Umm. Yes, that would be me, suitably soft-focussed and caught in the wiping act.

Lazy girl beauty: face wipes

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If you’re a beauty professional, skin therapist or just so darn beauty obsessed you wouldn’t think of cutting corners on your skincare or beauty routine, then this post is not for you.

This new series is for those of us who are too flat out finding five minutes to read something other than our Twitter feed to devote hours to an ongoing quest aimed at looking halfway presentable.

It’s about priorities, cutting corners and being smart … well, in a lazy, hazy kind of way 😉

I’m not saying that you should take the shortcut every time but I really do think a few shortcuts are what we all need when there are other things needing our attention. Important stuff. Like ensuring you have sufficient champagne supplies in the house.

My logic in the skincare department is that if I at least do SOMETHING everyday, then that’s got to be better than nothing.

Which is why, my fellow lazy girl beauty-fulls, today’s shortcut topic is cleansing. Specifically with wipes.

Umm. Yes, that would be me, suitably soft-focussed and caught in the wiping act.

Umm. Yes, that would be me, suitably soft-focussed and caught in the wiping act.

There is a whole category of beauty products I never owned before kids. And wipes wipes fall into this category, or should I say … cabinet. You’ll find them there, in my handbag and my travel bag … whenever you so care to take a peek at my beauty bits.

It’s not that I wasn’t aware of cosmetic face wipes pre-kids. It’s just that I was more time rich (heck, back then I was a millionaire in the time department, just didn’t know it!) and thought nothing of spending 20 minutes on my nightly makeup removal and cleanse routine. Oh, who am I kidding. I DIDN’T nightly cleanse AT ALL because I hadn’t yet given birth, so my skin was still youthful and fresh and seemingly unwrinkle-able. I know that’s not a word but you know exactly what I mean, don’t you?

BUT. And it’s a big but. When you have babies, you are lead down the baby wipe path with much mothers’ group debate over which brand you are going to let near your baby’s bottom.

And you get used to carrying around these sachets of genius, whipping them out for bottoms, faces, hands, spilt unmentionables on your new top, or just to freshen yourself up after a morning in the park before you go searching for that much-needed champagne.

And when you babies all grow up and no longer appreciate you wiping their faces, you’re strangely drawn to the supermarket or pharmacy aisle where there are face wipes designed just for you. You take them home, try them and really, really wonder how your life was ever complete without them.

Or maybe that’s just me … maybe I AM the laziest beauty girl of them all?

For me, face wipes are my bare minimum nightly get-the-gunk-of-the-day-off-my-face routine. It means I have no excuses. Ever. To go to bed with my makeup on.

Here are five that I love:

favourite face wipes

1.  Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes $9.95 | 2. Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes $9.95 (NEW) | 3. WOTNOT Naturally nurturing face wipes for sensitive skin $9.95 | 4. NIVEA Gentle Face Cleansing Wipes $7.50 | 5. Garnier Skin Naturals Express Cleansing Wipes $7.95

Do you use face cleansing wipes? Do you have a favourite? Would you like more lazy girl beauty tips?


  • Kathryn

    Nikki, have you heard of Norwex? Most products are for chemical free cleaning in your home (fantastic microfibre products) however they have a personal care range which include a micro fibre suede makeup removing cloth and microfibre body wash cloth which exfoliates and can be used on your body and face. The makeup removing cloth works amazingly well, including eyes, and is definitely my go to for a lazy night routine. Wet it, wipe off makeup, apply moisturiser and in to bed. They are $21.95 for a set of 3 and are not disposable. (no adding to landfill:) )
    I am not a consultant, just a very happy consumer.
    Kathryn x

    • Hi Kathryn – yes I have heard of them! And also, Jane Iredale does something similar called a Magic Mitt which works the same way. Genius.

  • Thank you Nikki, I needed this, I have been wanting to get some for removing my makeup when I get home from school at 3.30pm, When it starts to annoy me, then I’d have a good cleanse with the clarisonic when I have my shower and wash my hair later (I am a 2 shower a day girl!) I’ve been frightened as I have such sensitive skin and am allergic to Aloe Vera. I’m going to have a good look at these.

    • It would be a quick, easy thing to do at 3.30pm and then maybe the Clarisonic (LOVE my Clarisonic!) before bed?

