Blogging for a cause. What’s in it for you?

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There’s growing awareness of the brand influence and awareness that bloggers can bring to the digital media marketplace.

Lately I’ve seen – and witnessed here on this blog – how that influence can extend to causes, both local and international.

Through a bloggers’ personal experience and reach, they can greatly impact on a fundraising or awareness campaign that is close to their heart.

Have you thought about blogging for a cause?

Have you thought about blogging for a cause? Photo: Pinterest

I’ve blogged before about my support for Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign, a cause I will always get behind.  I’ve also supported Designers for Daffodil Day for the same reason.

Last week I blogged about the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and in doing so, this post was liked 5000 times on Facebook.

Suddenly – and virally – it wasn’t just my readers embracing and supporting the Morcombe family.  It was friends and family of those readers, people all around Australia and around the world.

Then the next day readers and other bloggers posted photos of themselves wearing red in my Facebook page.

Tell me that isn’t using social media for good.

This week I also announced my involvement with Liptember, a campaign that will run throughout Septmember to raise funds to support national programs and research at the Centre for Women’s Mental Health, which is the first gender-specific mental health clinic in Australia, and Lifeline Australia, which provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support service.

My good friend and blogger Madam Bipolar has also got on board and registered. She knows only too well why this is a great cause.

Last week my blogging sister in crime Mrs Woog announced why she would be out and proud for Loud Shirt Day.


And the amazing St Murphy is making more than his community sit up and take notice of the ridiculous disparity between heterosexual and gay marriage rights in this country.

I love this chick SO much and never more so than when Eden Riley has used her inner powers and her international blogging prowess to spread the word about the differences she has made in other people’s lives.

Another blogging friend Lori from Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home mum has got behind the RUOK Day campaign for … I suggest you do so too.

Cate Bolt is the equivalent of a modern day saint.  She founded and is president of Project 18which exists to raise funds for humanitarian and conservation projects, the first of which was an orphanage in Bali, which is now operational.

And I could go on …

So what’s in it for you as a blogger to offer your blog real estate to a cause or charity?

1. This is a tangible way to offer support and awareness to a cause. How often have you heard of someone’s plight but have felt unable to help in a meaningful way? There’s power in numbers and your power is with your readership.

2. Blogging about a cause that means something to you personally is a way for your readers to better connect with the blogger behind the blog.

For me it’s both of these things and so much more. In operating my business I’ve always done so with a sense that I need to give back.

In my offline world, I serve on a charity committee that raises funds for children’s health and I every semester I mentor a high school student who might have their future career sights set on being a writer, journalist or part of the fashion industry.

So it makes sense that in my online world, where my reach and influence is even greater, that I give back here too.

It just feels right.

How about you? Do you use your blog to help raise awareness and funds for different causes? Leave a link and tell us about it.


  • 10% of proceeds of sales from my blogging book go to Kiva:)

  • Wow, what an inspiring post to see how bloggers can blog for causes. You know, I’ve been blogging for 7 years now and never thought about that…shame on me!!!!!

    • No shame, Ling. Just something to think about for the future.

  • Just wanted to say thanks again Nikki for inspiring me to style better, blog better and even did a little “support a cause blog” this weekend about the Lunch of Hope recently held by the SCBWN.

  • Hi Nikki!
    Being a breast cancer survivor, an organisation close to my heart is the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Without the research funded by the amazing efforts of the NBCF I might not have lived to write this comment to you today. So in my next blog post, I’ll be sharing my Pink Ribbon Breakfast Page, for a Pink Ribbon Fundraiser High Tea I’m hosting with some friends! Very exciting. We did it last year too, with around 200 people attending. We’re hoping to have even greater success this year!
    I love your kind heart Nikki, & the way you use your success for good!
    Love & hugs, Jen

    • Oh Jen, you know only too well how getting behind a charity can make a difference. And, yes I’ll be supporting the NBCF again this year.

  • Every year I aim to do something significant to raise funds for a particular charity. This year it was the cancer council, prompted by my FIL being diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus late last year. I had my head shaved last night and have raised $3350 from sponsorship & donations. there are so many important charities and organisations throughout our community I try to donate time &/or $ whenever I can. I have been made aware of several important groups that I had been unaware of via blogs. Tatum xx

    • Wow Tatum, that is huge! And yes, I’ve certainly been made more aware of the plight of others through blogging.

  • What a fabulous post, Nikki.
    I’ve been working on something in my “real life” that I’d like to eventually use the blog to give a boost to. It’s something I feel passionate about. I think with the influence mummy bloggers now have, we should be using it to help others, for sure.

    • I think that’s a powerful combo – our real life actions combining with our online influence to make a difference.

