Online shopping find: Fashionista Depot

Whenever I hear the words ‘factory outlet’ and ‘sale’, my heart starts to flutter, my toes curl and I swear, my hard-earned cash begins to burn a hole in my pocket. So when I recently discovered Fashionista Depot, an online store which specialises in designer end-of-season stock, I almost had a cardiac arrest. At Fashionista Depot, a factory outlet sale is always just a couple of clicks away on your computer! Check it out here.

Fashionista Depot

Sara Toia

What do you sell in your store?
High-end Australian fashion clothing, footwear and accessories. We source designers’ end-of-season stock and bring warehouse sales to you.

How did the idea for your store come about?
We are a group of women who all met at fashion design college, served our careers in the fashion industry and had gone off to start our own families. We were all looking for a child-friendly way to rejoin the industry, and with online shopping taking off, we thought we’d put all our knowledge, contacts and resources together to start Fashionista Depot.

What’s your career background?
We are all from fashion industry backgrounds, all serving over 20 years in the industry.

Who is your key customer?
It varies from label to label, but mostly time-poor mums who can’t get to the shops and busy career women who can’t get out of the office! And anyone looking for a great bargain.

How do you make it easy for your online customers to buy from you?
To help identify what’s hot and new, visitors can visit the Fashionista Style File. The Style File gives shoppers insight into the season’s greatest trends and ways to mix and match for the most stylish outcome. There’s also easy navigation and checkout on the website.

Do you sell in person or in a physical store as well?
No, we are only an online store.

What are your current most popular products?
The best-selling label at the moment is Something Else. And the Peter Lang rings are popular too.

What’s next for your online store?
We are continuously changing labels depending on who has excess stock to clear. Also we are considering stocking childrenswear.

 Styling You’s top 3 picks

1. Black ribbed tube dress from Something Else, $80 | 2. Cowl neck blouse from Barkins, $12 | 3. Silver plated spike necklace from Peter Lang, $90

Have you found a great online store recently? Did it offer great products or service? Leave a comment below and let us all know about it.

*We were gifted an item from Fashionista Depot in accordance with our Disclosure Policy.


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  • Jackwafabwa @ Lady Thinking

    Did someone say Peter Lang warehouse clearance? Bye. Must dash. Stat.

  • LISA Mckenzie

    OOH that sounds like me when i hear the words bargain or factory outlet i just have to have a look ,here we are quite lucky i have 2 trade secrets bargain shops nearby and a DFO factory outlet about half an hour away ,and I always pick up a bargain at those particular stores ,one online store that has great regular great buys is and they are really cheap if you sign up for their newsletter you get to know when things are going to be really on sale and they have great customer service too,last time i ordered a top and they sent the wrong one so I rang them and they gave me a credit for the top a prepaid satchel to send it back and then they sent me the top I had ordered so you can’t ask for better service than that,but i’ll check out the fashionista depot for sure.

    • Nikki Parkinson

      That is great service! Amazing.

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