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This is a gorgeous little store in Paddington, Sydney that specialises in beautifully cut shirts. It’s run by Sophie Toohey, who offers impeccable customer service and now, she’s just launched Bust-a-Move. It’s a fabulous feature on the Mr Rose website which allows ladies of all different bust sizes to have customised shirts made to fit. Here, Sophie tells us all about her store.


Sophie Toohey

What is the name of your online store?
Mr. Rose

What do you sell in your store?
A collection of kick-ass shirting and blouses for women – great cuts, fits, fabrics and details that set you apart from the rest. If you think you need a perfect white shirt, a tuxedo shirt, a man-style shirt, a feminine blouse or a tunic or shirt dress, then we are your go-to shirting specialist.

We have also just launched Bust-a-Move, our made-to-measure shirt according to your bust size. No more gapes, pulls and pins. Every woman can now wear a fab fitting shirt! We also accessorise with a tie, ruffle and dickie bow or two…it’s all about the individual style and edge.

How did the idea for your store come about?
I have always been a shirt girl. I love a collar, a decent cuff and love man-style tailoring. Marlene Dietrich is my style hero. I wanted to focus on one classic wardrobe piece and explore it in all its design glory. Then when I started to research I was chatting to friends, and one of the issues that kept on coming up was poor fitting shirts, anyone with a decent sized bust would literally ‘bust out of it’, Hulk style.

So I thought ‘sweet, let’s fix this problem’ and launched with a collection of shirts that incorporated different bust sizes. That has now transformed into our new Bust-a-Move shirt that you can order to your own measurements. Yay!

What is your career background?
Career started in communications and marketing, I worked in Sydney, London and New York for different retail clients, then when I settled back in Sydney I worked with Australian fashion label, Von Troska. I got a taste for how collections were designed, fabrics sourced, manufactured and sold and was like ‘hmmm I’d like to do something like that.’

So I did a course at the School of Colour and Design, where I worked out that although you may not be trained in design (am a shocking drawer), if you can put a concept together and find amazing people to work with, then you can make your vision a reality.

Who is your key customer?
Shirt lovers and those who are tailoring-centric. She may be a working girl, a creative, a corporate or a juggling home worker who needs to quickly whack something on to look presentable as she bolts from her house, through to women who wear the shirt the whole shirt and nothing but the shirt.

How do you make it easy for your online customers to buy from you?
It’s an easy-to-cruise-through website and is packed full of information on the product. The photography is super clear and we have added video for all the shirts and blouses, so you can get a great idea of how it looks on the body. Also, we offer free and easy returns!

Do you sell in person or in a physical store as well?
We have a boutique in a quiet leafy street in Paddington, Sydney. It’s our showcase for the collection and is a destination for women who love personal service and styling, we spend lots of time with our customers making sure she has tried on everything before making a decision. It’s a place for experimentation and fun.

List your current most popular products.
La Dandy tuxedo shirt
Blouse about town silk print blouse
The Wanderer tuxedo tunic
Bust-a-Move: our new made to order bust size shirt

What’s next for your online store?
More detailed videos on how to style, we really want to showcase the level of service that our customers who come to our Paddington boutique receive….and a slew of goodies for Christmas. Watch this space.

Styling You’s top 3

1. Pussy Galore in white, $249 | 2Slink about town in black, $179 | 3Bust-a-Move shirt in magenta, $199

Have you found a great online store recently? Did it offer great products or service? Leave a comment below and let us all know about it.

*We were gifted an item from Mr Rose in accordance with our Disclosure Policy

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  • Ooh I like your picks, Nikki – the Pussy Galore shirt looks great

  • Leigh – Six by the bay

    What a beautiful store!!! Thanks for the tip. I love finding new online stores to peruse over the hours……..

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Wow that is a really great idea,women should be able to find a shirt that fit properly and whatever size or shape they are,and cost per wear would be quite reasonable I think.Top marks for this online store

  • Far far out of my price range right now, but so happy to see a shop has done this! I hate going up sizes for the bust and having the shirt look terrible elsewhere.

    • It’s such a tricky purchase and yes, custom made is the only way which means more $ 🙁

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