Martha Stewart turns 71 and 4500 bloggers sing her happy birthday

She’s an entrepreneur, a grandma and keeps it real by cleaning out her own chicken coop.

And yesterday, Martha Stewart turned 71 and chose to spend some of her birthday with 4500 bloggers at BlogHer ’12 in New York.

Martha Stewart BlogHer '12

Martha Stewart BlogHer '12

Martha Stewart BlogHer '12

I was one of those bloggers and I’m damn glad I was there. And yes I chimed in with my tone-deaf singing of Happy Birthday. I’m sure she heard me 😉

Martha is someone who’s rebuilt and reinvented herself a tonne of times. She’s not afraid of hard work and she’s not afraid of new media. In fact she embraces it.

When Martha tweets, thousands reply.

When people read her magazines, these days they’re likely to be doing it from their iPad or tablet.

She has power and influence and yesterday she was using that for good. To inspire a room filled with mostly women. Mostly women entrepreneurs.

And you know what she said that struck a real chord with me?

You need to be able to make money from your blog, to be paid for your effort. You’re all intelligent, I hope you’re all trying to make a living.

Martha, I salute you.

… and your shoes!

Martha Stewart


I’m attending BlogHer ’12 in New York City thanks to my favourite toothpaste

Sensodyne is sending me to BlogHer '12

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  • Denielle Hemsworth

    She is rocking those orange pants, love her.


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  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    Those shoes are gorgeous. I am a little crazy about orange at the moment. Rachel x

    • Nikki | Styling You

      My first NYC purchase was orange 😉

  • Julie

    Orange? She must’ve been reading your blog xx

    • Nikki | Styling You

      HAHAA … I’d say that’s it, Julie!

  • Melinda

    Wow, I hope to look that good when I am 71!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      I’ll second that Melinda. x

  • Piazza Sempione

    BTW – she has had at least one facelift & millions of dollars of work apart from that.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      There’s a lot of “life” around her face close up as well so maybe not so much of late?

  • Piazza Sempione

    omigod! I was going to ask if she had brought a Birkin with her (massive collection) & what colour. But I am gobsmacked! She is wearing MY jacket. Its a Piazza Sempione from a few years ago. I bought it from Neimans – mine has navy stripes, o/wise identical. Its linen & super easy to wear – worth every penny. I dont think much of her after her conviction but at least she has great taste in jackets!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      You have amazing style!

  • B

    Oh girlfriend, I so love that there is someone else out there who notices shoes! You can tell a lot about a person simply from the shoes that they wear. Orange shoes, say A LOT!

    I also love how Martha has reinvented herself and has come through some tough times. I think of Martha every single week when I fold my fitted sheets – she is the bomb for teaching me how to do that!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      It is a skill to fold those sheets … and to wear orange shoes!

  • Kylie

    So jealous of you all in NYC right now!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Kylie … it’s bucket list stuff, that’s for sure. Still can’t believe I’m here.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I hope I look Like her when i am 71,wow she looks amazing for her age and yes she is rocking those lovely orange shoes,and I agree with her you are intelligent and should be making money from your blog,You Go for it Nikki!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Me too, Lisa … me too!

  • Debbish

    LOVE her shoes… wonder what they are…..

    • Nikki | Styling You

      We think Christian Louboutin x

  • Penny

    She’s 71??? Wow she looks amazing and still creates such fabulous stuff. I hope when I’m 71 I’m as smart and sassy as her.

    • Nikki | Styling You

      I know. Smart and sassy … that’s a great aim to have.

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