I’m wearing red today for Daniel. Are you?

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I don’t usually do outfit posts. Yes, you’ll see me in outfits for The Model and Me posts or at certain events but I’m not generally an outfit fashion blogger.

Today is different.

This is what I’m wearing today.

My Wear Red for Daniel outfit: Leona Edmiston Ruby dress; Metalicus trench; Mezi necklace; Leona Edmiston pins; Country Road pumps

My Wear Red for Daniel outfit: Leona Edmiston Ruby dress; Metalicus trench; Mezi necklace; Leona Edmiston pins; Country Road pumps

The reason is what I blogged about yesterday. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about seeing Bruce and Denise Morcombe on the news last night. The montage of flashbacks over almost eight years of torture.

Can you seriously put yourselves in their shoes? To have had your child abducted? To actually continue to put one foot in front of the other?

I can’t and I don’t want to.

But today, the man charged with the murder of their son Daniel will appear in court. The Morcombes have asked us to wear red to remember Daniel.

So, I’m wearing red.

And from the support shown on yesterday’s post, I know you will too.

You know what I would really love? I’d love you to spread the support and love even further. Post a photo of your red t-shirt, dress, lipstick, shoe or nail colour on my Facebook page today.

And if you’re a blogger and have have blogged about wearing red today, please leave a link below (there are no link-up rules – this is about creating awareness for the Morcombes and child protection).

(Remember to support The Daniel Morcombe Foundation and child protection, visit www.danielmorcombe.com.au)

Wear red for Daniel


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  • What a turn-out and thanks to your wise and warm choice to help US feel that we were “doing something” ….Nikki…thanks so much, and about to add a pic or two… Denyse XX

    • Thanks Denyse – so appreciate it. And check out today’s post to see what I did with everyone’s beautiful photos.

  • Thanks for opening up your blog & giving us a place to show our united support, Nikki. I truly hope the Morcombes can find at least a little comfort in knowing that people are thinking of them.

    • Fi, I think they do. On the news tonight they seem bolstered by the support. It was everywhere. x

  • Thanks for hosting the linky. I wrote a comment earlier but it doesn’t seem to be here now? It must have been a(nother) tough day for Daniel’s family but they have been brave and strong x

    • Thank-you, it’s there now (my server was not behaving!) – and thanks for linking up. They have been brave and strong and I noticed a difference in them today as to yesterday. I think they can really feel everyone’s support.

  • rah

    thank you Nikki x

  • Heart. May the Morcombe’s broken hearts be swelled by the support shown today.

    • I think they were. Tonight on TV they seemed to be different from yesterday. Loved seeing all the red today – online and offline x

  • Thanks Nikki for giving us something. There is so absolutely nothing we can do about this tragedy – but giving us someway of showing our support for the family is helpful for those us who just feel so helpless.

    • There is nothing we can do but the amount of positive energy and support that has gone the Morcombe’s way today and over the past 8 years does make a difference.

  • Thanks Nikki. Loving all the support for The Morcombes today. I blogged about it here: http://sallytownsend.com.au/1730/red-for-daniel
    I interviewed Denise and Bruce Morcombe four years ago for CRIKEY! Magazine. It was easily the most difficult thing I have ever done. We don’t generally even hear the extent of the efforts they have put into child safety programs and helping abused children. They are truly amazing people.

    • Hi Sally, yes they are incredible and their work goes beyond that of trying to find Daniel. Thanks for sharing. Feel free to add to the link-up above (blue button – Add your link).

      • Ah! I get the link thing now 🙂 Thanks Nikki!

  • Any parents worse nightmare, thank you for linking up these posts.

  • Hi,
    I’ve linked my photo. I couldn’t bring myself to smile in the photo. It was too sad. Toddler also went to kindy in a bright red hoodie.

    Great work. xo

    • Thank-you. What is bringing a smile to my face is all the people offline and on wearing red.

  • I wore red today and blogged about it too.


    Am feeling so sad for the Morcombe family! I honestly can’t imagine what they have been going through this whole time.

    • Thanks Lauren x If you click on the add this link blue button above, you can add the post to the link-up x

  • Had to, want to wear red for Daniel. Tweeted picture (not sure how to insert picture on here???).

  • We’re all in red today to honour the memory of Daniel. Put our piccie up on your Facebook.
    Great initiative Nikki xxxx

    • I love the piccie you put up Andrea, thanks and thanks for sharing with your readers x

  • It is a terrible story and amazing they’ve finally found a suspect. What a wonderful way to show support. I’m in:) Red t-shirt and jeans!

  • Hi Nikki, I’ve blogged about it here: http://www.hummingbirdssong.com/2011/08/red-for-daniel.html


  • Well said Nikki! I sure am wearing red today, and so is my blog!

    • Love that you’ve painted a whole blog, red! Awesome stuff.

  • hi Nikki

    you look great and think you have fashioned it very well for Daniel.

    I love the length you have gone to for the Morcombes

    my heart bleeds for the Morcombes – the parents look on their face has every moment never changed – it is full of loss and sorrow – we have all forgotten though – there are other family members of Daniels that are hurting just as much too – we need to remember them and their loss.



    • Thanks so much, LouLou, my heart bleeds as well. It’s impossible not to feel that way. Thanks for supporting.

  • My god you are organised.

    Once we get dressed I will be linking up too.

    While it has been a big step for Daniels family there is still so much unknown. Not knowing what happened to your child and where he is and if someone may still “big shudders” get away with it, this is the worst for any parent and family.

    • The absolute worst for any family. Thanks for linking up – and yes, had to get organised early as had a client this morning! Don’t worry, normally Monday is a “dress-down” day!