Jeggings. They’re back

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About a year ago, I opened a copy of Vogue Australia to read about the “latest” in pants … jeggings.  Not jeans, not leggings.  Jeggings.  I wrote a blog post about it and promptly bought a black pair from Country Road.

And I wore them.  A lot.  And lots of other people bought the same pants.  Lots of others tried to buy some … and they missed out.

Since that time, a lot of other clothing brands have included jeggings in their winter collections.  Unfortunately some looked a little more on the leggings side of jeggings for my liking.

What the Country Road jeggings (which were actually called skinny stretch jeans) had on the side of style was that they actually zipped up and included back pockets.  So they looked like jeans.

See, I come from the viewpoint that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.  Leggings should only be worn as you would wear a pair of tights.  Not with a short top revealing your butt and bits.

Jeggings, however, like my Country Road pair, can be styled as you would skinny jeans.  Unlike traditional skinny jeans, these are actually comfortable and easy to get on. And if you’re blessed with curves, as I am, then they actually fit.  You might even go down a size when buying them.

By now you’re probably wondering why I’m banging on about a pair of pants I bought 12 months ago, thinking isn’t she all smug, with her perfect jeggings that we all missed out on. WELL, get excited, because a recent late-night browsing on Country Road, lead to me discovering there is a new-season jegging in town.

This autumn-winter 2011, the Country Road skinny stretch jean is still $99 but it’s in a new colour – dark grey. (Obviously the new black)

Country Road skinny stretch jean $99

This year's jeggings with asymetric long tank $79.95 and Aia lace-up bootie $199

THE jeggings with bomber jacket $199; stone print tunic $129 and Aia lace-up bootie $199

Ok, just a couple of things to remember if embracing the jeggings look this season:

1.  DO wear with ballet flats.  Or flats with a pointy toe.  The effect is an elongated leg.  We love that.

2.  DO wear with heels.  I like a platformed pump.  If you have an ankle boot or bootie in the same colour as the pants, this also lengthens the legs.

3.   DO wear with a tunic-style or longer top.  Add shape with a cropped jacket.  This balances out the look. On me, this combo sucessfully disguises my child-bearing hips.

So, jeggings, are you for or against?

POST UPDATE:  Due to peer group pressure, I pulled on my last year’s jeggings in the Queensland humidity for a photo.  The reason – to show you that I’m not size 10 but still happy to wear my Country Road skinny stretch jeans (in this case with a Morrison dress, which I wear as a long tee).

Me in my Country Road "jeggings" with a Morrison dress worn as a tee. Ballet flats from Witchery

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  • Sarah O’Connor

    Jeggings are sooo comfortable for me. Skinny jeans look awful on me but jeggings look amazing.
    I just recently saw a great pair in a magazine which featured Australian designers.

  • Casandra Savage

    I like stretch jeans, but I’m tall and it’s hard for me to find tops that are long enough to be tunic-like. These were my exact thoughts 12 months ago, Mrs Woog. They are very comfortable and unliek some other brands the Country road ones look a little more dressy, I dress them up & down, sometimes with high heels and a nice top, other times in my flat boots and casual T..

  • Grace

    I dont mind those type of jeggings, that actually look wearable, places like supre however have put me off, their jeggings really arent flattering, and thay are just blue leggings

    • Oh, Grace, I hear you! They’re just awful. But if you look in Supre of late they’re still selling the blue leggings but they’ve also got a more expensive pair ($50) that is more of a denim-type material. My daughter got some – I wouldn’t let her get the others!!

  • I wear jeggings all the time and I feel they’re more comfortable than jeans. They’re a perfect alternative for pants! xoxooo

    • They are comfortable – it’s a matter of finding the ones that suit you best.

  • You look stunning. Jeggings really suit you.

  • I so love Jeggings 😀 I’m wearing them right now 😀

  • Wow, those look really good! I wonder if they have them in the New Zealand stores because I’d like to try them on. Nothing like the awful pieces of crap you can pick up from the Supre’ bargin bin!

  • I definitely love jeggings too.

    And you look fabulous in your pix!

  • I’m actually against jeggins, if they’re worn like jeans and not like leggins. This may be different if they have a zipper and pockets, but I think normal jeggins are just utterly unflattering and I day by day see so many people wearing leggins and jeggins and treggins or whatever with simple shirts showing off their butt. I think it’s horrible, but at least we have something to talk about 😛

    • Oh, I totally agree with you – they are unflattering. But these are more on the jeans side with pockets and zips. I still prefer to where them with longer tops or dresses.

    • I am with you but never gonna wear or buy them waste of money duh.

  • Heather Fonseca

    Great post! I do not wear jeggings, but then maybe I should? With a long tunic top, ballet flats and a cropped jacket they might be cute, even on my mega curves. You’ve opened my eyes! Now I think I might have to try.


    • I’m glad I’ve opend your eyes to the possibility and thanks for dropping by.

