Sunday Sesh: memories and juice cleansing

It’s been a funny old weekend here at Styling You HQ.

The weather’s been autumn-patchy. Raining one minute; sunny the next. Number one son had to get to Brisbane yesterday for a leadership retreat. Daughter had to work. Number two son had soccer.

I spent the afternoon flipping through about 20 plus old photo albums searching for 30 photos that will attempt to sum up my Pop’s almost 95 years in a five-minute slide show.

(Could you sum your life up in 30 photos?)

The photos ranged from tiny black and whites dating back to his birth in 1917 through to the faded colour, round-edged photos of the 1970s through to the glossy colour ones that grandchildren had printed out for him from their digital images only recently.

Here are some of my faves I unearthed yesterday:

This is my Aunty Jen at the Jamaican Commonwealth Games in 1966. She's pinning a badge to a very young Prince Charles' tie. Jen went on to win silver in swimming at the Mexico Olympics in 1968

This is my Aunty Jen at the Jamaican Commonwealth Games in 1966. She’s pinning a badge to a very young Prince Charles’ tie. Jen went on to win silver in swimming at the Mexico Olympics in 1968

This was a car launch which Pop attended in 1957 - the release of the Chrysler Royal 1957. I was taken by the promotional ladies in their shapely frocks and court shoes

This was a car launch which Pop attended in 1957 – the release of the Chrysler Royal 1957. I love the promotional ladies in their shapely frocks and court shoes

This my Nan and Pop with me and my brother Andrew. It would have been taken at our house in Gympie when I was about two years old

This my Nan and Pop with me and my brother Andrew. It would have been taken at our house in Gympie when I was about two years old

Pop – together with my almost 96-year-old Nan – lived an amazingly full life. They raised four kids, were incredible hands-on grandparents to 10 grandchildren and have watched with love and pride 19 great-grandchildren entering the world.

During their 68 years together they travelled the world – thanks to my Pop’s work in the automotive industry and his involvement with Australian Swimming (he was awarded an OBE for this in 1974) – each time coming home with a new charm for Nan’s bracelet and a souvenir for us, usually matching Commonwealth Games t-shirts for me and my brothers. The year they gave me a silk kimino from Japan … oh my.

They were the first to open my childhood eyes to a big, wide world. A world of travel. Of different cultures of adventure.

Pop was the quintessential male executive of the 1960s and ’70s. Think Mad Men’s Don Draper … he’d walk into his home in Brisbane’s Clayfield or unit at New Farm and head straight to the drinks tray, pour himself a scotch and light up a B&H.

And when he retired to the Sunshine Coast in 1979, he and Nan embraced that just as fully. They walked the beach from Mooloolaba to the Spit and back every morning before having a swim and returning up the hill to Buderim for brekky. They knew everyone who walked the beach by name. It broke Pop’s heart when he was no longer physically able to go for a swim at his beloved “Granny’s Corner” end of Mooloolaba Beach.

And right now, Nan’s heart is breaking. Their’s is a beautiful, romantic story of living life together and to the fullest. It wasn’t perfect. Pop was a stubborn old bastard at times. But the love they showed each other … that’s a legacy that will live on with all of us forever.


Ok, so the timing wasn’t super perfect but my Urban Remedy juice cleanse that I booked last week arrived on Thursday for a Friday start of a three-day-cleanse. I’m nearly there. Last day. Pheww.

I took over the fridge with my three days of Urban Remedy juices

I took over the fridge with my three days of Urban Remedy juices

Day 1 and 2 headachy and lethargic but it’s been worth it. I can tell you, day three feels VERY GOOD. Very good indeed.

I posted a couple of photos on Instagram and Facebook and was asked a few questions about the cleanse, so thought I’d answer a few here in case you’re contemplating doing one.

I don’t think I’m brave. I’m just good at setting my mind to something. Plus, it’s only three days. Or you could choose to do one day. Or five 😉

For me doing one of these cleanses is all about the timing. Sure my timing ended up being a bit out but I chose a weekend where I didn’t have any fun social occasions on where I felt like I’d be missing out by not going … or worse, turning up to a party with my little esky of numbered juices. Umm … party pooper plus.

