will be more than all right.

Making: Beds. Love that we’ve already had visitors to our new house and more are booked in to come.
Cooking: Barbecues. It’s like we’re in summer holiday mode when it comes to cooking. Meat on the Weber, served up with salads. Mad for roasted sweet potato wedges right now.

Summer barbecues
Drinking: G&Ts. And champagne. And Pimm’s. And Villa Maria sauv blanc with ice (sue me!). And Jacob’s Creek Rose cocktail thingies (pictured). Anything that screams summer really.

Jacobs Creek Shiraz Rose Berry Love cocktail
Reading: Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting. Well, I finished this before we moved. Actually stopped packing midway through a room to finish it. There were tears.
Wanting: A holiday.
Looking: Forward to planning a holiday.
Playing: Resorts. I don a kaftan, recline on a banana lounge and sip something from the above list. Next best thing to getting a holiday.

Retro pool lounges

Deciding: How to best manage my time this year. I’d like to make it work better for me.
Wishing: For even better health choices (ignoring said drink list above) in 2014.
Enjoying: The last days of the school holidays sans schedules.
Waiting: For the school holidays to be over so the schedule returns.
Liking: Walking and exploring in my new neighbourhood. And not being afraid of those hills.

Hills of Brisbane
Wondering: About the old friends I’m going to reconnect with now I live in Brisbane and those new ones I haven’t met yet.
Loving: Mr SY being home to help make dinner.
Pondering: Miss SY starting uni and moving into my old residential college. Wasn’t I just there yesterday?
Considering: What’s going to happen if she sticks with her Bachelor of Psychological Science degree and becomes a psychologist and starts analysing us all.
Watching: Suits, Downton Abbey
Hoping: That Master SY will settle into his new school smoothly.
Marvelling: That Master SY Senior has finished one year of engineering and has secured himself a part-time job as a glassy after a year of discovering and enjoying what goes into those glasses.
Needing: A massage, manicure, brow shape and about 24 hours of sleep.
Smelling: The pink and yellow frangipani flowers on the tree near our pool.

Frangipanis and palm trees
Wearing: Anything that’s floaty and conducive to keeping your cool in hot, humid Brisbane summer.
Following: The #everydaystyle thread on Instagram. So many amazingly stylish women sharing what they wear every day. All an inspiration.
Noticing: That home is where you make it. It’s not bound by geography or history.
Knowing: That there is only a short but hilly walk between me and any number of very good brunch eating opportunities.
Thinking: About a friend who’s life has been thrown into turmoil after a freak accident.
Feeling: Exhausted and grateful.
Admiring: My Lady Room/Office. So excited to have a space to call my own.
Sorting: Everything has been sorted. Just waiting on one bit of furniture to finish off said Lady Room/Office and will post more about it.
Buying: $20 retro-style pool lounges from Bunnings, summer quilts from I Love Linen, old white ladders for extra pool towel hanging and pineapple picnic dresses on sale.
Getting: The internet took a bucket load of patience and about the equivalent of two of my working days to get sorted. Still some sorting to go but we’re connected.
Bookmarking: The timetable for my new yoga studio. I signed up before we moved so I’d not leave it till March to get started again.
Disliking: Not much really. Very grateful right now.
Opening: Loved opening night at Rocky Horror Picture Show during our first week in the city. Was my third version of this show that we grew up on as kids. Our parents thrashed the soundtrack on vinyl … and that ain’t no crime.
Giggling: Over dinner with old uni friends and pretending (in our heads) that that time was only yesterday.

Want to play along? Here’s a blank list for you to copy and paste. Maybe you’d like to answer just one or two in the comments below?



  • Love this! We’re playing resorts too – but with a $30 blow up pool!

  • So fun! I love that you’re playing resort–wish we could, too, but it’s dangerously cold here and we’re all doing our best to hide inside our homes until it passes. Also, the drinks you listed sound marvelous! Here’s The Pretty Guinea Pig’s list: http://www.theprettyguineapig.com/15777/think-2014-far/

  • The Mother Load

    Hey Nikki (and Pip!) – thanks so much for the inspiration. I loved doing this – made me realise that 2014 has been pretty darn good so far. Here’s my version if anyone is interested: http://www.themotherload.com.au/2014/01/2014-snapshot.html

  • Marianne

    Making: time for myself every day for both exercise and a bit of ‘you are awesome’ time. Looking: at options for hubby to work in Canberra and Melbourne (eek). Enjoying: what has been a beautiful sunny January (until today of course!). Wearing: a skirt that I haven’t been game to wear at work for a long time – am getting myself out of my comfort zone and finding my style groove. Following: more amazing fashion and life bloggers and learning more every day. Feeling: sore and tired after the first week of a health & fitness challenge, but also incredibly proud of what I have proven I can achieve. Sorting: through paperwork in anticipation of a big move in the near future. Giggling: at episodes of QI – Stephen Fry is amazing!

    • Love your list Marianne … I’m very grateful for the cooling effect of the rain today! Good luck with the job/move planning.

  • I love your flamingos! I have a mild obsession with them… I popped over here from Smaggle’s blog and subscribed after about 14 seconds – this looks like a wonderful place to hang out 🙂

    • Tahlia – WELCOME! My obsession is more than mild. Same with pineapples. You have been warned. 😉

    • Tahlia – WELCOME! My obsession is more than mild. Same with pineapples. You have been warned. 😉

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Just linking to my response on the blog.


    SSG xxx

  • daddownunder

    Sounds like an exciting year ahead Nikki, the move seems to have breathed new life into you and yours. I very much approve of everything you’re consuming from Suits to Rosé thingies. Have a great year

    • Thanks Matt … and if your family is ever up this way, come and visit!