  • Great post!
    I am really not the biggest fan of jeggings, however I love leggings.
    And you listed all the wonderful ways to wear them!!


  • Belle

    Country road have 3 pair this year –
    grey very similar to last years and an olive and black
    still amazing but fabric a bit thicker which i think
    was needed for the cooler weather . I two loved loved
    loved last years jegging and will confess I purchased
    a few pairs ( 2 in blk and 2 in blue) best investment ever.

    Do also look for the new jodpur jegging at CR – i know, do not wear it
    without a longer top/tunic unless u are a goddnesS then in which I hate u .. Lol

  • I bought a pair from Jeans West & I lived in them last winter. I’m a pear shape & wear them with tunics too. Best investment ever!!!

    • I agree, Britt – I’m a slight pair and they work for same reason.

  • wow! love the jeggings gal:-) hot! lol… wish i could fit into a pair yer right with my thunder thighs doubt it muchly x
    love the top as well .
    Gosh i need someone aka like you! to re do my entire bloomin cloths hehe

    • Thanks Dannie – and if you ever have any shopping/clothing questions, just twitter or email them my way. Happy to help out x

  • Umm, Nikki? You look DIVINE.

    Can you please postpak all garments you are wearing and send them to me, kthks. xo

  • I’m all about leggings and skinny jeans, but … together? I’m so scared of stretchy denim-ish looking pants with pockets etc.


    I trust you implicitly. I must investigate.

    • Stace, you would look hot in these – probably wait till post baby as they have a waistband 🙂

  • I am not usually one for keeping an eye on what’s stylish, but I enjoyed reading your tips at the end on how to make your legs look longer etc. Don’t think jeggings would be the go in the Cairns heat, however.

    Popping over from FYBF.

    • Hi Shelly, yes I doubt you have much call for jeans or pants of any description in Cairns! thanks for popping over.

  • Tight pants are tight pants no matter what you call them … and tight pants still only look REALLY good on a minute proportion of the population!! The first pic (ie the one without the actual body in them) still shows the jeggings with a slim leg and no belly – I rest my case!!

    But I can appreciate them on other people … have a great weekend!!

    • I may just have to get a photo of me in mine from last year. Trust me, I’m no size 10!

  • I’d like to be able to wear jeggings but there’s no way my sausage legs will cooperate. Those pics look so great though….. Oh to be a size 10!

    • Hi Jacki, I’m actually a size 14-16 in pants. I wouldn’t wear these pants with the fitted long tee but I do where they with a tunic style top and jacket.

  • I like stretch jeans, but I’m tall and it’s hard for me to find tops that are long enough to be tunic-like. If I found a good source I would buy loads, both long and short-sleeved.

  • Jeggings are not my friend either, and I would have to say here(because I am opinionated) that they don’t endear themselves to many of us! Some wear them, but really shouldn’t!! Its terrible itsn’t it? I am sure they would be comfortable, but since they are so skin tight, it just doesn’t make for an item of clothing that most women can wear AND look good in:( Good on you for wearing them and looking good too though;)

    • Hi Courtney, I totally agree. Most styles really don’t work on most bodies. Where these ones have an edge is that they are made from a stretch jean like material.

  • Paula

    Oh Lordy no. Jeggings and my country peasant legs do not go together.

  • I don’t mind jeggings but like Mrs W, they aren’t my friend.

    Those Country Road jeans on the other hand, I am DEFINITELY investing in a pair!

    • Give them a go, Holly, and then it’s really what you wear with them. Also, it’s wise to try a size down from what you would because of the stretch. Don’t want them falling down x

  • Mrs Woog

    Jeggings are not my friend xo

    • These were my exact thoughts 12 months ago, Mrs Woog. These would look great with an Ollie & Max long shirt x

  • Love my self a pair of jeggins, but a very pear shaped at the moment. Once I ditch a few more kilos I’ll be rushing out to find some. I do love the pocket details and zip on the CR ones.

    • I’m a slight pear so I look for tops that are long. The zip details and pockets mean that if that top accidently rides up people think I’ve got more than tights on!

  • I thought leggings and jeggings were the same thing with detailing… I have much to learn!! I STILL think that only about 1 in every 100 women can get away with wearing jeggings without a long top or dress. It’s just not a pleasant look unless you have NO excess fat on your thighs. IMO, of course. x

    • I agree with you – I definitely do the long top. Needs to come past my hips x

    • Hi I luv the country road jeggings, I bought a size 12, as I am a regular size 12, but after a few wears they stretched alot, so I went back and bought a size 10, I recommend you get one size smaller, they stretch but are so flattering, I always get compliments when wearing these, and have been asked if I have lost weight while wearing them. They are very comfortable and unliek some other brands the Country road ones look a little more dressy, I dress them up & down, sometimes with high heels and a nice top, other times in my flat boots and casual T.. Highly recommended!!

      • So true, you do need to buy down a size. A good rule of thumb when buying any jeans is that if you can fit two fingers between waistband and your body then they will be saggy and baggy within hours of your wearing them.