5 reasons to add a little ponte power to your wardrobe

There are many trends that get a re-visit from the fashion gods. Many are scary and not designed for anyone but teenagers.

Not so, ponte.

Yes, ponte.

If you are *ahhem* of a certain age, you may or may not have embraced ponte in the 1990s with an affection not dis-similar from that of a favourite aunt. You know the one. The aunt who is always up for anything and makes you feel good about yourself?

That’s ponte for you.

And it’s everywhere right now. I mean everywhere. From discount department stores through to chain stores and high-end boutiques, the power of ponte has spoken and it shall be embraced.

Here’s why:

1. The fabric. It’s thicker than a straight viscose so if you’ve been scared of clingy clothing, this is one to definitely try. Ponte pants are a great alternative to leggings if you’re wanting more coverage but please remember it’s best to still style them like leggings with a longer top or tunic. No camel toe please.

2. The pull. Buy your ponte firm and let it do some sucker-in work for you. It will pull in that tummy and lift a butt like nobody’s business.

3. The fit. Ponte should not be baggy. Ponte pieces are designed to streamline your body and make you look taller. Baggy ponte will not do this. It will make you look saggy and daggy. Much like I did in the ’90s.

4. The style. It’s all about contrast. Take a ponte skirt, pants or jacket – there’s structure going on there. To balance out the structure, work ponte back with soft and floaty pieces.

5. The skirt. This is my favourite ponte piece. Just add ribbed tights, boots, top and cardi for a great casual alternative to jeans this winter. Or dress up with pumps, sheer patterned tights, a soft, sheer blouse and jacket for the office.

Shopping suggestions

ponte pants, skirts and jacket

 1. Country Road Ponti Jodphur skirt $79.95 | 2. Sussan Ponte pant $59.95 | 3. Sussan Stripe Long Ponte skirt $69.95 | 4. Seed Longline Ponte jacket $199.99 | 5. Mix Apparel at Coles Ponte legging $19 | 6. Seed Basic Ponte skirt $69.95

Are you on Team Ponte this winter? How are you wearing yours? (Feel free to upload images into the comments!)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/GoddessMel1974 Melanie Lindner

    Here’s how I’m styling my ponte dress (and the blazer too) for work (thanks Polyvore!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/GoddessMel1974 Melanie Lindner

    I LOOOOVE my Ponte blazer from TS14+ (my first ponte purchase) and dress from Jaccqui E.  I’ve been raving about ponte to everyone, including on my Simple Savings blog and have inspired some fellow SSers to buy new pieces for their travels (no ironing ladies!).  

    Much better than the ponte stirrup pants of my 90s teen years BTW :) 

  • http://www.jeweldivas.com.au/ Jewel Divas Style

    I’ve never heard of it either, so I don’t think I’ve ever seen it let alone tried it on. Will have to get a look at some somewhere to see what it’s like.

  • http://themummyautobiography.com/ Miss Pink

    Ponte? I must have been too young for this, because I cannot recall it. So ponte is basically a really polished buisness-y look?

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      No, it’s the fabric – it’s a thick, stretchy fabric and can be created into a casual look or office look.

  • mho64

    suzanne grae has stripe skirt for $39.95 all their ponte is #39.95 for the basics great value

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      Fantastic – great tips!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Plus it’s comfortable! I think I must be a little young to remember it from before, but I’ve tried on a few things recently and am loving the feel & style of it!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      Yes, comfort is a big thing! A big factor in my day-to-day fashion choices.

  • Eliza

    Hi Nikki
    I have two pairs of Sussan ponte pants but am yet to wear them; I fear the camel toe and/or exposure of ample saddle bags. I am still ‘carrying a lot of baby weight’ 5 months after the birth of my 2nd baby and am bigger than I have ever been. Could you please recommend some floaty tops/tunics that will work for preschool runs and park visits? Thanks, Eliza

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      If you look at tops available at Seed that are longer tees but have a more floaty bottom – often called slub tees. If you look at the post I originally did about the Seed maxi tube dress, it’s the same principles of what to wear on top. http://www.stylingyou.com.au/2012/03/how-to-wear-a-tube-dress/

  • http://morethanamummy.blogspot.com/ Jacki

    I saw a long-line tunic in Sussan the other day and had a mini-debate in my head about whether or not I should buy it. I wasn’t sure what I could wear it with. Now, my mind is made up! I’m going back tomorrow to get the tunic AND the pants!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      Go Jacki!

  • http://twitter.com/ShesSonic She’s Sonic

    I nominate myself as Vice-Head Cheerleader of Team Ponte (you are Head Cheerleader of course, Nikki)!! I’ve been spruiking the wonders of ponte for quite some time now to friends and anyone who asks my fashion advice. It’s awesome!! If you haven’t ever worn it, start with a pair of ponte pants and wear them with any outfit you usually wear leggings with. You will be in love with the difference. GO TEAM PONTE!!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      You can be the head cheerleader – way better legs ;)

  • LISA Mckenzie

    I love my Ponte pants I really like the Sussans ones the best but did a little compromise and got some Katies and crossroads ones too,I like them for everyday and for going out,I threw out all my old leggings in yuckky material and swapped them around new for good last years for home,love the sucking in ability and yes they do need to be tight to look good and yes a long top no short ones.
    I have not tried the skirts yet,not much of a skirt wearer ,I have NO waist at all,straight up and down though will have to give them a try ,though I LOVE my seed(condom) dress so much I prefer that and it’s warmer too.
    Yes the flashbacks to the old ponte 90s pants was there when I first bought them but they are really very different material than the old ones YAY!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      Hee hee, Lisa … I think my ponte pants from the ’90s had stirrups!

      • Rebecca

        I’d forgotten about stirrup pants!  Makes me glad I’m often the one taking the photos rather than in them!!

      • LISA Mckenzie

        Hee hee,Nikki, mine did too… shush though !

  • http://footprintsaustralia.com/blog Janet

    I recenlty bought a similar striped skirt, only in black and cream – loving it!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      Sound perfect, Janet!

  • Holly

    Ooh great post Nikki! I am currently wearing a black ponte skirt similar to the one in your post from Country Road with grey tights and black boots. I also recently bought burgundy/wine coloured ponte leggings from Sussan and I love them. Just a bit thicker and more supportive for my wobbly bits than normal leggings. I love a bit of ponte, especially in winter!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      I do love a bit of support for my wobbly bits!

  • lisa c

    Have already invested in a pair of pants in black ponte! They are so comfy and you are right they do pull everything in a little bit. I’m wearing mine with a couple of print tunics in lieu of leggings :)

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      A great alternative to leggings – the extra fabric thickness smooths things out more ;)

  • http://www.crashtestmummy.com.au/ Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    I did check at the ponte tights/pants at Sussan when I was there, but had flashbacks and couldn’t go there.  I like that striped skirt though!  I do like a bit of structure.

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      The skirts are amazing Laney – I got a black one at Sussan and will be rolling it out with tights and boots soon!