Online shopping find: The Design Gift Shop

The Design Gift Shop owner Karl Schuessler has been fascinated by beautiful, well-designed and practical objects since he was a young boy. Now, he’s launched his own online store, featuring carefully handpicked items he’s come across, including slick coffee machines, gorgeous bowls and unique travel items. Check it out here.


Kurt Schuessler

What is the name of your store?
The Design Gift Shop

What do you sell in your store?
The Design Gift Shop offers uniquely designed and carefully crafted objects from all over the world. Customers often choose them as a gift for someone special but also frequently buy them for themselves. The Shop’s wide selection comprises jewellery by Skalli in Paris, sets of ‘Log Bowls’ from the Canadian Loyal Loot Collective, hand-crafted Muehle shaving brushes from Germany and classic Italian Bialetti stove top coffee makers.

How did the idea for your store come about?
As a child, design products fascinated me and I would spend all my pocket money on them. Later, I grew to appreciate the practical aspect of these objects.  This love of design which I enjoy sharing with others led me to create the Design Gift Shop. Managing the shop enables me to roam the world in search of extraordinary objects and acquire treasures from distant countries.

What is your career background?
Trained as an architect and interior designer in Germany, I have worked in various European countries on large scale architectural projects. I have also held a position of art director, where I devised specific solutions to design tasks.

Who is your key customer?
The Design Gift Shop serves customers who are looking for a truly unique and well-crafted gift as well as those who are passionate about design.

How do you make it easy for your online customers to buy from you?
The Design Gift Shop is not just an online shop providing exclusive objects; it is also the result of decades of design passion and experience. I put all my knowledge of this art in the selection of objects so that a customer acquiring a gift is assured that it is tasteful.

I also give my customers as much information as possible about the products, explaining their use, quality and design value. There are also various images of each object and other product information such as the country of origin, the name of its designer, awards it may have won and its sustainable quality, if applicable.

Finally, the shop not only offers objects by well-known designers but it also features smaller, but still fabulous companies.

Do you sell in person or in a physical store as well?
Most of the objects we carry in The Design Gift Shop we exclusively sell online.

List your current most popular products.
1. The Karlsson wall clocks

2. Everything related to coffee

3. Mono Concave Oil Lamp

Styling You’s top 3

1. Corban & Blair toiletry bag, $35 |2. My Pet Fish bath soap, $7.50 | 3. Outdoor Espresso Maker set, $209.90

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*We were gifted an item from The Design Gift Shop in accordance with our Disclosure Policy


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