Styling You: keeping it real: wet summer day

Keeping it real: the wet, cold summer day outfit

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Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Saturday’s post about this blog and where it’s going (and why you stick around … really THANK-YOU). I’ve been thinking about doing a semi-regular post about my “real” outfits for some time now and your comments have confirmed that I probably won’t be laughed down.

Yes, in my Model and Me posts you see the real me but I’m (mostly) kind of dressed up. Dressed up to go somewhere nice.

Which might lead you to believe that’s how I look EVERYDAY.

I can assure you, this is far from the case.

So, these new posts will show you an outfit I’ve thrown together from my wardrobe to suit an “everyday” day in my life.

Yesterday it bucketed down in most of south-east Queensland. It. Has. Not. Stopped. Raining.

This has meant a couple of things:

1. The temperature is about a gazillion degrees lower than this time last week.

2. There is zilch point in doing anything (including washing) with my hair.

3. If you have to go out (and we had to go to swimming lessons), then the only footwear you should attempt is a pair of trusty Havaianas (or gumboots).

In light of all of the above, here’s what I came up with with 10 minutes to spare before leaving for those swimming lessons.

Styling You: keeping it real: wet summer day

What are you wearing today for your “everyday”? Is it cold or sunny where you live? And would you like to see more of these posts?

PS. This afternoon I’m blogging over at Justb. about Zooey Deschanel’s Golden Globes makeup look … and how to get it for under $150


  • Awesome post Nikki
    Great to see the casual look !!!

  • Wow Nikki, great response to this post! I think it’s going to be a popular series. Love seeing the real you, still looking very chic x

    • I know … isn’t blogging great for instant market research! I was nervous doing this but happy that it’s something that was wanted.

  • Karen

    Love love love this idea. I am a stay at home mum and struggle with finding ways of wearing my everyday clothes in a stylish (not daggy mum) way . Thank you for keeping it real! Looking forward to reading some more “Everyday wear” posts.

  • Pagan

    Love it Nikki! As a SAHM I try to not fall into the daggy rut too often, but striking the balance so I don’t look overdone for the school run or supermarket isn’t always easy! Much as I love your ‘Model and Me’ posts, these ones will be much more useful to me for everyday inspiration (and it’s very comforting to see that although you still look gorgeous, you don’t always look super glamorous!!)

    • Thanks Pagan. My teenage daughter was asking me why I was getting her to take my photo yesterday. I explained that everyone thought I was always dressed up (before of the Model and Me photos). She laughed and threatened to take a photo of me getting out of bed!!

  • LissyLouLou

    Nikki I love this idea. More please!

  • Love the idea Nikki and the outfit. It’s always nice to get an idea of what other people are wearing and gives people tips on how to dress or adapt a style themselves! I might even post my outfit, I don’t know about the daggy days though, the tracksuits and old t shirts though, there are some things that everyone doesn’t need to see! Keep up these posts, love the styling tips.

    • Thanks – I will – and I have those days too. Love nothing more than not leaving the house and being a total dag!

      • Those days are the best but its always when you run down the street to get some milk or another staple, and you run into the person who you would least likely want to see you in the baggy tracksuit pants and jumper, with messy, unstyled hair. And you can’t hide and have to talk to them, as you can see them running their eyes up and down at you with disapproving eyes. Then when you are dressed up, styled nicely, you never run into those people. Murphys Law!

  • Bec

    Looks great Nikki!!!

    PS I think I’m going to have to get some BB Cream because you keep raving about it!!! ha ha ha

    • Sorry to keep raving about it but it is great and great value for money!

      • JoJo

        Finally got it together and bought some of the Garnier BB Cream today. Looking forward to reducing the daily skincare/makeup routine! Oh and the Morrison striped V neck dress is on it’s way to me (now heavily discounted at estore).
        Thanks Nikki, been lurking for awhile and really enjoying you posts.

        • that’s great news on both counts but especially that Morrison dress … I saw the super special. Great score! And thanks for lurking!

  • Nikki, You know i love a good old ” Leggings as pants” So i’m all for this outfit.. Ha! xx

  • I love the outfit today, Would you be able to do a future post on wardrobe for changing careers. (I am currently a nurse/mum and will be slowly transitioning to small business owner/mum) want to show my personality but not too over the top or corporate. look forward to more fashion tips
    Thanks Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, for sure! And good luck with your transition! I’ll be doing a revamp your work wardrobe soon and that will have some tips for you in it.