I did it because I’d given my body a bit of a pounding during my weekend in Melbourne for the Digital Parents Conference and then Easter. My auto-immune thyroid condition doesn’t like me behaving badly. Which is a problem because I DO like behaving badly. So, I thought it was timely to give this tired old bod a bit of a boost.

Doing a quarterly juice cleanse for me is all about re-booting the system. It really does help me again focus on good, healthy eating (and fewer visits to Dan Murphy’s).

I don’t do it for weight loss. I didn’t even get on the scales before starting this one. I just know I feel lighter and that’s not necessarily a weight thing. It’s more a “my head doesn’t feel fuzzy” thing.

Come tomorrow, yes I’ll look forward to chewing down on some food but like previous cleanses I’ll tread lightly with a menu of veges, fruit and fish for protein. It just doesn’t feel right to do anything else.

And I find the benefits continue for a couple of weeks too … showing up in my eyes and skin.

Should you do one?

It’s not for everyone, so it’s such personal choice.

I can tell you that if I’m not in the right mindset when I order one, then it’s just a waste of money. You’re better off waiting till a time that your head is going to be ok with sipping on six juices a day, with plenty of water in between.

Better book one in again for after fashion week 😉


Have a lovely week, Stylers. Don’t forget to enter my mega Mother’s Day competition. And stay tuned … another Model and Me post on the blog tomorrow.

PS. I’m no longer blogging over at Justb. It was five months of fun and I thank you if you came over to read my posts there. I’m looking forward to be fully ON here at Styling You.

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  • Carly Findlay

    Your Pop lived an amazing life. I always marvel at the stories people have to tell. Thank you for sharing the photos and the life your Pop lived. And sorry to you and your family for their loss. 

    • Carly Findlay

       Your loss, I mean. x

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Carly … Pop’s was an amazing story – I think he would have liked how it was told today at the funeral x

  • Sharon O

    Thanks for sharing your family photos Nikki! That’s a lovely tribute to your Pop, too. I don’t think I can sum up my life in 30 photographs – maybe 10 or 12! Good on you for surviving your juice cleanse. I think it’s a good idea to detox our bodies once every so often. Makes it OK to abuse it the rest of the time! ;-D Hugs xoxo

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Yes, and then I had champagne last night because my husband got some very good news! Doh!!

  • Jackwafabwa @ Lady Thinking

    Sending you hugs for the loss of your pop. Xx

    I’ll miss the occassional Justb posts, it was nice to get to know a non fashion & beauty side of you.

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Jacki … and yes, it was fun writing some non fashion/beauty stuff … I’ll be sneaking more of that in here in my Sunday Sesh posts so stay tuned!

  • Dianne

    Great stories Nikki… have to agree with Kelly, I also had a vibe that you had been spreading yourself too thin… you have to face that you are a very successful woman and people want a piece of that… & sometimes the answer will be NO… & guess what, they won’t dislike you for it!

    Keep up the great work here Nikki. X

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Oh, thanks Dianne … that’s really lovely of you to say. And don’t you worry, I intend to keep up the work here!

  • LISA Mckenzie

    That’s a lovely story about your Nan and Pop Nikki ,I love listening to other people stories of their  lives and they certainly lived a very full and interesting one.
    I hope your Nan will be ok ,i can’t imagine being married as long as that and my life partner leaving ,she must feel oh so lost and alone,I hope with your kind families help she will feel better with time.
    The photos were a lovely tribute ,i agree it would be hard to tell a story by a 5 minute slide show.Take care x

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Lisa … I find people’s stories fascinating too! Nan is truly loved by all but this is devastating for her.

  • Kelly Exeter

    Beautiful tribute to your Pop Nikki – I love hearing speak about their grandparents with such love. They are such special beings :)

    And kinda happy to hear you’re not at JustB any more … I was a bit worried for you there! I have a special knack for spreading myself waaaaay too thin so can recognise the signs in other people!!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Ahh, yes Kelly … I hear you re the spreading to thin thing … I need to stick the word NO firmly to my computer!

  • Shazillas

    Thanks Nikki for sharing the life of your Pop. I love to hear people’s lifetime of memories, amazing things present themselves and arise that aspires us to seek more along our own journey. There is never an appropriate time for love ones to part our lives. Cheers

    • Nikki Parkinson

      So, so true!

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