  • Suze

    I have the MAC Cosmetics face wipes & think they are great – although I only use them on those lazy/dead tired nights. They are great on eye make up too.
    And I’d love more lazy girl beauty tips pls : )

  • I think wet wipes are great for the face, but not for the eyes, especially when it comes to removing waterproof and smudgeproof products.

    • Depends how hardcore your eye makeup is – light everyday eye makeup comes off ok. Just the heavy going eyeliner that I call in reinforcements for!

  • Anna

    I love the wipes too! No time ever for the whole cleanse routine and I’ve used wipes for years and my skin never suffered. Right now I’m on the J&J ones but most are good.

    There is one downside though. After years of wiping and flushing them down the loo my seweage started to overflow and the was plumber not impressed! It turns out wipes are the enemy of all sewage and plumbing systems, so take care – NEVER NEVER EVER throw those babies down the toilet. They never decompose, and block the system for sure.

    You have been warned!

  • YES! Wipes are bundles of genius!

    And Yes! It’s not until you are a mum that you become wipes obsessed and appreciative (little bundles of genius – LOVE IT)

    And By the way I keep baby wipes in the laundry and if I forget to put the washing out/in the dryer in the morning and need to tumble dry in the afternoon I throw in a scented baby wipe which takes away that slightly stale – living-in-a-tropical-place-where-washing-goes-off-at-the-speed-lightning odour. How lazy is THAT? (I say it’s because I need to save our tank water from a re-wash)

    I have not tried face wipes but will now. I still cleanse each night because although I am 43 my sin thinks it’s 18 in the zit potential way, not the dewy youthfulness way! But I will get them because I am HUGELY beauty lazy and hugely busy.

    Thank you than you than you so much for this great new series – eep it coming I loved it so much I wrote on your facebook page.


  • Gotta love using baby products for ourselves!

    I’m a huge fan of ALDI wipes, and buy them by the slab for the boys, and use them to fix makeup mistakes, clean hands etc. Am slightly addicted now.
    A bunch of other double duty ideas here: 8 baby products for your makeup kit –

    x Andrea

    • Where would we be without Aldi?! Used to buy their nappies for no.3 baby too.

  • Sharon

    Have used wipes a lot in the past for travel and stage make-up removal, but have just started using them regularly – yes, mainly through laziness, but also because my ensuite sink is incredibly small and I was sick of soaking my floor everytime I washed my face!
    …I do worry though if I’m ‘stretching’ my face…especially the softer areas around the eyes.
    Coles do a super cheap one for $2 for 25. The fabric is a bit too stretchy, but good if you’re on a tight budget. Mostly I use Simple and Garnier.

    • Great tips Sharon – and I so GET you on the soaking the floor thing. Happens to me all the time!

  • Vanessa

    I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the wipe. I did get some Napoleon Perdis ones, as part of a free gift with purchase and they were best I had used. I do however prefer to use my evening cleanser and will only use a wipe when I am very tired, but don’t want to wake myself up before going to bed by using the usual cleansing method.

    • Exactly my point! And everyone has different amounts of time to devote to their beauty routine. For the time poor, they’re a good fall back!

  • Jacki

    Simple wipes get my vote. Natural ingredients & nice & cheap!

  • Neutrogena (Purple packaging) is the best face wipes in drugstore I’ve tried so far. For a more economical option, I love Curash Fragrance/Soap Free Baby Wipes (Pack of 80) =)

    I don’t always use them but I have them just in case I’m really sick or too sleepy to do my skincare routine.

  • Anne-Margaret Forde

    My skin always breaks out with wipes. Any recommendations?

    • It’s not necessarily wipes in general but certain ingredients in certain brands. I’d try Wotnot if you’re wanting to try again.

      • Anne-Margaret

        Thanks Nikki, I will see if I can find them. I am terrible at taking my make up off at night!

  • Penny

    My skin is down th bottom of my priority list and it shows. Wipes may help me step it up

    • It’s a good short cut, Pen … put them on your bedside table with a night cream. Will definitely make a difference.

  • imogen

    I once got a recommendation for l’oreal rejuvenating cleansing wipes and haven’t looked back. Great at getting make up off (especially late at night when it’s the last thing you feel like doing!) with a light scent (non-offensive, not overpowering.

  • I’m not sure when you had kids, but I don’t remember make-up remover wipes much at all before 2000.

    I’ve always done a lot of theatre, and in my teens, we’d always grab baby wipes to use to remove heavy stage make-up.

