The Model and Me: Maiocchi spring-summer 2012-13

In cased you missed it in your part of the world, spring sprung across the weekend.

In my part of the world?

Yep, it turned it on. Beautifully.

My excitement for the fashion season ahead (of which I got a taste while in the US) went up a notch or six.

I’m ready. For warmer weather. For colour. For barbecues with friends. For long lunches with the girls.

Bring it all on.

On Friday – I got to meet Queensland fashion designer Dee Maiocchi – the talented designer behind the label of the same name. Maiocchi first caught my eye during the first Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival in 2006. Here is a look at her 2012 catwalk show. Simply stunning.

Dee’s signature look is a cocktail of vintage inspiration mixed in with Japanese prints. The designs are timeless but the detail is exquisite.

But it would be a dress of a different style that caught my eye when browsing through the Maiocchi spring-summer 2012-13 racks at the label’s Paddington boutique.

Something stripey, something colourful, something flattering and something that I could dress up or down. Something I could throw in the washing machine and wear again the next day.

Here is the dress on the model:

Maiocchi spring-summer 2012-13

Maiocchi Just Peachy dress in dove $242 

Here it is on me:

Maiocchi spring-summer 2012-13  I’m wearing size 14 | Jacket from Sussan (last summer) | Shoes from Gorman (last summer) | Sunglasses from Miu Miu | Pedi only just surviving from New York

Let’s just say that this dress ticks all my spring-summer wardrobe must-haves.

I need to be able to wear it now (enter stage left the jacket I bought last summer at Sussan … my old denim jacket would work too). I need to be able to wear it later (lose the jacket). I need to be able to feel good in it (hello flattering shape and sneaky tucks and gathers that know how to make a girl feel good).

I need to get good mileage from a summer dress. Can I wear it with platform sandals? Check. Can I wear it with wedges? Check. Can I wear it with strappy flat sandals? Checkity Check.

Most importantly, I need a dress that makes me smile. This one does.

A little word on the dress length … I’m not usually one for the midi length of dress. It’s generally not that flattering on me. A maxi or just to the top of the knee works best.


It’s the line of this dress that makes the difference. It’s got movement and doesn’t just sit across my generous calves making them look bigger.

Expect to see me wear it a lot.

* This dress was gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. The jacket, shoes and accessories are my own. The photo was shot on location at Oceans Mooloolaba, where I was a guest of Proctor & Gamble.

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  • A Farmer’s Wife

    Naughty confession – love that dress so much I just made a sneaky on-line purchase. It is the perfect level of “dressy casual” that I need for our lifestyle here…. You look great in it.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Oh brilliant – and yes, it’s perfect for your lifestyle (and mine). Enjoy!

  • Jo

    The dress looks much nicer on you Nikki!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Jo x

  • Omega

    Ive been a fan of Maiocchi for many years – I used to work right up the road from their shop in the Valley and I lay-buy’d a number of gorgeous pieces from them. As usual, you’re rocking that dress! :)

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Oh wow Omega … got to love the layby when you see something/s you love. And thanks xx

  • Carly Findlay

    Love this look! These colours suit you well and so do stripes. Classy, and versatile!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Carly … it’s such an easy wear too. Love it.

  • Boopa

    wow, not seeing the dress properly on you Nikki. kinda concealed by the jacket & the pose…maybe next time….thanks!

  • Lauren Greenlees

    Looks amazing on you, that hair is divine xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Lauren x

  • BossyMummy

    Love this dress! So much of what you feature here suits my shape!! Love it and thank you for helping me build my wardrobe and get out of the tracky dacks and be inspired by clothes again

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks BossyMummy … nothing wrong with our tracky dacks though … they do get a bit hot here in summer ;)

  • Annabel, Get In The Hot Spot

    Oooh, I love that one. I would wear it all summer long. Hope you don’t mind if we end up looking like twins;) I’m sure I won’t accessorise as well as you!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      I could see you wearing a lot of this label, Annabel. Some gorgeous fitted shift dresses that would look fabulous on you x

  • Reannon Hope

    I know I’ve told you before Nikki but seriously, you rock bright colours like nobody I know!
    I want this dress. I want it now!!!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      If you look at the comments below, I was never this way. I’ve got a blog post brewing on that one!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      And thanks x

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style


    • Nikki | Styling You

      Oh my you could so rock it!

  • Bianca Wordley

    love it xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Bianca xx What does your daughter think?

  • scandi.coast.home

    Nikki, I love the way you’ve put this together.
    A seriously smart and casual Spring / Summer look
    Tania xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Tania … it’s what is predominantly in my wardrobe as it’s not too dressy up where I live.

  • emily @ The beetle Shack

    lady, that is one seriously great dress.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      It was very much love at first try x

  • Nicoll

    I love the dress on you, Nikki, and I also love how you’re wearing it back with things from an earlier season – I love adding a few items each season but can afford a total wardrobe makeover! (And what a waste that would be anyway!)

    • Nicoll

      …that would be ‘can’t’ afford a wardrobe makeover!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      I know – a total waste and I really love bringing out things to play again. Especially things that made me smile last summer or the summer before that … or before that!

  • Janelle@AWhiteFarm

    Looking good Nikki!! Lovely colours and fab cut. x

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Janelle – the cut is a winner!

