Zoe Kratzmann Glare Wedge in Pine Lime

Keeping it Real: the Friday lunch outfit

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We are one week down in the September school holidays. One week to go.

I’m ok with the work/kids juggle. Kind of used to it. We have a good little go-with-the-flow thing going on.

But when my sister-in-law Facebooked last week and suggested Mr 7 might like to come to Brisbane for the day and hang out with his cousins, who was I to get in the way of a family bonding?

I thought … umm, yep that’s a good opportunity to have a good go at the to-do list (hello book keeping, I really need to outsource you) while lounging around all day in my PJs.

That was until my girlfriend Deb also Facebooked me and suggested we *needed* to head off to a fashion lunch by the water. It took approximately 3.4 seconds to message back a YES and immediately go into outfit planning mode.

What tends to happen with my outfit-planning brain is that I’ll often be obsessed by what I’m writing about at the time. Workplace hazard of the most pleasurable kind. Well, last Friday I had stripes on my mind, so stripes it was.

Stripes in the form of my Feathers skirt. I wanted a different look from the one I went for the first time I wore this skirt (featured here with bright green and florals).

And I wanted to incorporate these fabulous new shoes. Fabulous CHARTREUSE new shoes.

Zoe Kratzmann Glare Wedge in Pine Lime

Zoe Kratzmann Glare Wedge in Pine Lime $250 (stockists)

Oh the colour, the suede, the tassels, the wearable wedge heel … these shoes gave me the licence to neon it up.

And that’s just what I did.

A few neon splashes here and there (you can’t really see the neon yellow tank under my white shirt but it’s there, I promise), my new iPhone 5 in hand and I was good to go.

Keeping it Real: the Friday lunch outfit

Country Road shirt | sass & bide tank | Feathers skirt | Sportsgirl bag | Zoe Kratzmann shoes

I do love the sheer shirt trend that’s around at the moment. Not least because I can keep my arms covered while still remaining cool but because they add a little dressy-up element to a casual outfit.

These are the types of things I love to buy and add to my wardrobe each season. Quality basics and fun colour or style injections that make you feel like you could do a champagne lunch EVERY day.

… now there’s a pleasant thought … damn you MYOB expense allocations.

Have you been out to lunch lately? For fun? For a bit of a dress-up? What did you wear?

* These Zoe Kratzmann shoes were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy

  • Julie

    You look great Nikki. Thanks for more inspiration – I love your keeping it real posts – you keep giving me lots of ideas for how to wear my stuff differently – which I need due to the constraints of budget and school hols at the moment! xx

    • Oh, I’m glad I do Julie. These posts actually make me look at my wardrobe differently too. Made sure I took out different sunnies today – these ones are getting too much exposure!

  • Looking gorgeous nIkki!

    • Is your phone case a flip style? My acc manager delivered a nice cover for me with the phone, but I’m not in love with it!

      • No, it’s just a hard case with a clear screen protector – basic – and will be getting fancy as soon as I get a chance. Just didn’t want to walk out of Telstra shop without something on it!

  • You look absolutely gorgeous, Nikki! Love all of the elements together – a winning outfit. Of course I love a hit (or more) of neon. There’s something so fun and summery about it. PS: if you need a loving home for those Kate Spade iPhone 4 covers, I’d be more than willing to take them off your hands…!!

  • The only thing I would have suggested is either keep the shirt undone, or undo more buttons to show the tank and let the colour pop.

    • Thanks for your input but it’s just the bright light in this photo that makes it appear the colour is not coming through.

  • Michael G

    Hi, if you like the neon colours check out a new business. ‘De Lish Accessories’ on FB, you’ll love the vibrant colours. A couple Brissy girls set this up. Enjoy.

  • sheesh kebab I love those shoes with the stripe….never thought I was a yellow girl before…these rock I would love to get hold of a pair… btw those shoes in NYC, the red ones, so mine….love xo

    • I’m glad you’re popping the stripe with a red … now it’s just one step to the left for a yellow 😉

  • I like how you have introduced just a touch of neon with your shoes and that fabulous necklace, it means you can still have the trend even if the colour is overwhleming in a whole piece.

    • Thanks Joanne – there’s also a hint under the white top but it doesn’t show so well in the photo!

  • B

    Looking great!

    I have been investigating some neon today… might need to get some into my wardrobe… Yes… I think I must.

  • valeriekhoo

    How do you fit all your stuff in that cute little bag, Nikki? I seem to carry around a bucket to fit all my crap in (makeup, keys, phone, notepad, the list goes on….)

    • I was only out for a couple of hours, so had keys, phone and lippy. Any longer and I need the whole kit!

  • Those shoes are amazing, you look great & I love the outfit, but THOSE SHOES!!

    • Shoes maketh and outfit, Natalie, I think! Well that’s my shoe story and I’m sticking to it!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Looking Chic as usual Nikki,loving the colour combo,the stripes and I love those Zoe Kratzmann shoes,they look so nice on and I like that they are comfortable and stylish.That Anthropologie necklace was a great buy it seems to go with all your wardrobe .Lunch by the water is always more special I think,love a good lunch when a water view is in sight,great pic too.I hope you get some nice phone cases ,for your new phone,have a look online maybe you can get one from the US,or they will have nice ones here soon.Thanks for more wardrobe inspirations,I don’t have a striped skirt but I do have a maxi dress that I could wear a top over,and it would give the same sort of look.I love your keeping it real and the model and me posts.

    • Thanks Lisa … I do love a comfortable fashionable shoe! And the necklace pretty much goes with my entire wardrobe. I’m waiting a bit for some more variety in the phone cases … stay tuned!

  • midnightvisitor

    Love the brilliant colour of your shoes.

  • Tan Star

    Gorgeous combo Nikki! So much inspiration for me heading to summer, Im sick of hunting for clothes and feeling like everything is either too young or old for me, but your advice is always awesome!!

  • Debbie

    Great Photo Nik!

    • Deb, I’ll make a blogger photographer out of you yet! Thanks for taking this photo and for taking me to lunch!!

  • Looking great Nikki

  • Janelle@AWhiteFarm

    Lookin good Nikki, lookin good…x

  • I’m hankering after a striped skirt or maxi. Every time I see them on someone I think I want me of those in my wardrobe! Like the maxi stripe skirts too, but would probably need to get it taken up. Damn short legs.
    Told you you would be needing an admin assistant soon 😉

  • I love this outfit. Those shoes are AMAZING!! I am sporting orange nails at the moment too. So gorgeous and Spring like.

    • My toe nails are actually more neon than what shows up here – in fact I think I glow in the dark. My inner ’80s girl is very happy with herself!