MBFWA Backstage Beauty: Maybelline NY for ksubi

The hair was purposely matted down, greasy and grungy. The space was stuffy, warehouse urban. And the tension backstage was palpable.

I’m guessing that my blush-coloured jacket kind of had me pitched as a non-ksubi wearer. Not enough black in my outfit to blend in backstage. Which lead to a few questions as to why I was actually there … mmm.

ksubi makes no apologies for its “nonchalant non-conformity” and it never has. It’s a cult Australian label that fuses surf, skate and urban casual themes for a look quintessentially all of its own.

Maybelline New York makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus met his brief for the show head-on and I’d best describe it as a slightly grungy smokey-eye … and I do mean that in the nicest possible way ;)

ksubi mbfwa maybelline new york

That's what's called an "aggressive" lash

Nigel’s hot tip for re-recreating this at home: it’s all about adding layers and layers of mascara (too much is never enough) but being a bit wild, or “agressive” about its application by not combing through as you apply it. You massage into the lashes instead (check the video out if you haven’t … Nigel shows you how).

The key products used on the face (cheeks and eyes) were the yet-to-be-released Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoos. They were used in a more subtle way at the Lisa Maree show but here they were given the opportunity to shine for maximim impact.

Now, as for pieces from the collection I might be able to see myself wearing … I think you already know that it’s not just my style … and that I didn’t need to be wearing a brightly coloured jacket to understand that ;)

But … as I’m a sucker for a bit of metallic and an over-sized top … I’d make room for this. Maybe.

ksubi mbfwa

Do you like a smokey eye? Could you get more aggressive with your lash application? 


Thanks to Maybelline NY Australia, I’m blogging at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia all week. Come back each day for my take on what we’ll be wearing – on our face and ourselves – next spring-summer.

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  • http://twitter.com/ShesSonic She’s Sonic

    I feel like a defensive friend here, but…I’m not impressed that you were made to feel in such a way for you to write: “Which lead to a few questions as to why I was actually there … mmm.” ANYWAY!! Love a smokey eye, love big bold lashes – this is definitely a look I would love to rock (when done by a professional)!! xx

  • http://www.ladythinking.com/ Jackwafabwa @ Lady Thinking

    I’m glad the uncombed lashes look is in – I rock that one every day. Win!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      LOL Jacki … you’re so on trend!

  • http://www.jeweldivas.com.au/ Jewel Divas Style

    I’ve tried a smokey eye but it just didn’t look right on me.

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      I’ve only been successful when it was done by a makeup artist!

  • LISA Mckenzie

    Yes I do do a smokey eye and no I don’t think my skinny lashes could handle that sort of layered mascara ,but it looks good on young ones ,oops am showing my age here and totally agree about Ksubi  the oversized top would be nice but I’m not much of a fan their clothing is too constricting for me.

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      Don’t worry, I was very much showing my age ;)

  • http://kimbalikes.com Kim-Marie Williams

    I prefer to be nice to my lashes, I think. Not sure treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen works for lashes?! I look after mine with quality products and implements and gently wash them every evening. I prefer pretty words like feathery and fanned. Aggressive sounds like it would be clumpy and messy. Oh, who knew my LASHES were unfashionable?! ;)

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      LOL … not unfashionable, Kim-Marie … just not ksubi “fashionable” … and I think that’s more than ok ;)

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