  • Sonia // She’s Sonic

    Once again Nikki, you’ve knocked it out the fashion park! The dress is beautiful and you’ve styled it impeccably. Love your look. xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks lovely lady xxx

  • Paula

    Is Oceans a refurb’d complex? I swear I’ve stayed on that roundabout road in Mooloolaba but it was some time ago!
    Liking the colors.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      No, it’s the newest on the Esplanade but probably eight or so years old now (not a lot of development action since the GFC hit). There’s a new one under construction – called Sea Peal … the Mantra is right on the corner (was Outrigger) … that’s where we got married.

  • Rebecca

    Love the fact that it has wider straps so we larger busted ladies can wear what we need to underneath!! Will be heading in to try this one on – thanks Nikki

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Oh, yeh, that’s a must for me … without a normal bra my boobs sit unattractively down near my belly button!

      • Rebecca

        LOL … and I’m short-waisted so it’s not that far to go either!!

        • Nikki | Styling You

          Yes, let’s blame our collective short waists … not gravity ;)

  • Louisa

    LOVE the colours!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Louisa!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    That outfit looks lovely on you Nikki,i am not a fan of the midi dress either,though that one looks very nice on,I like my maxi dresses and I also like them sitting just on top of my knee,but I will have to try one on and see how it looks!The stripes are great and as you say can be worn with a jacket now and without later and just change your shoes and you have a different outfit,great dress for the wardrobe I have a few striped ones but not in brights,must have me a look and see what is out there in dresses,as I love dresses they are comfy cool and flattering,I have got a few lightweight jackets ,and they really shuzzz up and outfit.Spring has sprung here too! yesterday was a beautiful day and today looks like it will be too.I ordered some taupe wedges that are not too high from Brands Exclusive ,I am hoping they will look good with everything.
    Thank-you for sharing your wardrobe with us ,Love the model and me and the keeping it real Posts,have a lovely day in the sunshine!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Hi Lisa … I think this midi style only works on me because of the way that the hemline is a bit uneven and the eye is taken up with the tucking. Also, wearing a wedge or heels helps. I think you’ll get a lot of wear out of those taupe wedges, that’s for sure!

  • mary_j_j

    Thank you for the introduction to Maiocchi – I love japanese fabrics and my old fave shop disappeared on me a couple of years ago. The sizing looks great too. I might just have to have a trip into the city to see what is available at their stockist in Sydney Town.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      There’s something about Japanese fabrics, isn’t there? Have you found Dogstar as well? Another QLD label with a Japanese influence.

  • Julie

    On a dreary day further downunder, that dress on you certainly made me smile :) I agree, it looks better on you with your clever, colourful styling xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Oh, Julie … I know it’s been so cold down south … it was actually cooler here at night then typical for this time of year but the days were glorious. x

  • Kylie

    I think it looks a lot better on you than the model. Seems the type of dress that suits a little more curve than pin-thin, so you are rocking it.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Kylie. The model is a size 8 – tall and a smallish bust – I think it can work on all body shapes but I really love that the shape and the tucks and gathers help to disguise the bits a more curvy girl might want to disguise.

  • ClaireyHewitt

    Love the colours, it would mean I could match it with lots of things.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Absolutely – the yellow is actually a bit neony which I love!

  • Johanna Castro

    Love the colours on you Nikki and the idea of wearing a lightweight jacket with a summer dress is a great tip, thank you :)

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Johanna, if in doubt, a classic denim jacket works really well for spring and autumn – your weather is very similar to ours and some days it’s just not quite warm enough for short sleeves but not cold enough for wintery clothes!

  • Vicky Finch

    Your wardrobe must look like a rainbow now Nikki, long way from black :) love this dress, it’s happy. Looks great on you too. What a great weekend to spend st mooloolaba … One of my favourite places on the sunshine coast. Hope you are feeling refreshed and revitalised and the jet lag and post holiday blues are all gone :)

    • Nikki | Styling You

      I’ve come such a long way Vicky … was never a colour person but it’s changed my life. I am feeling refreshed, thanks. Spring helps with that!!

  • Mummaducka

    Beautiful Nikki! I can count on you to have a bit of colour! I love the way it has a bit of detail, not just a blah straight dress but those tucks, especially the one under the bust is just fantastic. Beautiful backdrop!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Mummaducka, I still amaze myself with my choice of colour. It’s so not the person I was two years ago but I love it. And those tucks are positioned just in the right places I tell you!

  • Sonya

    That outfit looks really good Nikki, thanks for reminding me about the ‘maxi’ dress. I’d like to find one that has some covering on the upper arms – or maybe I need a really lightweight jacket??? Must take a look around the shops and see what’s about.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Sonya, I’ve made it a “thing” to build up my lightweight jacket wardrobe (they’re too hot for a QLD summer but they work brilliantly now and in Autumn). Lots around now before the full summer ranges hit store.

  • Nikki | Styling You

    Louisa, I think I need to do a post about my colour transformation. Seriously, you probably would not believe my wardrobe from a couple of years ago. It was all black! With white and taupe/stone thrown in for summer. I don’t know what happened but I think I’ll piece together a photographic retrospective and try and see. I think it was that the colour in the shops got fun and I tried with just a few pieces and liked how they made me feel. Having said that, whenever I worked with clients, if they felt more comfortable and confident in neutrals, I never made them change that. If you don’t feel comfortable in colour, the colour can wear you instead of you wearing the colour!

  • Nikki | Styling You

    I need to write the transformation post!

  • Kelly Isaacs

    Yes please!! I think there are few of us that would love to see that transformation. I am kind of the path now but would love to see how it happened for you! Love the look Nikki too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nikki | Styling You

    It’s on the list!

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