Fab Friday style tip: navy is so Posh

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Not sure what’s come over me … two posts in one week talking colours usually associated with Nanas.  On Tuesday it was all about coral lips and on the back of Mrs David Beckham looking resplendent in navy at the Royal wedding, I just couldn’t help myself.

The Beckhams step out for the Royal wedding ... now if only we could buy Victoria's best accessory - David - online

The Beckhams step out for the Royal wedding ... now if only we could buy Victoria's best accessory - David - online

Navy is SO the new black.  Well, I made that bit up.  Navy has always been around but more often seen in a school uniform or corporate land.

In the last couple of fashion seasons, however, it’s been on my fashion radar for a number of reasons, not least being the fact that it’s almost black (and I do LOVE my black). The bonus: a gorgeous navy or “midnight” colour can be a whole lot more forgiving on your complexion.  Definitely worth a try.


Key styling tips

1.  It’s ok to team navy with black.  I love a patent black shoe with navy for evening wear.

2.  Love, love, love working navy back with a nude shoe.  That whole leg lengthening thing just works beautifully with a navy frock.

3.  Avoid the whole red, white and navy look … unless you are spending the weekend on a luxury yacht or in the French Rivera.  In which case, do whatever you please and have a champers – or six – for me.

Shopping suggestions

1. Leona Edmiston Ruby Tara twist dress $129

2. Oroton Henrosa tote $495

3. City Chic Embellished shoulder tunic $79.95

4. Witchery Flower Applique wrap cuff $59.95

5. Country Road Motif Print scarf $69.95

6. JAG Tab Detail knit $89.95 @ Birdsnest

7. Sambag navy patent ballet flats $175

8. Peter Lang Heart Arrow pendant $60

9. PeepToe Shoes Miss Buckingham $249

What do you think of navy?  Is it a colour you have in your wardrobe?


So excited to find out that this post has been selected for the Independent Fashion Bloggers Links a la Mode weekly roundup for May 19.  Read on for some other fab fashion blogging posts.

Your Blogs Perfect Accessory: Brilliant Pictures

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As I was selecting my posts for this weeks Links A La Mode, I realized how important it is to have attractive and original images in your posts. I noticed that I would open a post and close it promptly if the images looked rather….. what’s the word… meh.

Here is how to have your blog posts chosen by me [Denimology] for LALM:

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  • Robyn Sherrie

    Loved the blog Nikki…have a Metalicus navy l/s top in the drawer bought last Winter and never worn but am going to get it out this weekend and create a new look. You constantly inspire me – thanks!

    • Yes, get it out and don’t be afraid to layer with black – and cream. I remember that navy from last year – nearly bought one of the Metalicus scarves in it. Gorgeous.

  • Benison O’Reilly

    Is that Leona Edmiston dress really that price? I want it!

    • Yes, it’s Leona Edmiston Ruby, the Ruby range is more affordable.

  • Another navy lover here! I wish I’d found it sooner, it does so much more for my pale complexion than black ever did. I love a navy blue satin cocktail dress for evening, and I always pair navy with grey for corporate wear. 🙂

  • I am a navy lover from way back – long before it was ever fashionable and even when it wasn’t an ‘in’ colour. It suits my pale colouring, auburn hair and light brown freckles very well 🙂

    • Oh, I love navy and auburn hair – love navy and red hair too.

  • Love navy and white, especially on a warm summer’s day….Hurry up Winter! Leave already! x

    • Ha,ha! I’m loving the change but we’re lucky here in QLD to still get gorgeous sunny days.

  • I’m a BIG navy fan. It suits my colouring very well. I have a couple of navy evening dresses.

    • True, Corinne. We’ve got very similar complexions. I’ve got a navy cocktail dress by Matthew Eager that I absolutely LOVE.

  • I cannot look at a navy suit and not think big hair, shoulder pads and 1980s. But you are right. If you steer clear of the military look and wear soft lines of navy (love that dress) and pair it with the nude shoe (what a great idea!) it works really well. Can’t go around in black all the time. Although I am sure Posh would have worn black if she could have.

    • I hear you! I did a lot of navy in the ’80s and ’90s. Navy shoes with navy pants. Worn out. To clubs. Eek.

  • I have always wondered if you could do navy and black – love your fashion advice Nikki.

    • It’s really a simple way of making a navy outfit look elegant. Thanks Nic.

  • I’ve always been a mavy lover, and am very glad to see it more in the shops lately!!

    • Me too, my eyes are almost navy at times so works a treat on me.

  • Love navy! Black is too harsh for my complexion (although i still wear it)

  • I tried on a cute little navy dress for the post-conference dinner in March, and I was so worried it looked too corporate (then you all told me on Twitter that it didn’t!).

    And I wore a lot of navy back in the 90s too – school uniform, polar fleece jumpers… not a good look!

    • I certainly did all of that too Megan – but it can be super stylish now. Just the way you wear it.