    I remember my mother saying “Are they safe for your face?” and I replied, “Well, if they’re sensitive enough for a baby’s bottom…”

    I often wonder just how much better proper make-up wipes are – you get 25 to 30 for between $4 to $10 (supermarket/pharmacy brands) – whereas you can get a pack of 80 baby wipes for about $5!

    • First kid in 1995; last in 2005 … and yes, I do wonder why I’m still not shopping in the baby aisle!

      • Hmmm. Maybe I just never saw make-up wipes at the time. Or maybe it was because I was a student and they were cheap!

        It reminds me of body wash. When I was younger, you just had Cussons Imperial Leather, or maybe Norsca. Now there’s shelves and shelves of different options.

        And Dove. Do you remember when Dove was *just* a soap? Now it’s soap, hair care, skin care products… etc.

        Now I sound like a grumpy old woman. I’m not! I just wonder at what point the market just expanded so much, or was it just me becoming more aware?

  • Paula

    I don’t use facial wipes, however I can confess a love of Huggies wipes, even though our nappy days are over… They are genius around the house – especially for cleaning light switches.

    • Ahh, so you still loiter in the baby section of the supermarket? Nice!

  • shaz

    I love my facewipes but guess what else the are good for?

    Getting white paint off of dark blue carpet……they really are miracle workers although it is a bit of worry that something you use on your face can remove paint! I don’t remember how I knew to use them, but on the weekend we painted our spare room and managed to get paint everywhere – a packet of wipes later and the carpet is as good as new.

    • You know what? I think I told you about that trick? But with baby wipes! And yes, it’s a … worry!!

  • Love the Yes to Blueberries wipes! And I have also used the Simple wipes, they’re good too. Yes to Blueberries feels so friendly to my skin though, I’m addicted.

    • I really do like the feeling of the Yes to Blueberries wipes, Alex … amazing!

  • Oh yes! I love face wipes. I use Nutri-Metics as they don’t dry out my skin, and they are ab fab for travelling!

  • I will look out for the Burt’s Bees ones. I LOVE face wipes and would be lost with out them now. It always amazes me though that a cotton pad with toner will still get off further makeup after using the wipes. At least we know that when make-up says it has staying power,it really does. Bye for now, Michaela

    • Yes that’s why they shouldn’t technically be used every night!

  • I prefer to use cleanser, but like you, when in a hurry, it’s better than leaving makeup on! I’ve been using Simple wipes when I’m in a rush (my partner grabbed them) and they’re really good! They don’t leave my face too dried out. I also tried clearasil wipes a few weeks ago, because I had a zit behind my ear (how does that happen? lol) and it really helped a lot. I wouldn’t use it on my face, though.

    I had no idea Burt’s Bees did wipes, would love to try those

    • What is it with us getting pimples full stop! And the Burt’s Bees ones are just out this month. Fresh off the shelf!

      • I totally agree about the pimples! See, that’s why I come here, to find out what’s new;)

  • Huggies! Haha xx

    • See, it was post-Huggies era that I had to find a replacement!

  • Nikki
    I’m a huge fan of the wipe. It’s really interesting when going overseas to see what’s available.

    Japan is legendary. I have face wipes pre soaked in cleansing oil from there as well as nail polish remover wipes.

    SSG xxx

    • Oh, I think I would become obsessed and have wipes for everything!

  • I love Simple wipes in the green pack. They are the ONLY wipes that will take off stage make up and water proof mascara. Awesome.

    • Had a recommendation for them on Facebook too Lady Smaggle … will have to investigate!

  • My favourite would have to be the Wotnot facial wipe (as pictured above). It’s the softest, least harsh on the skin I’ve tried, and I love it! It doesn’t replace makeup removal though, so I always double cleanse regardless. I’m OCD like that 🙂

    • I knew you would not be a lazy beauty girl like me, Tine 😉

      • Nah you’re not lazy, you’re a mama 🙂 When it’s my turn in future, I hope I even use makeup wipes to remove the gunk off my face before I hit the pillow in exhaustion! 😛

  • I have always used wipes for clients as part of my prep, but rarely on myself…now that IS lazy!!
    I might try those Burts Bess today. Thanks Nikki.
    x Marnie

    • I do like the Burt’s Bees ones – they’ve got white tea extract in them – refreshing.