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Because such a huge chunk of my day and night is spent in the comfort of my bed, it just makes sense that it’s accessorised with a fabulous printed doona cover, right? And like so many of the items in my wardrobe, I appreciate a doona cover that works overtime and offers not just one, but two different prints – like all the reversible doona covers at online store, Duckprint. If you’re into bright geometric prints, chic stripes or bright Bollywood-inspired patterns, there’s something for everyone. Here, founder Joey Thomas tells us about how it all began.




Joey Thomas.

What is the name of your online store?


What do you sell in your store?

Doona cover sets in bold, unique prints.  Our mission is to add some colour and life to people’s bedrooms and help people show off their unique personality.

How did the idea for your store come about?

It was a schoolgirl dream. I could never find anything I liked in the stores and I thought what a fun product to design! I never thought I’d actually turn it into a reality, but I have.

What is your career background?

I was always very artistic and continued my study of fine arts all the way through to year 12. I didn’t believe that a fine arts degree would take me anywhere (but in hindsight I would have loved it), so I enrolled in a marketing degree at Monash University,  with plans to work as a creative within an advertising agency.  A few internships later, I realised it wasn’t a world I wanted to be part of.

When I finished my university studies, I got a job with Milan Direct, where I helped them with their marketing, social media, SEO (search engine optimisation) and customer service. I eventually left that role and took the first steps into starting my own business. It was scary I’ll tell you.

Who is your key customer?

My target market is late teenagers and young professionals between the ages of 16-30.  But your target market and your real customers is always evolving.  My main mission is to provide Australians with fun, vibrant bed linen that helps people turn their bedrooms into a space that they can be proud of.  If you have a love for colour then you’re sure to adore my fun range of bed linen designs.

How do you make it easy for your online customers to buy from you?

We are an online store and offer free shipping Australia wide, making it very easy for anyone to purchase our bed linen, no matter where they’re from.  They also arrive packaged in a designer gift box making it a ready wrapped gift to give to your loved ones! People forget to update their linen so it’s always a fantastic gift idea, whether that be for Christmas, a wedding or a 21st Birthday.

We don’t sell internationally as the sizing is different within countries outside Australia.  Many people aren’t aware of this and are surprised when they purchase queen size sets from America and discover that they don’t fit their quilt at home I must say, I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t got involved in the industry.  Here’s a link to the sizing differences if you want to use it.

Do you sell in person or in a physical store as well?

Our bed linen is currently on display at Forty Wink’s Elsternwick store, so if you’re in Melbourne, pop down and take a look.  You may even win yourself one of the doona cover sets on display!

For more information on how to enter this promotion as well as our instagram competition (open to everyone Australia wide).

List your current most popular products.

My personal favourite at the moment is Fluoro Zebra.  It brightens my mood whenever I see it.  And according to customers, our most popular design (by a long margin) is Retro Vibe.  This design is also available in King Size which suits a lot of people.

Our second most popular design is Bollywood Bedlam and there aren’t many left.  All our designs are limited edition prints so once they are sold out, you will never see them again. So when you buy Duckprint bed linen, you can be sure that you’re buying something really special.

What’s special about Duckprint Bed linen?

When searching for bed linen, I always found that the fun colourful designs targeted at the younger market were made from low grades of cotton and/or cotton polyester blends. It not only makes the fabric rough and uncomfortable against your skin, but it also causes the colours in the print to be duller than something printed onto a finer cotton weaves.

So when I bought out my own range, I made it my mission to bring you both. Our designs are not only bold and beautiful, but they are made from the best quality cotton I could get my hands on. The quality of our cotton is well above the industry average, so you can be sure that you’ll adore you’re Duckprint bed linen for years to come.

The other benefit when buying our bed linen sets is that all the designs are reversible – so you get more bang for your buck.  And we also throw in the European pillowcases for free so that the designs instantly pop as soon they’re put on the bed.  Our linen really does look and feel amazing.

What’s next for your online store?

I’m really keen to bring out a range of sheet sets in matching colours that complement the current range. I find it’s quite difficult to find colourful sheets that match the designs in a range which are also of good quality. And the thread counts touted on products these days can be very deceptive, making it very difficult for customers (including people in the know like myself) to find good quality sheets.

The next goal is to bring out more designs in more sizes so that we have double, queen and king size sets on offer. That way, more people can enjoy Duckprint’s fun range of designs.

And finally, I would love love love to bring out a kids’ range. There are so many fun things we could do within that space. I’m really looking forward to it.

Styling You’s top 3

1. ‘Digitalism’ queen size doona cover, $219 | 2. ‘Bento’ queen size doona cover, $219 | 3. ‘Autumn stripes’ queen size doona cover, $219

*We were gifted an item from Duckprint in accordance with our Disclosure Policy

  • Ooh the Bento one is very tempting. A bit macho, a bit girly. Hmmm…. Will have to see how the budget looks post Christmas. But I am very keen!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    They are lovely quilts,I must admit I have about 4 different covers for my bed I just love to change them especially for change of seasons,Love me a nice bed cover especially in lovely fabirics.