      • daddownunder

        Just booked our flights Nikki, we will be with you at around 4pm ; )

  • Mindy Roestenburg

    What a great idea. I can’t believe that we are already almost through January. It’s only going to get crazier when Kindy and activities start back next week. I am determined to have some great moments with my kids this year before we start the full time school years. 2014 will not just pass us by.

  • May

    Loved reading this and your aspirations! Hope you at least get to take a couple steps toward them!

  • I love this – I can’t wait to have a give this a go on the blog.I’ll post a link when I’m done! Here’s to a corking 2014! xx

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    Girl, if you are loving Downton Abbey then you will adore Call the Midwife.

    You are totes welcome x

    • Thank-YOU as we’re finished with Downton and Suits and looking for more distractions. x

  • Heidi

    Love this! I think it could be a great thing to do on a monthly basis – almost like keeping a diary but just with a few key points each month!

  • Boom! What a huge start to 2014 for you. What a great idea to reflect now rather than simply at the end of each year. This would be a cool little thing to do a couple of times a year. I’ll definitely be sharing my list on my blog!

  • MotherDownUnder

    Great list!
    I did this at the beginning of the year…and I am looking forward to doing it again and seeing how the answers change.
    And how hot is it today…I am melting!

    • I did melt … walking up the hill to catch a bus this afternoon. Pool rescued me on return from the city.

  • Kelly

    What a great idea. Here is a couple from me …

    Knowing … Yoga is good for me – even if it is hard when you first start out.
    Buying … some new running shoes (if I can stay away from Next website)
    Wearing … the cutest scarf to add a pop to a very casual work outfit because it is too hot to wear “proper” work clothes!

    • Love this and first session at new yoga place on Thursday. It’s been a month and can’t wait to get back into it.

  • GlitterGal

    Enjoying your photos of your new home Nikki but where is that gorgeous white sculpture that used to feature in your outfit photo’s? Hope it’s found a lovely spot

    • Glad you asked! It’s in the front paved patio area – needs a wrought iron and chair or something to keep it company and will probably be a lovely spot to catch the sun in winter. Don’t need to catch the sun now!

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Great idea, Nikki!

    Hope to have a post to link here tomorrow.

    SSG xxx

  • Paula

    I love this idea Nikki. I am going to try and post on my blog and link back to you.

  • Dani

    Love this! I post this exact list on the last day of every month!
    http://www.waitingforbanjo.com 🙂

  • Petra

    Great idea and fun to read your comments. I follow Sarah at The Beach Cottage and hadn’t read her post yet. Whatever happened to her son has obviously been nasty and knocked the family around. How sad. Yep, apart from a hot start to south-east Qld, 2014 will be a great year!!!

  • Reannon Hope

    Love that you’re Taking Stock!
    I’ll answer the first & last-
    Making- easy food. It’s just too damn hot!
    Giggling – at the baby, he’s just too damn hilarious!!

    • Easy food is the way to go, isn’t it Reannon?! And I’d be giggling at that baby too!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love this idea ,when I have more time I will do it.At the moment I just want everything to go back to normal or normal as it was before My dad and sis got sick.I know that won’t happen but you can wish can’t you??
    I love your list Nikki some great things on there and I hope they happen for you.I love all the pics from your new house it looks lovely and just take some time out for you till you have recovered from the big move xx

  • Me

    I love the idea! I’m going to make a kid friendly one for the kids to do on the first day of school next week. We’ll add it into our “Not to be opened until the last day of school” time capsule. It’s always fun opening it at the end of the year when we look at the first day of the year class photo and everyone looks through their favourite songs etc. I’ve usually done a bit on fav song, famous person etc but this one focuses on the little things in their lives that they are thankful for. Awesome…Thursday between play and lunch planned! 🙂 Thanks for the idea.

  • My favourite from your list is Noticing – Home is always where you are…its the love inside the house that makes it a home x

  • Carla Moulds

    Sorting out our European trip in April. Cooking Beth’s corn fritters but serving with smoked salmon and yoghurt sauce, chives and mixed salad. A lovely summer dish. Grateful for the cool change.

  • That’s a great idea. Thanks Nikki. I might put one together too for tomorrow. I can imagine completing it feels like a moment to take stock and reflect and re-rail any runaway cabooses!

    • It does! And exactly what I needed to do. Come back and add your link here tomorrow Vanessa!

  • shoppegirls

    Love your list. I will compile one and add on my blog for tomorrow. Great inspiration and thought provoking for the year ahead.

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    I love it! This is my post today too 🙂 I read Kate’s (at Foxs Lane) list and thought that it was such a great idea that I wrote one too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh brilliant Alli – will check out yours.

      • Kate B

        Nice list Nikki and full of the simple things that we often fail to appreciate!

        As a psychologist I can tell you that A) Its a bit like plumber’s having leaking pipes you just dont seem to notice things or be inclined to anlayse your friends and family and B)There is no way in the world your family will LET you analyse them even secretly .
        Also ignore what the papers are talking about psychologist being the lowest paid of graduates. The majority of people that study psychology never get registration which involves lots of post grad study so its really not a true indicator.
        Good luck to your daughter.

        • Thanks Kate! And I didn’t see that article. She aims to do the post grad but in any case the earning capacity could not be as limiting as mine was as a journo!

    • Popping up a link here so others can find you Alli http://ducksonthedam.com.au/index.php/2014/01/taking-stock/

      • Alli @ ducks on the dam

        Thankyou Nikki! Much appreciated.