  • Nikki, I agree using social media in the name of a cause is an amazing and powerful thing to do. That is amazing how viral your Daniel Morcombe post went, that is great to hear.
    As you know I blogged (and ran) to raise money and awareness for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and the results blew me away. Raised $5000 for women writers in Afghanistan through my blog and jog! Beats using a blog to bitch and whine!

    • Sharni, that was a huge and worthwhile effort which I was very happy to support.

  • Agree Sherry, but I’ve just recently been disappointed of someone, who didn’t appreciate giving, so i’m thinking about my future actions on charity.

  • I use my blog to write about the importance of blood donation. Without it Ivy would spend most of her life in hospital or worse, not be here at all. It’s a cause very close to my heart and last year the blogging community supported me with Team Ivy. We raised $10,000 for the kids medical ward that Ivy stays in. The money purchased new beds for parents and also distraction boxes for the kids for when they had to go through traumatic events and much needed equipment for the ward. I was so amazed how everyone came together to help me.

    This year I am supporting the Starlight Foundation and all of the wonderful work they do for sick kids and the immune deficiency foundation Australia, which is just trying to find it’s feet as a non government funded foundation. By writing about them on my blog, I’m hoping to raise awareness.

    • Tiff, that’s incredible – being able to do this and to see the difference first hand. I’ve got goosebumps.
      The committee I serve on (we’ve got our annual event in three weeks) raised enough money to create a dedicated children’s area of the emergency section of this region’s major hospital. As a mum who’s spent time in that emergency section with a small child on a Saturday night, I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to make a difference.

  • I think this is a great way for those of us who cant afford to give in a monetary way to support worthy causes. I did the same for Jeans for Genes day this year and it felt so good!

    • So true, Donna – and yes, I supported Jeans for Genes Day too. Whenever there are causes related to fashion and beauty – what to wear, it’s an easy fit for me.

  • As always a fab post and its so good to see that so many bloggers support & speak out about causes they are passionate about. At Easy Peasy kids we support Angels for the Forgotten who care and support abused children, we make monthly random donations to charities like Project 18. We are assiting Giving the Gift in finding celebrities to contribute to their inspirational book for teenagers.
    We take on pro bono cases and love toa ssist mums when ever we can. Our new motto is to give back what we can to make mothers and their kids feel happier. We randomly select facebook likers and send them flower just to brighten their day.
    What bothers me at times is that in being kind , some think there is an ulterior motive, which is quite sad, we do it because we can and we want too, no strings attach. Just trying to create less tantrums all round and more smiles. Nx

    • Wow, Nathalie, that is fantastic work and to people who question an ulterior motive then I say poo poo to them.

  • Always looking for an opportunity to promote a charity I am involved with, whereby we as photographers take photos of premature, stillborn and seriously I’ll babies and children, it is completely non profit, and photographers are often called out at all times of day and night. The most important aim at the moment is to raise awareness so that all families are able to have cherished memories of their children.

    • Martine I cannot imagine how powerful the work that you do is. So, so amazing.

    • Hi Martine, I would happily post about this organisation for you. I could either host you as a guest post or you could send me the info and I can write it. Imagine you are pretty busy with Alfie right now, but let me know if I can help. A truly unique and beautiful gift for grieving parents. The nurses sent our family images after my nephew died, they are much cherished photos but I imagine a professional who did them would have provided a few extras and captured extra moments.

  • Great post Nikki, had one like this rolling about in my head but you wrote it perfectly. I wrote about Designers for Daffodil Day here: and explained in my post how this charity effects me directly. A charity campaign has to resonate with me personally to blog about it but that’s not to say I wont share other causes through facebook updates, tweets or in some cases even instagram. To have influence is to have power and like you I believe that power should be used to educate x

    • I loved that post Dani and immediately felt your connection to the cause.

  • “Modern day saint” LOLz I nearly spat my berocca across the room when I read that. Thank you very much for the kind words. This is something I’m SO passionate about. Supporting a cause doesn’t have to be a financial burden, sure we’d love your money but the key to fixing any social injustice is awareness and social media and blogging are part of a new world revolution and an important part of facilitating global change. You wouldn’t want to miss out on being part of a revolution, now would you?
    As I tell my children “I don’t care what you’re passionate about just be passionate about something.”

    • Haha. Just calling it like I see it. And yes, the power of blogging does open up new ways to help where once we thought we couldn’t except through money.

  • Hi nikki

    I am trying for the 3rd time unfortunately today to post a message and am having troubles

    • Oh I’m so sorry. Has been some probs last day or so. What Internet browser do you use? Trying to get to cause of problem.

  • Love this post. Love that as bloggers, we have the capacity to spread awareness around causes
    that are close to our hearts. I don’t want to just write words onto the Internet – I want it to mean something. And sometimes my words mean something, and I will never stop feeling amazed when somebody out there in the ether says, “Me, too.”