  • this is hilarious, Nikki.

    I am dressed almost exactly like you. No cardigan as it’s warm in Melbs and my shoes are Birkies but I am wearing a stripey tunic with leggings. Minimal makeup, hair up in a pony tail, just the normal jewellery – watch, rings, bracelets, no earrings. I call this my “dressed to go into the world but feel like I’m in my pyjamas” look.
    x Miss G

  • Megan

    This is so so like my outfit for the same kind of day. I’m also loving the BB cream from garnier, and my minimal makeup is that, primer,concealer, blush, mascara and gloss. I also just pull the hair back on a wet day – I usually run the straightener through the fringe, and then tie the rest back. I also have a silver circle go to pendant at the moment. Leeggings and tunics is such an easy look – my issue is I keep getting holes in my leggings – whether cheap or dear – what brands would you recommend?

    • Love it Megan! The brands I would recommend are wYse (pictured above) – my absolute faves and Country Road. I’ve had mine above for 2.5 years now and there’s not a hole or any baubling in sight.

  • Hi Nikki,
    This is exactly what I need!I don’t go out fancy too often- everyday wear is what what I spend 95% of my time wearing and where I need 100% of the help!Thanks a million- I LOVE what you’re doing!

    • Great Jane … there will be more. I’ll try for once a week and hope the planets align with roping one of my kids into taking the photo! Or I’ll get a taller tripod!

  • Great idea Nikki.

  • Natasha Andrews

    Absolutely perfect Thanks Nikki! I love your glammed up looks and hints and tips on ‘trends’ but I really need to shop from my wardrobe most of the time and I love seeing how you put things together.

    Love the look of the wyse leggings, I are rarely game enough for leggings as I struggle with getting the not jeans thing right.

    Currently wearing black jersey maxi with black t shirt….when I went to kinder gym with the kids I added red ballet flats and an elk necklace. Thanks to you I now have the confidence to wear maxis and I am so glad!! I live in them…perfect for Tasmanian summers.

    • ooh, I like the sound of your outfit, Natasha .. very chic but casual too.

  • Nikki,
    Love how you keep it real. And real is pretty gorgeous IMHO.
    Liz N

  • Amy

    Ah nikki its been ages since ive been to your blog! You never fail to impress!!! I think your everyday wear looks fantastic!!!

    Today it is BLOODY hot so i am wearing my WAY to big for me but ‘only cost me $20’ dress with a jacket (which is also too big… Bloody weight loss) that I have owned since I was 12 (its kind of falling apart but i really love it)… Hair has been thrown in a pony and feet have been crammed into shoes from target!

    I pretty much refuse to wear nice clothes to work because I work in construction… The frequency in which I have to go on site and slum it with the boys is ridiculous… Nobody looks good in steel caps man!!!

    Must remeber to keep visiting!!! xo

    • Welcome BACK! You’re looking just fine and yes, I wouldn’t be wasting my good stuff on a construction site. Very clever Miss Amy x

  • I just love seeing photos of you. Trust me that’s not meant to be creepy. xx

  • As Marnie says, hot in Melbourne – currently wearing old jeans cut to make some shorts and a dark green singlet from Topshop UK. And flip flops – or thongs as you guys here call them 😉

    • Sounds perfect for a hot day … and flip flops is a much more civilised term, isn’t it?

  • Yes, please, I love these kind of posts.
    It’s very hot and dry in Melbs today…wearing shorts and Avella stripey singlet + white havaianas.
    The humidity frizzing my hair is something I don’t miss about QLD. I lived in a ponytail.
    x Marnie

    • Mine’s been up in a pony or top knot for a few weeks now 😉

    • Hey Marnie! Fancy seeing you here!

  • I have been living in leggings & tunics lately. It’s all about comfort for me 🙂 & the great thing is I can wear havi’s during the day & ballet flats at night!

  • This is going to be a great series! Most of us, well I know I do, have excess to requirements ‘going out’ outfits & can often scrub up okay. It is the everyday where I fall away. I work in a very casual environment where just wearing your 2 minute face is very dressed up. This outfit would be suitable except for the thongs (we have to wear closed in shoes), do I am looking forward to more everyday style inspiration!

