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If you were playing along on Tuesday when I talked all things beauty and the Christmas party, you’d know that it’s go time for me tomorrow night.

Yes, it’s Mr SY’s office party.

It will be HUGE and bacon will definitely be required on Saturday morning. We are staying over in the big smoke and have booked a hotel within walking distance to avoid the ultimate party killer, the post-event cab wait.

There is nothing worse coming out of a fun event where you’ve danced too much and availed yourself of the hospitality, only to wait for an hour or more for a ride home.

Not this year. We will be the smug ones walking away from the event in the knowledge that we are just minutes away from some bed action.

SLEEP, people. Let’s keep it clean.

I’ve worked out my outfit – of course – and details will be on the blog on Monday in a special Christmas party edition of The Model and Me.

In the meantime, I’ve put together this year’s guide about what to wear to a Christmas party, with style ideas below for a cocktail, casual and work lunch event.

There were more than a few questions from the SY Facebook community on this topic – as well as what to wear Christmas Day (stay tuned for a blog post on that one).

I answered most of the questions on Facebook, many with links of examples of clothes to consider buying. So make sure you check it out here if you’re wanting more ideas.

Tips and outfit ideas

1. Think of your centre piece garment as an unadorned Christmas tree. It looks fabulous on its own but you know that with just the right amount and type of decoration you will light up the room. In a good way. A dress is always a good idea.

What to wear to a Christmas Party Casual

1. Eb&Ive dress $79.95 @ Sequins and Sand | 2. Metalicus cardi $119.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Bohemian Traders clutch $79 | 4. Ruby Olive necklace $45 | 5. Therapy sandals $50 @ Style Tread

2. Those decorations, those “baubles” need precision placement. Not unlike if a Christmas tree is decorated “correctly”. In our house “correctly” is the only way a Christmas tree is to be decorated.  You don’t want to over-state the statement. Give people at your party a focal point in your outfit – near your face or on your hand (you know the one you do the talking with … or is that just me?).

What to wear to a Christmas Party work lunch

1. Contony dress $99 @ Birdsnest | 2. Country Road jacket $149 | 3. I Love Lola necklace $49.95 | 4. Aussie Girls Love Shoes heels $179 | 5. My Best Friend is a Bag iPad tablet bag $130

3. There needs to be a comfort factor. We’re not talking trackies but you don’t want to be fiddling with the lining of your dress and worrying about VPL should you get trapped in a deep and meaningful with your boss. Or in my case, my husband’s boss. Not cool.

4. If buying something new, buy something you know you can wear again. Better still, have the next occasion earmarked for its next outing. Just dress it up a different way.

What to wear to a Christmas party cocktail

1. Witchery dress $189.95 | 2. PL by Peter Lang earrings $32 @ The Iconic | 3. Peeptoe bangle $95.20 | 4. Mimco clutch $179 | 5. Verali heels $79.95 @ Style Tread

5.  Don’t forget about the beauty bits. This post has the low-down on how to prepare a party makeup look and prioritise any beauty out-sourcing.

See anything you like? Any funny Christmas party stories to share from years past?

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  1. my heart skipped a beat seeing that Bohemian Traders bag in the mix! Love your style Nikki, thank you so much xx

  2. Ohhh that Eb&Ive dress is gorgeous – love the colour (of course)! That would be a comfortable little number for Christmas Day too.
    And you know I’m partial to a bit…who am I kidding…A LOT of bling so Peter Lang earrings and Peeptoe bangle are speaking to me!

    PS: if anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative to the Witchery maxi, Target has a very similar style for $89 (http://shop.target.com.au/p/limited-editions-beaded-shoulder-maxi-dress-black/54667921)

  3. Christmas parties are pretty low key for us … though it is still nice to wear something nice. I am trying this year to shop from my wardrobe for the parties and saving a new outfit for Christmas day.

  4. I love all the outfits but No1 I really like cause it is orange and it has flats I really love those sandals! I actually just bought a new statement necklace and it adds a pop of colour to dresses. I am sure your outfit will be stunning Nikki and Can’t wait to see what you wore and very sensible indeed about staying in the city,my husbands work always pays for a taxi home from the city to our place but I always fall asleep on the way home as it is quite a distance ( about $250 worth of cab) I might look into staying in Darling Harbour this year.
    I do have a funny story for you at the time was very embarrassing for me though,we were at hubbys posh do in the city at a Posh restaurant and I wore these new red shoes that were a bit too high for me anyway I was walking back to our table from the dance floor slipped over and flashed my knickers to the whole place,this was about 8 years ago but I still cringe at what his boss thought.Have a wonderful time at your Party Nikki!

  5. I have been in a panic for days over one party outfit and one outfit for Xmas day. I think I have the basic outfit and I am just adding the tinsel now but I just wanted to let you know how this year is better than previous years because I have a better understanding of my style now after having been a reader at Styling You for a couple of years now. Now that I have made the big decisions I feel that I have got it right – or least I am confident that it is right for me. In the past these doubts might have plagued me right up to the end of the party. It’s an accumulated knowledge and confidence that I have found through reading SY. Thanks Nikki xx

    1. Oh thank you so much – this means the world to me. It is a bit of study and observing and then adapting to your personality and lifestyle. I never expect anyone to adapt my style completely but hope that I give the tools so they can find theirs. Good luck with the “tinsel” – that’s the fun bit if you’ve got the base sorted.

  6. Hi Nikki love all the outfits. Can you please give me some advice about what to wear underneath to keep the girls in check. I have bought two dresses recently like 1 & 2 and haven’t made it to the lingerie department yet so I would very much appreciate your expert guidance. Thanks

    1. Hi Linda, good question! I think you mean 1 and 3? You have a couple of options – to go for a strapless bra or wear a normal bra in similar colour (thinner straps) and let it show. I do this all the time with my strappy dresses – making sure the strap works in with one of the colours in the dress.

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