shit oz bloggers say

Sh*t Oz Bloggers Say

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Bloggers are strange beasts. In the wild, we’re often spotted surgically attached to our iPhones and we have the ability to Tweet AND carry on a conversation with multiple other Tweeting bloggers. And most probably drink a glass of wine at the same time.

We tumble, stumble and pin … and most of us don’t need an online dictionary to work out what that means.


So, when I first saw the Sh*t Girls Say episodes hit YouTube I got inspired. Which is really code for decided to copy the concept.

Christmas then got in the way of our release date. But I gotย really excited because thanks to one of the starring bloggers being married to a super duper editing whiz, I’m not sitting here now, still trying to put together and edit video of six bloggers from around Australia (thanks Rob … Beth will look after you. We’ve told her she has to.)

shit oz bloggers say

shit oz bloggers say

Scheduling going to plan, the vlog to end all vlogs is now going live simultaneously across Australia.

Drum roll please …


Excuse me now, while I just bring my tongue back from being firmly wedged inside my left cheek.

I’d like to thank (in order of appearance):

Mrs Woogย | Bianca Wordley | Eden Riley | Trae Flett |ย Beth Macdonald

You can follow us collectively on Twitter too: @shtbloggerssay

Tell me, if you’re a blogger or you know a blogger, do you think it’s another language?

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PPS. I’ll be over on Justb. later today taking a peak inside women’s handbag’s. As you do.