It’s Christmas time

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I was flying back from my quick trip to Sydney last week and was flicking through the inflight channels when, lo and behold, I found the Max channel was streaming some 1980s Christmas gold.

George Michael appeared giving his heart only to have it taken away.

And then the original BandAid song, Do They Know It’s Christmas?, came on. I may have got something in my eye.


I tell you, 29 years later that song still gets me.

The magnitude of it at the time.

There were no mobile phones or social media yet Bob Geldof managed to get all his music mates and their mullets (and about a gazillion cans of hairspray) together to sing and record a song that would raise money and highlight poverty in Africa in response to the famine that had struck Ethiopia, claiming more than 400,000 lives.

Bob’s been quoted in recent years that he thinks the song is rubbish. Sorry Bob, for me it’s one of those lasting Christmas memories.

It came out at the end of my Year 12 year as I was planning my next step in this game we call life. It made me think about the world beyond my little bubble.

This Christmas our family is also preparing for a new stage. It’s nine days until a removal truck pulls up at our door – bright and early on January 2 – to pick up all that we own and shift it down the road to Brisbane.

To the big smoke.

Mr SY had his last ever commute yesterday. And after five and a half years I’ve now got someone else around to help umpire the bickering and niggling in the mornings and evenings.

It’s time.

This evening we’ll have dinner together, tomorrow morning it will be a swim in the surf and breakfast at the beach before a very low-key Christmas lunch and afternoon where I have a nana nap already in my sights.

We’ve given ourselves a couple of days off before the packing begins. I’m more someone who likes to just get in and go hard for a couple of days straight than do bits and pieces and be surrounded for weeks by chaos.

In between cupboard clear-outs, I’m hoping to squeeze in some more beach time. I am armed and ready …

Christmas holiday essentials1. SunSoaked swim top $89.95 (a rashie that looks good and protects my shoulders!) | 2. La Roche-Posay SPF 50+ Anthelios XL spray sunscreen $32.95 (fragrance and paraben-free and light to apply) | 3. Nancy Ganz swimsuit $149.95 (to suck in all the prawns and champagne!)

And I’m actually hoping to sneak in some reading and relaxing time – HAH! – a girl’s got to dream!

Christmas holiday essentials  1. One More Slip by Marion Von Adlerstein (Hachette Australia). If you loved The Freudian Slip, you’ve probably already read this. Think Mad Men but based in Sydney. | 2. Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting (Pan Macmillan Australia). I love Frances’ Sunday Mail column but her first novel has me falling in love all over again with her ability to tell a good story and create characters we immediately bond with. | 3. Papinelle Wisteria candle $30 (candles are a relaxation must for me and this scent is a beautifully light floral) | 4. Sodashi Crystalus Body Oil $53.90 (not only will your skin love you for this but the bush essences included will help relieve stress and clear emotional blockages)

Mostly, I plan to enjoy our final days together in this beautiful part of the world.

I hope wherever you are celebrating Christmas – or the holidays – that you get to enjoy the same.

I’ll be back on the blog Friday with a special Christmas edition of #everydaystyle – I can’t wait to see what everyone wears tomorrow. Make sure you share your photos with us – using the hashtag or have them ready to upload to the post on Friday.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Styling You 2013

* All of the products featured on this post were either sent to me as a Christmas gift or for editorial consideration. I’ve included them because I love them and thought you might too.

  • Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nikki. Thank you for everything this year. x

  • Happy Christmas to you and your family too Nikki. Have a great day and a cracker in 2014. Love the togs too!

  • Em

    Merry Christmas Nikki. Enjoy the celebrations with your family … and of course raising a glass to the amazing year that was and to the excitement of your new home and playground :).

  • Kelly

    Merry Christmas Nikki and to your family too. Thanks so much for such a fabulous year of sharing the most gorgeous things. I really have enjoyed playing along.

  • Reen

    Merry Christmas Nikki!

  • Amanda Garven

    Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your last Christmas on the coast, Enjoy the madness, enjoy all of it!!