    • Me too. Two words that bring a connection. Love how you use words so brilliantly to do that. X

  • I support the Feather Foundation which is a not for profit organization which runs events in Melbourne targeted at Gen Y – most notably the annual Melbourne City Madquerade. All funds raised from the events go to Cancer Council Victoria. My boyfriend Matt is one of the three founding members of the FF and I help out with the media side of things.

    Check it out! or on my blog ( under the “Check It!” tab.

    Great cause and it keeps us Gen Y’s out of trouble.

    • Kate, that’s fantastic. I will check it out. How great that you can use your skills to help.

  • I love seeing bloggers use their influence for the spread of good (and evil sometimes in my case). It is a no brainer.
    Great Post Nikki

    • When it’s a no-brainer, it’s the right thing to do. Showed Flynn the video last night so was able to talk to him about Jack’s hearing aids and why he needs them. The more we talk the fewer the barriers. X

    • Mrs Woog, I ADORE the freeze frame on that gorgeous video for Jack. You, mid-clap, SO proud. xxoo

      • PS. Kester received an invite to join Loud Shirt Day – randomly in the post – showed him video too and he’s in!

  • I have been thinking of this a lot lately, I have quite a few posts to be written that are for a cause. I had to stop and think about how many I would write, knowing I could end up sounding like Clairey, patron saint of blogging about causes. Time for me to think about which ones I am most passionate about…not an easy job.

    • No, not an easy job. I don’t have any rules in place for the ones I support. The cause just has to strike a nerve for me. Look forward to reading yours.

  • Hello Nikki

    A particularly good post and great read

    I am new(ish) to the blogging community – though planned it like a good little student for some time.
    I have read blogs for quite a while and deliberated over mine and will I – won’t I.

    I am off, left the shore and now with a map I am looking forward to some seas to sail.
    I will be finding my blogging voice more – I am going to go through a little re-hashing of some things over the next few months with a wonderful friend and blog designer /web builder.

    I have plans and interestingly it involves highlighting a cause I believe in too so it was great to say the least to read you writing about it.

    I am attending the melbourne problogger coming up in october – looking forward to it (by the way you once said you rock the dance floor at the after party – well I’m looking forward to that 🙂

    I have been in successful business all my adult life and thrive on it (and my ship has diverted course for a while now with the most rewarding experiences of my life in motherhood – late starter!)
    so I have the business and marketing savvy with me and now my SAHWM of motherhood’s experiences.

    thank you for your wonderful blog and tweeting – I read yours often and enjoy.

    best wishes

    • Found your comment in spam, LouLou (it may have gone there because of the web link) – it’s something that happens to me on a lot of other blogs, sorry it’s happened to you. Great to see that you’ve jumped into this blogging game and would love to meet you at ProBlogger’s day in October.

  • Carly Findlay

    I blog about my illness, ichthyosis. Through this I get questions from lots of people with ichthyosis and also parents of children with the condition. I also receive comments from people without the condition that tell me how I’ve made them aware of the difficulties of having a chronic illness or disability.
    I also promote the community tv show I’m on – No Limits on C31, plus other causes I feel strongly about such as The Chronic Illness Peer Support program.
    And try to blog about wider disability. I have just written to an organizer of International Day of People With Disability to see if there is a blog campaign like RUOK?Day and Daffodil Day.

    One of the best things was receiving a comment from a guy who sells cheese at the farmers market telling me he read my blog with his young sons and they had a discussion about illness, what it is like to be different, and bullying. The next time I saw him and his boys, his boys weren’t scared of me, and were very happy to talk.
    Great post Nikki!

    • You do such a fantastic job of breaking down barriers through explaining your disability and showing your positive attitude to life. X

  • For me I guess supporting some of my charities are also core to some of the reasons I blog. I am am Mummy Blogger but I am more specifically a Autism Mummy Blogger. My son has Autism and the world required to support his therapy dominates mine (I am not complaining it is just what it is … his schedule spans 5 days and involves integration therapy (2 days daycare) and 3 days of face to face therapy by 5 therapists). So it would be impossible for me to blog about my life without including things on Autism. I am also very passionate about some of the Autism charities that we are associated with (and could talk about them under water).

    Outside of my (crazy) world I think in general it is great when bloggers connect their readership with causes and charities they care about.

    • And by blogging about how you work with your children’s autism, you are helping other parents in the same or similar positions. You’re also helping other parents to show empathy and have awareness about autism. Love your work!

  • That’s awesome! I have volunteered my services as a makeup artist for a great cause numerous times and I’ve blogged about the beauty in doing so! There is nothing greater than the kind act of giving back!

    • There is nothing greater – and you have the power to make people feel great with you skills. A great combo!