Coloured jeans styled your way

I LOVE how so many Styling You readers embraced the idea of wearing coloured jeans this spring.

Last week’s post about how to wear coloured jeans drew a huge readership and reaction.

I also called out for readers to send in photos of themselves in coloured jeans and I’m excited to start sharing those photos with you here today … coloured jeans styled your way.

For me this is the ultimate in helping other women imagine themselves in a fashion trend.

The more we get a look at everyday people wearing a trend, the more we can better imagine ourselves embracing the trend.

So, without further ado … here are some very lovely ladies rocking the coloured jeans trend.

Coloured jeans styled your ways: more than 30 inspirational styles as worn on everyday women of all ages, shapes and sizes

What do you think? Ready to don the coloured jean?

PS. It’s not too late to email me ( your photo. I’ll keep adding the photos to this post. If I missed your photo on Instagram, please leave me a link in the comments below!



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  • Sarah C

    Just love Mum-ments outfit. Would love to know where the t-shirt, cardigan and jeans are from…

    • Tara @ Mum-ments

      Hi Sarah
      The jeans are from K-mart, the t-shirt is Emerson from Big W & the cardigan is last seasons Mix Apparel xx

      • Sarah C


  • Leisa Flanigan

    Hi Nikki, great post, I love Melissa from Sugarcoatit’s outfits especially photo number 18. I tried to find Melissa’s blog as I wanted to ask her where she got the green jeans from. Can you let me know her blog address? Thank you

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Leisa … if you click on the caption under Melissa’s photo it’s a link back to her blog.

      • Leisa Flanigan

        Thank you Nikki

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Hi Leisa, thank you! The bright green are from BigW {post coming up this week – I rolled them up} and the teal green are from Autograph. Hope that helps! :)

      • Leisa Flanigan

        Thank you Melissa

  • Justjane

    Can I just say, Melissa from Sugarcoatit has the most amazingly beautiful eyes.
    Now, back to the jeans.
    You all look awesome and I think I am ready to jump into this trend!!
    Thanks all you brave ladies.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Agreed – she is one beautiful soul! I’m very excited that you’re ready to don a pair too!

      • Melissa Walker Horn

        Thank you Nikki. xo

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thank you! They’re from my Father’s side. My cousin’s and I all have them. :)

  • Jana k Mizzi

    Hi Nikki I picked up some lovely blue jeans at Kmart thanks to your coloured jeans post the other day, I love them. Just go up a size as they are skinny jeans.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Thanks Jana … will pop up in the post above!

  • edenland

    Love coloured jeans! I really should buy some .. instead of wearing black every single day for the past few weeks.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Red or emerald green would work a treat on you lovely lady x

  • Luci

    Oh I love the combining patterns with coloured jeans! I actually hadn’t thought of that…

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Even more fun Luci! Colour and patterns!

  • Pippa J

    who would have thought coloured jeans would ever come back? remember the days of the high-waisted mustard and bottle green ones with pleats in the front? those could even work now if doing the whole vintage look! must say I prefer the pastel coloured jeans trend though :-)

    • Nikki | Styling You

      I didn’t have ones with pleats but I did have lemon yellow and bright red back in 1982!

    • Carolyn Wilson

      I had purple jeans that I teamed with body suits, a thick black belt and Doc Martins.

      • Pippa J

        ooo I totally remember that look!

      • Nikki | Styling You


  • Tamsin Howse

    Whoo! So exciting! I have a Spearmint pair arriving from Country Road this week so when I get those I’ll send you a pic of that too! :)

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Love it! Please do.

      • Tamsin Howse

        It’s been pointed out my dark red jeans come with bonus curious cat photo bomb. Fashion’s not fashion without Isobel in the background.

        • Nikki | Styling You

          Best kind of photo bomb!

  • Julie

    You all look great ladies! Thanks for the styling inspiration – finally a way to wear my old DJ with jeans!! xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Bring it out to play – yes!

  • Ali Champion
  • Ali Champion
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  • Supers (Yen)

    More photos please! I love seeing real style photos.
    I was practising a bit of colour blocking in my photos that are up there. I actually wore the cobalt cardi and coral/pinky jeans out to a farmer’s market on the weekend and my girlfriend commented that she loved that I was so bright – made me easy to spot in a crowd!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      More coming up very soon. As they arrive I’ll be adding them to the gallery. And yes, we are very spot-able when wearing our jeans. Thanks for sending your photos!

  • Emily @ The Beetle Shack

    ehehehiiieeeeee oh so awesome!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      You are! Love your photos x

  • Jayne Colquhoun Sultana

    I think the question is how many pairs of coloured jeans is too many ? I have red (from Virtu), Blue (from Big W) and Teal (from Autograph). I have been eying off a pink pair as well.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Hahaha Jayne … at the moment … I’m thinking you can’t have too many! I’ve got red, cobalt blue, teal, navy and orange … definitely an opening for aqua I think!

  • Nicole

    This is a test

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    These Pics are great,good to see REAL woman rocking the coloured jean,I just sent an Instagram one to you,I was very happy wearing my coloured jeans today,about 3 people told me I looked nice and how beautiful the colours where and even asked me where I had bought them ,you know your on to a winning look when you get compliments from strangers!!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      WooHoo Lisa … that’s how we want fashion to make us feel. Can’t wait to see your photo and add it in!

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