  • mary_j_j

    There I was thinking all my shopping was over til after Christmas and you have me ordering that fantastic swim shirt. With my two young ‘uns we spend a lot of time on the sand – and that would much more glamour to my beach experience. I had a great long sleeved zippered affair that has seen its last summer – and the replacement isn’t quite so good.

    Much cooler in Sydney town today, and similar forecast for tomorrow so it will be resort wear at home and I don’t imagine the beach will get a look in. Plenty of time for swims over Summer though.

    Happy Christmas to you Ms Nikki!! Have a wonderful day!

    • Oops, sorry about that … at least you didn’t have to go to the shops! Warm up here so I’ll be trotting it out. Merry Christmas to you Mary xx

    • Oops, sorry about that … at least you didn’t have to go to the shops! Warm up here so I’ll be trotting it out. Merry Christmas to you Mary xx

  • chrisatpb

    I will chime in with my Christmas wishes for you and your family Nikki – also to all the SY followers. I agree with Annie, so glad I found SY this year – have to have my SY fix with breakfast every morning! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and warmest best wishes for 2014 xxx

    • Oh Christa … I’m glad you found your way here. Love that you get your fix every morning like reading the paper! Merry Christmas to you!!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I also agree about the Do You Know it’s Christmas song and i still get a tear in my eye listening to it ,I remember running out and buying the single!
    Yes you do have a very big emotional move ahead of you i hope it is all that you want it to be and the house looks lovely and you can play resorts like me!.I wish you Nikki and your lovely Family a wonderful Christmas,with good food,wine and lots of family time and a few gifts and a big Nana Nap i am a big fan of those atm.
    Lovely cossie and i like your book choices i have been “Playing Resorts’ for the past few days as it has been so HOT here and i have another book you might like Marcia Willet ,The we we were ,it was a great read.Merry Christmas Nikki and yes i will put up a Christmas day outfit for you,Thank-you for you blog,it has bought me many a good read and lots of Inspiration xx

    • LOL … yes, I bought the vinyl single too! And yes, I will be playing resorts – I will. Thanks for the book tip and thanks for being such a wonderful supporter here Lisa. xx

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        You are very Welcome and I am glad you will be playing resorts………..Enjoy xx

  • Janelle@awhitefarm

    You and your gorgeous fam have yourselves a very Merry Christmas (I expect pics of Mr SY Xmas feast!!!?!) and big virtual hugs for New Year…it is sure to be exciting times for you guys!! I’m now off to pop those books in my own stocking!! xx

    • We are beginning the feast tonight Janelle … will be a joint effort but nice to have help in the kitchen!! And you’ll enjoy those books. Thanks for always popping in here x

  • Thea

    Merry Christmas Nikki. Good luck with the big move, and welcome to Brisbnae!

  • Kathryn

    I’m with you on Do They Know It’s Christmas? It’s been getting a lot of play in our house the last few weeks (and every Christmas). You’ve convinced me to get Frances Whiting’s book. I’ve picked it up a few times now but not committed. I might buy it today. Our Christmas will also be quiet. Just the 5 of us. As a typical Christmas for us is full-on chaos with extended family, we’re all looking forward to a relaxing, low-key day at home. With amazing food and not having to drive anywhere.
    All the very best with packing. I hope you do find some time to relax in between boxes.
    Your blog has had a big impact on my style this year, and I’m grateful to you for that. Big thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your family xox

    • Our lovely (and non-stressy!) is the feeling that you’re just spending the day together and not travelling anywhere!? Merry Christmas Kathryn and thanks for being such a lovely commenter here.

  • Janice

    Merry Christmas Nikki,looking forward to another great year with my Styling You friends 🙂

  • Annie

    Have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for your inspiring blog. I can’t believe it took me until late this year to find it.
    I’ve discovered Aussie designers that I didn’t know – will be wearing my first Ruby Olive smartie necklace for Christmas lunch.
    I’m also coming up north for new years and shall go ‘exploring’ the boutiques in Mooloolaba.

    • Oh Annie, I’m glad you’ve found SY too … and you will be feeling very special in that fun necklace tomorrow! Enjoy exploring Mooloolaba!