Sh*t Oz Bloggers Say

Bloggers are strange beasts. In the wild, we’re often spotted surgically attached to our iPhones and we have the ability to Tweet AND carry on a conversation with multiple other Tweeting bloggers. And most probably drink a glass of wine at the same time.

We tumble, stumble and pin … and most of us don’t need an online dictionary to work out what that means.


So, when I first saw the Sh*t Girls Say episodes hit YouTube I got inspired. Which is really code for decided to copy the concept.

Christmas then got in the way of our release date. But I got really excited because thanks to one of the starring bloggers being married to a super duper editing whiz, I’m not sitting here now, still trying to put together and edit video of six bloggers from around Australia (thanks Rob … Beth will look after you. We’ve told her she has to.)

shit oz bloggers say

shit oz bloggers say

Scheduling going to plan, the vlog to end all vlogs is now going live simultaneously across Australia.

Drum roll please …

Excuse me now, while I just bring my tongue back from being firmly wedged inside my left cheek.

I’d like to thank (in order of appearance):

Mrs Woog | Bianca Wordley | Eden Riley | Trae FlettBeth Macdonald

You can follow us collectively on Twitter too: @shtbloggerssay

Tell me, if you’re a blogger or you know a blogger, do you think it’s another language?

PS. Hit the like button if you like.

PPS. I’ll be over on Justb. later today taking a peak inside women’s handbag’s. As you do.

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  • Meaghan

    Goodness. I’m a blogger, but a very new one. I just realised after watching this, how much I still have to learn. The question is – do I have the energy? Where do you ladies find the hours? Thanks it was informative, fun and eye-opening. Cheers, Meaghan

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Speaking for myself, I have the energy because I love doing it. This is meant to be a spoof though – the key to blogging is always going to be content – producing content that makes you happy. The other bits will or won’t work for you. For me it’s a whole lot of un.

      • Meaghan

        ..and it shows too. Thanks Nikki.

  • Becci

    Yeah, what she said and also what I’m hearing right now “when are putting that bloody laptop away and coming to bed?!!?!?”. Great promo ladies!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Mine is … step away from the computer!

  • Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses

    Great work, ladies. Having a good ol’ giggle. Thanks for brightening my day! :)

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Kellie xx

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  • Mummaducka

    It was great to watch, yes I blog, but not power like you guys. I am learning the lingo, I have taught myself heaps in the last couple of weeks.

    • Nikki Parkinson

      The lingo catches on very fast whenever you meet up with other bloggers. I hardly new any in real life (IRL) 12 months ago but have now meet heaps!

  • Serena

    Ha ha “I hit publish instead of save!” Love it. Great editing too :)

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Serena … the editing is all Beth’s genius husband!

  • Christie-Childhood 101

    Hilarious! So very clever :)

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Christie xx

  • Cindy

    That was hilarious.

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Cindy x

  • Omega

    What a stellar cast of blogging superstars!!

    You lot almost (almost) make me wish I still lived in Queensland. But not really. I think you should ALL move to melbourne. :)

    • Nikki Parkinson

      We’re actually from all over – Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Southern Highlands NSW, Blue Mountains NSW and Sydney.

  • Steph

    Absolutely hilarious and scarily true- was my house bugged? x

    • Nikki Parkinson

      I know … it’s even worse when bloggers gather in a group.

  • Katie

    A lot of fun! To make, and to watch!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Our bit was easy. Beth’s husband made us look good!

  • Bree

    Vlogging naturals! Very clever, ladies :)

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Hee Hee x

  • Pip Lincolne

    So funny! You were so ‘California – Whatevs – Who-me?’ Nikki! So GOOD!

    I have never read half these blogs, entrenched as I am in the craft/design/food blog world! I am going to click over and visit all these ladies now. I think I am in love with the blonde bobbed lady… is that Beth?! She’s so FUNNY.

    I must broaden my bloggy horizons to the sweary ladies more often!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Oh Pip, you will fall hard for Beth and her house and her cooking and her trashy mouth.

      • Pip Lincolne

        I feel VERY crushy in her direction. Poor Beth. She betta run..!

  • Liz@LastChanceTraining

    Awesome job girls!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Thanks Liz x

  • Belinda

    Yes, I will often talk to irl friends who have no idea what I am talking about! AND yes, I do need a media kit!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Hahaha!! You need to come to a blogging conference or meetup. We’ll understand you.

  • Anita McLachaln

    Blogger brilliant! Thanks for the laugh. Hats off to your editor too…quite a talent. Keep on blogging girls…I need the distraction!:)

    • Nikki Parkinson

      That’s Baby-Mac’s husband … he does this kind of stuff or real!

  • Me my best and I

    shuttttt.upppppp.!! Loved it!!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Great! We had fun doing it!!

  • Kim

    Love it! All so true it’s scary!

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Scarily true!

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style

    I loved it, you are such clever funny ladies. Thank you for sharing. I really do need a media kit, I am going to goggle that and Alexia now. Rachel xx

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Haha, it’s Alexa ( and it’s one ranking measure of websites based on traffic and links into that website.

  • Dorothy

    You girls are the shizzz! (I don’t even know what that means, but I assume it’s a good thing :) )

    And, just for the record, why the hell wasn’t I invited??

    • Nikki Parkinson

      There’ll be more Dorothy … can you imagine how tricky it was to organise six not so organised bloggers (got in the way of our wine time!)

  • Marnie

    hahaha, very funny. I DID write a post about shutting my blog down..but then I DID shut it down….only to start 2 new ones…lol
    I’ve just realised that I never met another person who blogs.
    where are they?
    x Marnie

    • Nikki @ Styling You

      You come to conferences and meet up in IRL, then you have new best friends to talk in your strange language with!

  • Amanda Elizabeth

    so funny 😀 email me if you need any thing LOL 😀

    • Nikki @ Styling You

      Hee Hee … was a bit of fun x

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