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Who has time to buy gorgeous beauty products for yourself at this time of the year when you’re trying to juggle buying Christmas presents for everyone else, organising holidays and delicious meals for everyone else?! That’s where a fabulous site like Faceache comes in – you’ve got beautiful beauty brands at the tips of your fingers, like MOR, Al’chemy, Elemis and more. This week, founder Ruth McIlroy tells us more about her wonderful site.



Ruth McIlroy

What is the name of your online store?

What do you sell in your store?
We offer a great range of Australian and international beauty and grooming products for both men and women. Some of the most popular for women are two great brands out of the UK – Elemis and Neal’s Yard Remedies, along with the locals like Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil, MOR Cosmetics and Sanctum Organics.

For the guys, their favourite is Milk Skincare from ex-Olympic swimmer Michael Klim and we are also finding that a lot of women are buying Milk Skincare packs for the men in their life. We ensure that we are an official stockist for all the brands that we offer so as to guarantee quality and integrity for our customers.

How did the idea for your store come about?
The idea came about from a trip to the UK early in 2012 where we became aware of a hugely successful hair loss shampoo called Alpecin and we thought that would be a great product to sell in Australia. Once we did our research we realised that there wasn’t actually too many beauty and grooming online stores available in Australia, so we expanded on the idea and that’s how it got to the store it is today. It is continually growing with more brands being signed up almost weekly.

However, we do want to remain somewhat exclusive so you won’t ever see hundreds of brands being offered by Faceache.

What is your career background?
We both actually come from a finance background and have run a couple of successful online trading companies for years in both the UK and Australia. So we have a great idea about what people want from online offerings and it’s remarkably similar across the two industries.

We have employed a couple of staff who are more experienced in the beauty product side of things and between us, we think we have pretty much nailed it!

Who is your key customer?
Our primary customer is in the 25 – 45 year old age bracket and predominantly women, but recently we have been surprised with the number of men who have become loyal Faceache fans. We have noticed that quite a lot of our customers come from outside the main cities where obviously the choice of retail outlets they have to buy their beauty products from is limited. As we offer free shipping and exclusive brands, then it’s a great way for people in these areas to shop.

How do you make it easy for your online customers to buy from you?
One of our main draw cards is that we offer free shipping and same day despatch if the order is received by 2.30pm. In most cases, even if an order is received later, it is also despatched the same day.

We offer secure payment methods using ANZ and eWay along with Paypal and bank transfer, so customers can be sure their payment is safe. The site is set out in a way that people can shop by brand, or by different collections such as Organic, Haircare and Skincare, which makes it very easy to navigate.

We also have a special Mens Collection so guys don’t have to trawl through hundreds of beauty products to find ones that suit them!

Do you sell in person or in a physical store as well?
At this point we only have an online store but we will never say never to a physical store down the track!

List your current most popular products.
Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil
St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankinsence Facial Wash
Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil 
Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 

What’s next for your online store?
The next 12 months are going to be very busy for us, as we are about to embark on a large scale PR and marketing campaign that will ensure the Australian public talk about us, rather than just know about us. We also have big plans for the beautiful ‘Face of Faceache’, Grace, who you can see on the adverts on this site as well as on our homepage.

In addition to growing awareness of Faceache we are looking to add some new exclusive brands that will be new to Australia but we are confident our customers will love them as much as we do.

Styling You’s top 3

1. Al’chemy avocado and calendula re-moisturising conditioner, $12.95 | 2. MOR hand and body wash, basil & grape, $17.95 | 3.  Bulldog original mens moisturiser, $10.75

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  • Ruth McIlroy

    Glad you like the site Lisa! Take a look at our Christmas Shop, we have some great gift packs and little gifts for friend, family or Kris Kringle presents!

    Thanks for recommending The Dairy too, just taken a look, they are a good idea for one of my husbands presents this year.

    • Lisa Mckenzie

      Thankyou I will.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Nice online store I will have to have a look here for the hard to find people in my life for Christmas,Thank you Nikki.I have to reccomend the dairy,I won’t put the email addy cause it will go to your spam folder,I bought the SY I phone 5 case and It is on it’s way and they are super nice and helpful and send cute little notes to your email to let you know your case is on it’s way,Top website:)

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