    • Definitely would have worn closed shoes if I had to go anywhere yesterday but my son’s swimming lessons! And I agree … when we have a special occasion we put effort into it, like a project. We don’t tend to do that with our everyday stuff.

  • Melanie

    Loving this new post idea. Love the cardi. X

    • Thanks Melanie … it’s got merino wool in it – light and lovely from Emu Australia.

  • lovely! just love casual style…I think we were born bracelet and scarf sisters 😉 …writing a post as we speak on just that!

    love easy fashion the Model & Me posts are so much more up my alley …that’s what I LOVE about blogs rather than magazines

    • I think so, Sarah … and yes Model and Me will still continue but these ones will show more of the everyday “shopping from my wardrobe” stuff. xx Can’t wait to see your post.

  • You look gorgeous.
    I wear my Havianas EVERYWHERE in any kind of weather. They’re my workhorse.

    • Exactly … maybe I should buy another pair for the collection!

  • Cindy

    What a great idea Nikki. I love that you are keeping it real for all of your readers who if they are anything like me are generally reading you dressed in their very ‘best’ around the house clothes if not their trackie dacks and t-shirts that they have just cleaned the house in! Love that you are doing this.

    • Cindy, I realised that most days (unless going somewhere specific) I call on my comfort section of my wardrobe … but with a bit of layering and a few accessories, you can give it a lift. Makes a difference to my mood when I do that.

  • Katie

    Yup, definitely worth doing a series on everyday outfits.

  • I like your cheeky grin in this one. Have you stolen someone’s chocolates? 🙂

    • I wish! No, looking out from where I was standing, I had my teenage daughter taking the photo, Mr 6 with his best mate watching TV and my teenage son eating lunch … the things bloggers do.

  • I am loving this post of your real everyday look, thank you nikki! A good mix of both sorts of looks, everyday and going out is perhaps the key. I hate blogs where it’s just photos of models or someone else’s styled magazine shots. Keep it real for real life, thats what I want in a blog.

    • Thanks – there will still be more of the dressy stuff, particularly when I do Model and Me shoots with clothes that have just been released in store.

  • Sarah

    What a great idea Nikki! It’s always nice to see your “dressed up” outfits but they don’t really apply to me that much at the moment so it’s nice to see a more relaxed approach! The footwear thing is an issue for me too in the summer rain though. We went away for our Christmas holiday and it rained 95% of the time. I took all my summer sandles (too many actually) becauce I just lived in my havaiannas! All the sandals are leather and they just get ruined in the rain. Do you have any suggestions apart from thongs? I got some cute Trenery espadrille ballet flats but they have rope around the bottom and fear they may get ruined in the wet. Thanks Sarah 🙂

    • The only thing I could suggest are the plastic shoes – Mel shoes by Melissa or Holster

      • I did something I never thought I would – I bought a pair of crocs. Before you click away though they are smart little Mary Jane ballet flats with a suede-like finish. And sooooo comfortable. They are like walking on cushions! And they are rubber so they won’t get damaged in the rain! Trust me, look them up!

        And Nikki – more of these posts please 🙂

        • mmmm …. I’m not convinced, Laney, but I’m sure you can rock them. Please don’t add a puffer vest 😉

  • I’m heading to NZ for 2 weeks and guess what I’ll be wearing? Leggings and tunic tops baby! Have been wondering what shoes to wear though. The cute little boots I wear here in winter seem a bit OTT … and my feet would freeze in thongs … any suggestions?!

    • Sarah

      Hi Janet – you are so exagerating! Your feet will not freeze here in thongs! I have mine on right now… it’s not Qld weather but it’s not that cold lol!!

      • Where abouts are you Sarah?

        • Sarah

          In Wellington, NZ!

      • I dunno Sarah, I’ve been in NZ in November and FROZE my little tooties, butt, everything off 😉

        • Sarah

          Oh well November is definately cooler than January/Feb! Hope you have a great time whereever you are going! 🙂

    • Ballet flats Janet – I would have worn them yesterday but didn’t want to ruin them.

      • Right – they’re in the suitcase. 3 sleeps to go!!!

  • You look amazing and I love your styling notes–even though your style is completely different from mine, it’s super useful to me! Keep your outfit posts coming–with notes! 😀

    • The notes will be there – a bit like the internal conversation I have with myself as I get dressed! And, yes, my style will definitely not be everybody’s style. Would be a very boring world if we looked the same, wouldn’t it?

  • Carla

    Awesome! I’m loving this ‘everyday’ style thingy! It’s a bit warm across here in Perth though, I’d love to see some everyday clothes to keep cool in for those of us who have jelly baby belly, ample bossoms and tuck shop arms like myself, if you have any ideas 😉 xx

    • There will be plenty of those, Carla … that’s my normal weather at this time of year. Yesterday was unusual!

  • I’ll tell you what I’m wearing when I get out of my PJs!!

    • That’s me too right now … but I’ve got an hour on you! Swimming lessons in an hour so should get dressed …

  • I love this idea for a post. I often get around in leggings and tunics on cool ‘summer’ days and normal winter days, because it’s too warm for jeans and coats, but you still need to cover up. And I find them comfy and they cover everything up so you can go from school run to supermarket/appointments etc without feeling embarrassed. Your outfit is a good example of how to do it in style.

    • Thanks Bron! As you know most of my days are computer based with some running around with the kids. So there’ll be more of those type of outfits.

  • I had the same dilemma on my blog – are my “ordinary” outfits too boring to post? The silly thing is I really enjoy looking at the everyday clothes of other people – like this post, it’s really interesting.. so yeah, I have started doing that too 🙂

    • It’s the stuff we wear most days … so that stands to reason, doesn’t it Omega? And I love seeing the different style personalities of other bloggers.

  • Vicky

    Hear you on the hair front. Yesterday I looked like Shirley temple! Which is cute on a three year old… Not so cute on a nearly 42yo!!

    Love this idea Nikki. You look amazing whatever you wear…

  • wYse leggings are THE BEST!

  • Sarah Watts

    Like this post – would love to see more!

  • Jenni Carberry

    I would love to see more posts like this. I love the little things that you do, that ‘finish’ off an every day outfit. I love this blog and that it focuses on fashion that I can actually see myself in.. You have pointed me to brands that I didnt even know existed. Keep up the great work.

  • Please continue these posts – I too am a better dresser cos of your blog (at the tender age of 42!), and while I scrub up ok on a big night out, it’s looking good day to day that I struggle with.

    • Alyson – 40s are the new 30s! And yes, I find it easy to get into a rut day to day but can make a “project” of a special occasion outfit. These posts will help ME get out of the post-school holiday rut of hanging out in our swimsuit and a throw-over!

  • I LOVE this idea and the outfit too! Thank you. I have a suggestion Nikki (more work for you though) could you put links to where you source each piece or similar. I subscribe to Already Pretty
    and this really helps me to find similar looks (see here)

    • Great idea … most of the stuff won’t be currently available (because it will come from “shopping” in my wardrobe) but I can leave links at the end to the designer/shop’s website.

      • Or recommend similar items? Sounds like a lot of work though!

  • Deb

    Okay, this is funny, but I am wearing this exact outfir today! Not the cardigan because I’m up north and it’s hot, but the leggings and striped shirt. And our hair is different, I’m wearing a very short dark style. I have no plans to go anywhere today, so this is perfect for hanging around the house and doing chores.

    • Snap! It was way to hot for me to wear leggings last week but was great to pull them out yesterday. So comfy.

  • I look forward to more of these everyday wear posts. My social and work wardrobe has had a definite uplift since reading this blog but I’m still dagging my way to swimming lessons and so forth.

    • Haha Jacki … now that I most of my work days are spent on the computer, I can “dag” it down every day, so these posts will show my “uniforms” that let me transition between that and doing the school run or meeting someone for coffee or lunch.

  • Tam

    Love this look – looks effortless, but still nicely ‘put together’. That striped tunic is awesome!

  • Lookin’ fabulous, Nikki! x

  • Great idea for a post! I love it! We have had stinking hot in melbourne for a couple of days and I have been wearing my srapless maxi dress and thongs. Hair is up on a clip and the only “beauty” product I have been wearing/using has been sunscreen.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Sanna and yes, that was me last week – so, so hot and humid. Crazy.

  • Looking great Nikki x